Chivettes bored at work (29 Photos)

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Are you bored at work? Do you feel like procrastinating? Send your photos to macthechive [at] gmail [dot] com.

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  • st33


    • D8ijh

      so…..anyone spot the fakes yet?

    • Brian Wanueka

      Damn… You got my vote!!

    • JOHN

      you win

    • DereK 8 []

      MOAR – Bubble But

      • @gst1014

        Yes please!

    • Barf

      I believe #1 was well placed.

    • Rusty!

      Why is Casey anthony bored at work?

    • Rust

      Why is Casey anthony bored at work?

      • Dano

        Thats what I thought. Is it?

        • Mike Lowry

          That was my first thought too! Could it be?

          • JESSE

            would hatefuck the real Casey Anthony. Triple bag it though.

    • F3n1x187

      Hot damn!!!

    • ColaChiver

      #29 ….That was a really declimatic ending to a post….

      • ColaChiver

        It was anti-climatic as well.

    • DET HstlsHarder

      More of #29 From a fellow Detroit Chiver (even though i'm embarrassed to call myself a tigers fan lately lol).

    • Jusi (CH)

      Can this Girl work in my Office?
      I have to moterboat all the time

  • Ned_Plimpton

    Damn… My daughters babysitter looks like Janet Reno. The nanny cam would be a lot funner to watch if #5

    • Chiver

      ^ Now that's fucking creepy…

      • Huell

        hows this creepy? nanny cams are pretty popular nowadays.

      • Ciera Schoen

        No its creepy, i constantly check for cams and asked the family, even though i have nothing to worry about, its just a weird invasion of privacy; even if we're in their home!!
        In my defense…
        It was NAP time!!!

        • Jack o' lantern

          Why worry about a nanny cam when you're dumb enough to post your own pics here? Durrr.

        • @gst1014

          You are gorgeous…. I have no kids but sometimes I need a nanny!

        • Shannon Coverdale

          We thank you

        • Daniel Aaron Evans

          Is that you?

          • Ciera Schoen

            Yep that's me.. Nebraska Chivette

            • Chiver

              BTW, you're fucking hot.

            • Joedon

              GBR from a Nebraska Chiver!

            • number19

              hell yeah there's TWO nebraska chivettes in this post!

            • Adam E Runcie

              Oh dear…you said the word Nebraska and all of my defenses went down. GBR!!!

              Also, just the though of nanny cams creeps me out :S

          • Caleb Todd


        • BostonChiver34

          hahaha..atta girl Ciera!! keep on Chiving!

          Chive On from Boston!!
          bostonpbw :)

        • Ned_Plimpton

          I don't know if you have kids, but with all the shit going on these days you're damn right I have a hard time trusting anyone around my daughter, with the exception of my immediate family.

          Btw, are you looking for another job? I SWEAR the nanny cam is gone!! I SWEAR!!

          • yup

            Having a cam is absolutely okay. Saying you are going to watch because the nanny half your age is hot is creepy.

            • Ned_Plimpton

              joke (noun) – something said or done to provoke laughter or cause amusement, as a witticism, a short and amusing anecdote, or a prankish act: He tells very funny jokes. She played a joke on him.

              • thatguy

                Creepy joke.

                • Derp

                  creep·y [kree-pee]
                  having or causing a creeping sensation of the skin, as from horror or fear: a creepy ghost story.
                  that creeps: a creepy insect.
                  Slang . of, pertaining to, or characteristic of a person who is a creep; obnoxious; weird.

                  • Ned_Plimpton

                    How original….

                    • Derp

                      joke (noun) – something said or done to provoke laughter or cause amusement, as a witticism, a short and amusing anecdote, or a prankish act: He tells very funny jokes. She played a joke on him.

        • Troll

          It's FAP time :)

    • Matt Curley

      any janet reno reference gets a thunbs up from this guy

    • randy

      #5 u r hot!!!! Go Big Red!!!!

      • Frezim

        Goooo Biiiiiig Reeeeeedddd, Go Big Red!!!

    • KoolKid 54

      hot as h***

  • PDiddily420

    The eyes have it!


