Hump day couldn’t wait for Jessica Rafalowski (15 HQ Photos)

After the Chivers helped Sara Jean Underwood win Esquire's Hottest Woman of 2012, I was contacted by Michael Edwards, the skilled photographer behind the sultry Me In My Place photos you see all over the internet these days. He asked if I might like to post some exclusive photos of models for the Chivers' viewing pleasure.

Um... yes, please.

Michael recently shot swimsuit model and former Miss Florida Jessica Rafalowski and her world-class tush, and sent them to me. And I, in turn, impart them on to you...

Much more Jessica right here.

Download the awesome MIMP Mobile App right here.

MOAR Jessica right here (this one is rather nice).

  • my two cents


    Things you would do if you woke up and that was in your bedroom:

    • Riley

      check to see how she got out of her handcuffs. sneak up on her slowly

    • jreddy23

      shed tears of happiness

    • Nate Woodard

      Ask her "Does this smell like chloroform?"

    • Macro

      Tell her to turn the damn light off, I'm trying to sleep here FFS.

    • Ned_Plimpton

      I would have sex with her.

      • barry

        check my kegs for skidders

      • jroc

        we all know sex with her would be over in less than 30 seconds.

        • Ron Swanson

          says the nutless basement dwellers.

    • jjj

      hulk smash

    • Joshua

      "I'd like to bend her over a barrel n show her the 50 states"

      • SC Chiver

        Nice quote Joshua lol

      • Bradley Caffey

        Nice wasn't that from workaholics

        • Joshua

          Yeah man

    • DarkSurge

      Have my way with her then wake up from my dream.

    • _Like_a_Boss_

      Maybe pinch myself a couple of times to make sure I'm not dreaming. Get on my knees and thank the good Lord. And then of course mind it.

    • sexual

      tell her to get back in the kitchen…

    • Dr_Batman

      Maker her put the lotion on her skin, lest she get the hose again.

    • sadman

      Draw my .45 and subdue the intruder with as little force is necessary. From there I would perform a methodical sweep of my house looking for other trespassers.

      • Bordertown

        Says Dwight Shrute

    • Punchy McTufferson

      I would give her outtie a blow job and not feel the least bit gay about it.

    • einstein

      start jacking off and hope she offers to help lol

  • Cesar Castro

    fap x3 skeet skeet skeet.

  • James Ramos


    • gnocco

      the outtie is a deal-breaker…

      • Sean Connery


  • me...BN!!!

    NEAR PERFECT!!! #15

    • Shawnt

      Ya her outie freaked me out too

  • jayO


  • @HBSS82

    #6 God have mercy!

    • RAS


    • That Guy

      Taco Grande

  • Bob


  • DigitalBoyScout

    this girl's belly button is making me sick…. i hate outies..

    • Drunkendave

      So. How long have you been single?

    • Richard

      It is distracting.

    • pickleman77


    • Kodos

      thus, forever alone…

    • TestaDensa

      You know how I know you're gay?

    • J_MO23

      She has a belly button?

    • Yerp

      Who the hells looking at her belly button?

      • Ron Swanson

        at least 3 people above you. dumbass.

    • iXOredheds

      That's one small blemish that I'd be happy to live with.

      • The Dude

        I agree! There are some real haters on here. Easy to be picky from behind your computer screen with your junk in your hand.

        • Y8898

          people don't all have the same standards. go be a judgmental prick somewhere else.

          • The Dude

            Pretty safe to say that 99% of the guys on here would jump at the chance to even talk to her. Funny how I'm the asshole for pointing out how judgmental others are being.

            • Dave Grohl

              that's why there's a comment section: TO POST WHAT WE THINK OF THE PICTURES WE WERE JUST SHOWN. DERP. not act like a bunch of catty bitches because you're so insecure about people not having the same opinion as you. and really? "haters"? what are you, 12?

              • The Dude

                Yes I am an insecure 12 year old. Spot on, doc. Insecure no. Shocked that so many people are being negative about this woman yes.

        • Does not abide

          That's the beauty of women though right? all shapes and sizes, there's something for everyone. Asshole.

          • The Dude

            I love that I'm the asshole for pointing out how negative every is being. This girl is drop dead gorgeous.

    • Twister

      I remember something about that being a type of hernia due to the way the doctor tied it at birth. would be sweet if she pierced it- i love me some girls with those

      • Guest

        Pierced hernia's just don't do it for me.

        • Andycan

          If this woman were to hit on any of you who don't like her belly button, you'd all have a sticky pocket.
          Before she even got her clothes off!
          You need to be more realistic with yourselves.

