Girls in sports bras will keep you in the game (20 Photos)

  • dude

    I want to #11…

    • Vandal

      I think you accidentally a word.

    • Dr_Batman

      I'd disappoint the shit out of her.

      • Ken


    • Ali

      Hi sexy

  • KyleGoldstein

    #5 hello and good afternoon

    • dude

      more like good morning, in advance…

      • Andrew

        Scary choice. I'll take a yoga body #6 over biceps #5 any day…

        • KyleGoldstein

          its a double edged sword, but both are stunning

        • Fall

          To each their own, but I've never found muscles to be sexy. I like when a woman is fit, but when you start seeing muscles I think it's quite disgusting.
          I know I'll get thumbed down, but once again, to each their own.

      • KyleGoldstein

        depends are where you are commenting, here in Texas its afternoon, and if i woke to her in the morning, i would not be on my computer

    • SpearFingers

      Jazz hands!

    • Great legs

      #5 has amazing legs

      • AssHaterson

        No doubt. I'm loving those legs.

    • El Quatch

      Think this beauty is a trainer at Desert Sports Fitness in Tucson. She's gotten me through many miles on the elliptical eyeing her from afar if that truly is her.

      • drunner

        It's Lori Harder. I think in MN. Cover of Oxygen magazine and fitness competition champ, trainer and leader in Health and Wellness company Isagenix.

  • amplexus

    Good Gravy, give us MOAR of them all!!

    • truth

      Need #12 badly…

      • Woop


  • jimbozo

    These are all funny looking kitchens.

    • Joshua

      There are kitchens?

    • ColaChiver

      Let it go….so played out…

      • liz

        thank you! geez, its been old for real

  • Boozer

    #18 is about my speed. Most of these girls look like they could kick my butt all over the gym!

    • Clutch101

      Twins Basil! Twins!

    • Yeah

      davalos twins right?

      • waltgator

        yeah, i think so..booty!

    • FatFuckH8R

      Yeah with a name like BOOZER I'm not surprised, you fat impotent slob.

    • Brent

      The one on the right is shopped. Look at her neck compared to her head.

      • tman

        Your Shopped…

        • This Guy


  • @RickvdS

    Well hello there.. I must go for the twins in this one 😉

    • barry


      • atwork

        davalos twins

        • Astro

          Mariana and Camila. I can't tell them apart

  • Rick



  • Drifter7

    Thank you thank you thank you to all twenty pics. my day just got better

  • guest


    • Noo

      He must work out.

      • kcbskg

        Haha! That made my day!

    • 1911

      Brittany Tracy. Smokin hot!

      • 954

        And the biggest bitch I have ever met (not that it matters). She is a psycho. Btw, her last name is Tacy

  • hakai20


    • fast freddy

      actually, its like the rest of your life has been…Your a follower and a D bag

    • ColaChiver

      Dude, you're like not even ….21st …

  • OkiePipeliner

    The okie is amazing!! THUNDER UP BAYBAY!!

    • Charlie405

      THUNDER UP!!

  • barf

    #20 sooooo hot

    • darf

      Chivette of the week!! Please!!!

      • Troy Druckenmiller

        I can get behind that.

      • WelfareDept

        I'll take two please! Thank you!

      • Poke4Life

        Make it happen Cappin!

    • Irish Chive Boy

      The girl next door look

    • Gee

      Boomer Sooner Baby

    • NZ Chiver

      Oklahoma chivette FTW! super gorgeous

    • PubicJones

      Soooooo underage.

      • wade

        soooooo not that great…. imho

  • akbrown006

    I dont quite know how to say this…but…. i want to be on you, both.
    Thanks Chive for making my day.

    • Frost

      Davalos Twins, from Medellin Colombia

  • Gordo

    #1 Find Her and MOAR !!!! a Loyal Canadian Chiver

    • longshot421

      Absolutely!! Wow, what am opener. Whole post is great, but this little lady… Wow.

    • Joshua

      I'd tear that up

    • Skadoosh

      She's doing it right.

    • whyme1973

      That body is just amazing.

    • Notknowing

      I'm all over that. gimmegimmegimme

    • DickFister

      If sports bras have a hierarchy, this one is the franchise player.

  • Ned_Plimpton

    #17 wins the neck down contest.

    #19 Best overall… MOARR pics please, this time taken with a camera instead of a banana.

    • ColaChiver

      Spot on …especially withthe neck down contest statement. Her face is the mayor of Bustedville.

    • guest

      shop a good head on her and we're good to go.

      • Realistic chiver

        You guys are effin crazy. I'd rail that all day with that face or not. She's a fox. Let's see how hot your women are, huh?

        • sam

          not her best pic…but shes drop dead gorgeous…

          Valeria Orsini

          • Ned_Plimpton

            God I hope those are real… That's one of the nicest bodies I've EVER seen.

            Her face isn't ugly, it just pales in comparison to the rest of her.

            I'd still hit it even if she had broken glass in there.

    • kav

      #19 is natalie gauvreau – check her out on facebook. She is a really down to earth girl contrary to how she displays herself on facebook. She lived in my building in Toronto..

      Super tight bod

  • okss

    #20 Absolutely, drop dead gorgeous!

    • hwath

      Whoa, keep calm guy.

    • guest


      • Dan

        NOT not!

  • 6_Crack_rocks

    #15 Hot girls that can beat me up scare me…in a 'I wont be able to hide it' type of way. so hot

    • Shadow

      why do guys assume that just cause chicks are really fit, that they wanna beat guys up?

      • Nammer

        Because guys want to beat up other guys, fit or not. So why not? Have you never had the urge to just take a crowbar to some stupid douche, like the guy who posts "First" every time?

  • treyjo31

    #15 damn i want one!

    • jeff

      #15, just phuking WOW, MOAR plz!

    • J slak

      u look find their girlfriend

  • jimbozo

    #1 I want to see the rest.

    • Kevin

      She is so hot why ruin it with possible ugly face

  • JWT

    yoga pants hot step sister, sports bra!

  • EyeLik3theXfit

    Girls in Sports Bras = Fit Girls "Lite". Interesting to see the difference in comments based on the title.

    • ColaChiver

      That's because there are a bunch of insecure little weiners out there. They know good and well they would go for a nice night out on the town (poundtown that is) with any of these girls from either thread.

    • crazydog

      thats because fit girls are too cut….women are not supposed to have every muscle fiber visible.

    • Lotus

      Yeah still waitin on something new

      • Bill Murray

        2nded. shit gets old fast. nothing you can't just look up on google…..

  • Chi-T-Bone



    More. More? More!

  • deprydation


    Wow…made my day. 🙂

  • Verbal_Kint

    Holy shit ladies, those are some amazing bod's. Congrats and nice work.

  • Sick350Z

    Girls like #8 are the reason my 60 minute workout takes 2 hours

    • Timmay

      more like shorten it to 30 seconds

      • Woop

        What is he going to do 25 secs spare?

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