Women shedding the lbs. is more than a little impressive (35 Photos)

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    WELL DONE, LADIES !!!!!!!!!!!!! You inspire the world to believe in themselves !!!!

  • FiddleDog

    High fives to every last one of them.

  • lalaboy

    holy…looking good…all those skipped meals and time spend in the gym must be tough!

  • jerry

    I'll do a extra set of crunches to that, great job ladies

  • http://myfirstfitnessblog.blogspot.com/ Kristina

    I'm not sure how my pictures showed up on here (I'm number 4) but I guess I don't mind haha. Suddenly everyone was telling me I was on some website I had not heard of! Well…now I'm a chiver haha

    • Fi3ry_Ph03n1x

      You can't be #4, because I am #4! Now you'll have to send a full gallery set to TheChive to prove your claim and show that I am lying!

  • Buck

    fat bitches that are skinny still make Bitches that are even bigger bitches cause they look good.

    • Fi3ry_Ph03n1x

      Sounds like someone isn't getting laid. You embody the old joke, "A girl who sleeps with every guy in school is a slut, but a girl who sleeps with any guy in school except me is a prude bitch!" Drop some weight yourself, tubby, and get laid. Your attitude toward women will change.

  • Carter

    Awesome success stories.

  • kuntrynavy

    who needs beer goggles, just give fat girls treadmills

  • http://www.facebook.com/chrishenggeler Chris Henggeler

    #30 #33

  • Craig

    #3 smokin' hot! Since all of these girls have lost weight, I'll bet they have "genuine" personalities and are a pleasure to be around. So may hot girls are snob-nosed but because these girls have been heavy and are now hot, I'll bet they're cool people, too.

  • Craig

    Oh and #1 – you are hot as hell!

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  • The Stig

    A majority of the fatties are older looking. I think they just gained weight & didn't label the "before" & "after" pictures the right way around.

  • c11who

    I want to give you all a huge congrats. You all rock!

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    […] sito americano The Chive presenta molte immagini di giovani ragazze che hanno perso una quantità considerevole di peso. […]

  • G1880

    #3 dear god…

  • Jojo

    #35 NO WAY!!!!!!!

  • lala

    If they can do it. I can do it. I can do it I can do this, no matter how long it takes, I can do thissssssssssssssssssss

  • vicbas

    Think about how much weight loss will affect other areas of your life. I never realized how unhappy I really was until I lost weight and improved my health.

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  • shnrussell

    Great Job Ladies!!!

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