    • 98 Ronsons

      same here. damn thing looks like a flesh colored mole.

    • einstein

      you fucking asshole…you almost ruined it for everyone! now i can't not notice it! thankfully her ass more than makes up for it…

  • SweetSassyMolassy

    can we change it to "us at our place"? #6

  • CanadianPiper

    #7 Whoorah

    • USMC8654Justice

      what the hell is a Whoorah? please tell me you wasnt trying to say Ooh Rah.

      • CanadianPiper

        Whoorah….Not Merica

  • jimbozo

    #14 Dear lord!

    • michaeler

      i got stopped on this one for a while. That body is insane

  • Head Chef

    I dont see what the fuss is about. So many Chivettes that lok better IMO.

    • B Dub

      I absolutely agree with you. The REAL Chivette's are always more beautiful.

    • Lou

      You know I was coming to post the same thing. Beautiful girl indeed, but "world class tush"? not so sure. LG, Pinky are two that come to mind that are much better. Along with a few other Chivettes.

      Still very pretty girl though

    • raffy

      Couldn't agree more. While there's no doubt this chick is hot, she has zero cute factor unlike the lovely Chivettes. I honestly am not that attracted to this one.

    • NcouthYouth

      Seconded! or fourthed.. depending on where this comment lands.

      • Buzzkillington

        Agreed, but this post made the chive some money adding for buddy guys effin photo site. Remember we are the product the chive sells to company's wanting hits not the patrons.

        • thehardcanadian

          "Buddy's effin photo site" (which I frequent regularly) is FREE. The mobile app has a fee attached but is by no means required.

          The Chive was posting his photos for months uncredited (leading to how many "Find Her!" requests) so I really don't see the problem of credit where credit is due.

          Would you find her more attractive if she was in a Bill Murray t-shirt and pandering to your particular nerd fetishes?

    • Grrregg

      I agree 100%, don't get me wrong, she is pretty and all; but a lot of Chivettes have just as good and most even better looks. And Humps too for that matter. #10

      • Lotus

        She's kinda got pancake butt

    • 798o

      LOL, good one dude. keep suckin' that chive green cock.

  • Skedaddle

    #6 #7 eat at the gap. Yum. Well done, Jessica.

    • Kristen

      It's, "Eat at the Y" you fucking moron.

    • Bubba

      I read "eat her gap. Yum."

  • Carlos Rodriguez

    Oh my lord.

  • MarthaJeane

    Michael Edwards may have the best job ever.

    • Hutch

      I do photography, seems like most of the girls who ask me to do there pic's I want to say to them, I'm just not that good with photoshop to make you look good,

  • B Dub

    #15 Saving the best for last! A very happy early hump Teaseday for sure!

  • pickleman77

    Yeah, I agree with you guys on the belly button thing…kind of a turn off. She's pretty, but I prefer a little more meat on my bones..

    • iXOredheds

      I don't think she's that skinny. She's just right for me. That's the beauty of women though right? all shapes and sizes, there's something for everyone.

  • Cheech

    Is that a young Eric Roberts in drag?

    • Buzzin_Neon

      eric roberts in drag? nah, that's julia roberts.

      • Ron Swanson

        *yawn* the same figures get made fun of over and over. come up with something new.

        • Buzzin_Neon

          whatever…the truth is always the truth…

          • Dave Grohl

            yeah, and the sky is blue, and redundant is redundant.

    • you are gay

      if it was it'd probably turn you on. they've got other sites for that…

  • Curtis Vineyard

    #6…very nice.

  • mikey

    one bum picture in a post about humps, huh?

    • Ned_Ryerson

      that's what i was thinking. #10 and #13 are nice but i really cant stand the high risers

      • 1911

        +1 I came here to say that.

        • jroc

          you arent too good in the counting department

        • Lotus

          Emphasizes pancake butt, not good

    • Paul

      agree. not really a humpworthy post

  • Whale

    Sara Jean Underwood > Jessica Rafalowski

    • raffy

      Times a million

    • Kyle429

      ^This. SJU is way hotter. Dat ass in #15 is pretty nice, though.

    • tru man

      agreed. sarah jean's face and tits were money well spent.

  • NIXem

    # 9 , she should call kitchen crashers on DYI and get the cabinets replaced

  • CedarLamb


  • roblhoff

    #15 mother of God

  • ColaChiver

    #14 Yes….That is all.

    • Bradley Caffey

      She must be at least 6'2

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