    • bigdaddy

      i knoe her. this gurlz name is @rachelseadschlag on instagram. she fallowed me once.

    • Bryan

      you are absolutely gorgeous. Any man would be lucky to have you

      • Sarah

        aww thank you :)

    • _Like_a_Boss_

      #6 So exactly how long (in seconds) did it take you to hire her?

    • JESSE

      What exactly is her job?

    • Christopher Lang

      If she had a backside like #28 WIN!! Love the curly hair

    • Throttle

      That is, oh my….. She is <3

  • You know who

    #3 that's why the bathrooms always locked on Wednesdays Lisa. WTH get back to the front

    • PDummy

      Wtf is with that Gawd awful shirt? My wife is always asking me about horrible ass clothes like that. I'm like "look no dude likes these shirts that cover up your curves, no dude like those dresses that look like garbage bags, no dude likes those high waisted jeans, only chicks like that shit. Now get naked and flava my nads."

    • Tmux

      Fuck these next few posts. You rock it Lisa! You got it going on ;)

    • derp


      • _Like_a_Boss_

        Agreed, she is smoken. He should make her work the front as is, business would be booming on Wednesday.

    • @AhmedS_F1

      do u actually know her ? :D

    • Dibdy

      Instead of telling her to get to the front, I would offer to help her take hand bra photos. or anything else she needs help with!!!

    • Kmart

      I love the pic with clothes on first and then with them off! More chivetts should try this!

      • steven

        You get my vote on that concept. that's the perfect deal. so to speak before and after. I love this site.

    • ColaChiver

      lol busted by the boss …epic fail.

    • Harry Potter

      busted! Playing on the internet and looking at half naked girls at work. And you have the audacity to give her crap.

  • theRealRealist

    These chicks should maybe be careful about showing their faces in these pics…not that I'm complaining, but as a supervisor, I wouldn't hire anyone who posted pics like this as they're "Bored at work"….Since I'm not a supervisor…I'm glad they do :)

    • anony

      are you gay or a girl? any guy would hire these chicks in a heartbeat

      • Ron Swanson

        you obviously work at Mcdonalds.

      • junior

        I wouldn't hire them, any chick that posts half naked pics of herself on the internet, while at work is a sexual harrassment lawsuit waiting to happen.

      • theRealRealist

        Seriously…would you appreciate your employees wasting company time and money doing this stuff? Again, I said I'm not complaining, I obviously like this post…a lot…but still, I'd hate to see any of them lose their job for this…And obviously everyone who thumbed my comment down has never been a supervisor or boss in their life nor have they worked in a professional environment.

        • steven

          Look out here, we gotta' professional.

      • Scott

        Anony, No any sensilbe guy will hire someone who knows how to do the job, Most hot woment are like stumps when it comes to work and most are too preoccupied with their looks. This is how we get pictures like these. Idiot.

    • Happy American


    • theDayner

      you're fired

  • st33

    She looks naughty

    • Ben Dover

      That ass is crazy hot.

    • guest

      I has assfection for this one.

    • dc_palmarez

      Id stick in her butt

    • HowMuch

      Looks like she might drop a couple poops in the sink. Im cool with that.

    • Habsy

      Troll's gona troll.

    • _Like_a_Boss_

      And nice. ;)

    • slappy

      WOW!!!! that ass stopped me in my tracks!!!!!

    • carloss

      the best

    • HatBomb

      Yes, yes she does.

      • bigfoot

        my god that is a fantastic ass . son of a b!@#$

    • SweetSassyMolassy

      your ass shelf looks kinda like a sink … minor duckface forgiven … dat ass!

    • tino grad

      indeed nice ASS!!

    • tanboy

      Anybody else think the first pic looks kinda like Kate Middleton?

    • Gues

      Are you serious with that back side?
      Your bum is ridiculously delicious…

    • justChive

      She looks proud of that ass too. Good for you, more pics please.

      • JuiceMan

        LMAO! funny ass coment. and NICE ass! wow

    • Tony S.

      MOAR! she's damn sexy

    • the dude

      Can we see Moar

      Hump dar much?

  • Whorebait



    • Bryan

      V E R Y

      • BigBolt

        #12 is definetly COTW material!! wowzers!!!


    i know #19, haha. show us ur tits

    • MEH!

      congrats…u know the ugliest bitch in the gallery

      • Chip chip

        At least we know a sexy chiver faggot, go kick rocks then kill yourself

      • zzzzzzzzzz


        • steven

          Probably breath too.

      • Josh

        shes cute thumbs down to you

      • ColaChiver

        You're high….and fired… go play in the street.

      • ColaChiver

        You obviously missed #24

        • _Like_a_Boss_

          Sorry ColaChiver she is level 85, and obviously has Epic gear.

  • NoFatChix

    #13 I'll give you something to jam!

    • MattyDeuce

      That doesn't even make sense

    • Rick_

      I'd like to jam something in you.* -fixed

  • Trainer

    #10 wow sexy business woman. and #14 wow where does she work dressed like that?

    • Red

      Yep, Happys New Orleans. Hah, as an employee, I know know baton rouge doesnt have that nice of bathrooms! WINNING.

    • Thekev

      The Tilted Kilt perhaps

    • Tooth

      #12 … Thank you

    • Dick

      Looks likes a Happy's Girl uniform, Happy's is a bar here in Louisiana

    • JELitch

      #14 works at Happys Pub in either New Orleans or Baton Rouge … I'd recognize their uniform anywhere!

      • Ben Dover

        I would never leave that bar.

      • Shabooms

        Ding ding ding

  • Uh oh

    I just got BOARD at work. The Mighty Kong has awoken from his slumber.

  • organix85

    #18 How do these ladies get away with taking some of these pics at work? Bathroom at my job is always busy.

    • Joe

      Thats not a bathroom

    • Chiver

      That's not a chivette. It's Veronique Popa.

    • Giovanni Sanchez

      Her name is Veronique she is a server at a coffee house in Santa Ana. This is the DAILY uniform. :)

      • ohboy


    • BFM shirt

      She's the hottest one on there.


      Where can I find a 3D BFM shirt tomorrow?

  • AverageJohnnie

    #3 I'll gladly keep you company

    • Heat

      anyone else notice the crater on her right breast? thought it was something on my screen

      • Liveitup

        I'm pretty sure that's water on the mirror in which she was taking the picture ….

  • Alex

    #27 wow, just wow!

    • huh?

      No. Not just wow!…..MOAR!

    • guest

      Can you imagine that you are the boss and you get on Chive and see your secretary or receptionist or whatever and you see her picture and you are cool with it and oh, wait, I saw that movie.

    • jimmer nobody

      Um yeah I think I just hurt myself.

    • Ummagumma


    • pile0rocks

      yes, YES! MOAR PLEASE !!!

    • Chuck

      Smoking HOT!

  • dave

    #10 #12 #14 and #29….excellent work

  • Smith '12

    #26 heat wave in Pittsburg? Bitch please…try living in Texas. Nice rack by the way.

    • Schrodinger's cat

      Why the hell would anyone want to live in Texas? Only steers and queers come from Texas, right?

    • Larry

      Another reason I like Pittsburgh. This super sexy Chivette.

    • MattyDeuce

      I got a bunch of "chive on's" at the bar the other night wearing my black KCCO, and I'm from Lancaster, which is obviously smaller than PGH…they are out there in PA, friends, just gotta find them!

    • PittsburghChiver

      Chive on from Mt. Lebo

    • kellar15

      Is it just me or has there been a huge rise in the number of Pittsburgh chivetts recently? It's about time!

      • Mike

        I'm alright with it!! Now just to find them, haha

        • thejeans

          we are bound to find some of them sooner are later haha

          heck it would be nice just to hear a CHIVE ON when i wear one of my chive shirts to Pirate games, southside and just out and about as well haha

          • DENNIS System

            KCCO from East End! Nice pics.

      • @absolutgc138

        They're all me. Haha.

        • AAC

          Ther's been like 3 in the past week or so…all you? Nice! Keep posting!

          • @absolutgc138

            Yes!!! <3

        • Thatguy

          There is never a heat wave in San Diego

      • chris

        There are no hot chics in that dump, thats why theyre never on here

      • Chris

        There are no hot chics in Pittsburgh. Bunch of fat blue collar douchebags. Keep your working class dump of a town

        • kellar15

          Troll much?


    • @absolutgc138

      Pittsburgh has an H at the end.

      • @absolutgc138

        …and thank you for the compliment!

      • Mike

        I travel to the Burgh a few times a month and it is a GREAT city with VERY HOT ladies
        I loved these pics and keep posting!!!!
        let these dumb asses disrespect the burgh that just ensures i have you hot ladies to myself ;-)

    • Matt

      Got a few "Chive Ons" while wearing my BFM at kennywood. There are Chivers among us here in Pittsburgh.

      I think it's about time for a Pittsburgh meet up. Just Saying.

      • MattyDeuce

        Meet me in the middle?! Granted, there isn't much between our cities…

        • kellar15

          I'm feeling a chive meet up southside bar crawl. What ya think?

          • @absolutgc138


  • moeshere foxdale

    #10 very sexy at work there hon…

  • iXOredheds

    #27 Holy humpday

  • NoFatChix

    #27 – Doesn't look like you're at work but who cares! You're fn hot! Cum visit me in AZ!

    • st33

      You are a douche.

  • Onlooker

    #25 #2, Bewbs and Eyes! NICE! #27 BOOTY!!!!! YES……

  • copenhaygen

    #24. I've a thing for geeky, nerdy girls.

    • Chuck Norris

      lol you all have never been with a real woman before. just admit it.

      • Arcona

        The first step is admitting it, well done.

    • howler

      WOW! where do you work? please?

      Wait… too needy.

      Great shirt BTW.

    • ACE


    • Steve


    • Bob


    • KyleGamgee

      NERD!!! <3

      Nice shirt.

    • SkillinVillain

      Me too! Something tells me she is shy and nerdy on the outside but a freak underneath….What is the safe word? fluggaenkdechioebolsen!

    • Jason Caicco

      Burn it!! now..

    • Tom

      Thats actually my gf haha. Her name is Trish and she works for the library of congress. I bought her that shirt for her bday

      • Denise

        My bestest friend.

      • Chivers

        Well tell her to burn it damn you!

    • ryan

      I'd /2 about this girl. Did you hear that Will Smith just died… he was in a car crash with Eminem.

    • UHM

      Epic Purple Shirt is EPIC!!!!!!!!!

    • rob


    • Phillybill

      Marry me ! Damn your beautiful.

    • MrMan13

      Must have hot nerdy chick post!!!! and MOAR!

    • whos.mike

      I would marry that in a heart beat. She doesn't seem like the type who will get mad when u are playing video games, she would probably just join in. And she definitely seems like a freak in the bed.

      • Tom

        shes going to do some follow ups. lingerie WoW playing anyone?

        • Nick Graber

          Please :)

  • DrMa7moud

    #3. Next pic should be realllly good

    • Uh oh

      What's up with the crater on her right boob?

    • boob

      that shirt is hideous!

  • BPong

    #15 I'd like to go to Carsland witcha

  • iambigd42

    #14 where the hell does she work at? I want to work at that company

    • Ben Dover

      OH my gawd I would never leave that bar. Worth the drive to Happys I guess

    • TheDude

      No you wouldn't want to work for the company. The girls are hot and some are cool but the owners suck

    • Beadle

      Happy's Irish Pub …either in New Orleans or Baton rouge

      • Dick

        I would say NOLA, the bathrooms in NOLA are newer and bigger than BR

    • BILL


    • Beadle

      It is Happy's in New Orleans, you can see the logo on her shirt

    • kcco

      new orleans location

  • boob_cuddle

    #1 did it for me.

    • Jmoney


    • James Leach

      Hands down my favorite. Perfection.

      • @AnyaMercedes

        That's me!!! First time on the Chive <3 Thank you guys

        • Lugh

          Nice butt! Send a few more in :)

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