Merry Burnsday! (45 photos)

  • El_profe

    Hello #5 #8 and #31

    • DereK 8 []

      #34 Go Alberta!!

    • jkc

      go Twins!!!

      • Touchy McPrivates

        Yeah, the baseball team is OK too!

    • chvlvr

      #31 has all the fun curves

      • duder


    • jimmy

      #31 can we get a back shot or any pics ?

  • me...BN!!!

    favorite day of the week!!! love Nips!! love CHIVE!!

    • AsianGuy

      That's racist.

      • ChiveOn

        Ha ha. At least he said he loves them.

  • Static

    sooo nice

  • Markoda

    #5 I'd like to deposit my life savings between those things.

    • Ned_Plimpton

      $42.73 won't go too far, bro

      • Markoda

        I see it as a high yield investment. Those things are bound to generate returns.

    • Happy American

      Looks like someone else already did.

    • Skedaddle

      If you married her you would be….

    • Dan

      I would do anything to get my face between #5's…

    • Shawny

      Someone already did lol

  • me...BN!!!

    #42 playing peek a boo!!!

    • NcouthYouth

      She's either got a high belly button or an extremely long pelvis.. no qualms either way.. still smokin

    • Bud

      Alektra Blue? NSFW

      • Peter North

        Yep. She won last year at porn star award show AVN's for hottest body and I see why.

    • guest

      Do I spy a landing strip?

      • Kristen


      • Si1entStatic

        sure to a heavily used international airport servicing jumbo jets…… What I'm saying is that runway has taken a pounding more than once……..

  • Ron Burgundy?

    Bailey Nortje, you just keep being awesome… #8

    • Ned_Ryerson

      ^ hands down winner today! with #27 a close second.

    • Flip Wilson

      thats extreme hotness right there

  • mathieu

    #21 #27 #42 Holy Crap!

    • F3n1x187

      MOAR!!!! All three are mighty fine!

    • Joshua

      #27 that's my gf glad you made it on here babe, hope this makes your day, I may be a little one sided here but it's my favorite pic on here, hey chive give us MOAR

      • Kristen

        Your girlfriend is a whore.

        • Brad

          If you don't want to see half naked girls, don't look at the chive. Simple fix.

        • Jake

          Just youre a boring bitch don't hate on girls showing their body, you're probably fat, go eat a cheeseburger

          • Kristen

            I'm just a troll. Come here often. Don't feed.

      • luke

        well done sir, well done.

  • misschris

    #5 Truly an amazing rack. You should be very proud 😉

    • AtlChiver

      Beautiful, just beautiful.

    • 88 cents

      Love it when chicks compliment other chicks on their rack! Just made the picture that much more better…

    • wolfpack

      #5 and #21 should have their own Things that Bounce Thursday post……hint, hint.

      • boobman


    • Dan

      Is that luck of the draw or does she have to work at them to get them to be perfect?

  • Matt


    • William_Murray

      I agree.. Absolutely amazing.

    • bestintheworld

      Alektra Blue

    • AllanA

      I don't know what's the exact name, but those are some sexy waist lines…..

      • Chicago Sean

        Greg Giraldo called those "pussy muscles"

    • MJ Beezy

      U are correct sir!

  • BGrimsleyII


    • TTU Chiver

      I would do many dirty things to her

    • guest

      pretty sure thats alektra blue

      • nate

        im checking out pics of alektra and this chick flat out looks hotter and less psycho….confirmation chive?

  • Brad

    And I was having a shitty day. Thanks Chive

  • Armando Ayala

    #40 I spy…

    • Koont


    • Dan

      Single? Please?

      • Jose

        That's pornstar Catalina Cruz. Married.

  • spicticus

    Always hard to keep calm with all the excitement of Burnsday!

  • Chicago Sean

    #42 Alektra Blue NSFW

    • Sean

      At work, googled imaged it anyway.

  • Clinton James Kelley

    #31 Great Day!

    • Ned_Ryerson

      i REALLY want to believe….but there's no way that can be real. people just don't have horns like that.

    • TG999

      Moar!!! She would be perfect for hump day

    • Kodos


    • JOHNNY

      FIND HER !!!!

    • spucifer

      i love satan, boobs, and big butts please find

    • zighawk73

      Good God and baby Jesus!!!

    • tom turbo

      mom WTF?

    • Dexter!

      Guess I'm the only person who thinks she has a fat ass!? Sorry…but that is just too big and jiggly! You know the back side of that has cellulite just squeezing out from those stretched panties. No thanks. You'd have to roll her in flour just to find the wet spot.

  • Dibdy

    #26 Took me a while to realize you burned it, I was lost in those eyes!!

    • LCC

      I've got bad news for you buddy….

    • Stang

      Who is it?

      • Mike

        Jessica Rachels…NSFW

        • bob

          she should prob get that bump on her shoulder checked out.. but then again, shes prob got other shit to worry about…

          • Frenchie

            Actually its a scar, but thanks!! :)) I had rotator cuff surgery!

            • Beaker

              i'd fuck you in the ass. there, feel better?

  • LoyalLAChiver

    #42 smoke patrol! #17 please burn that shirt!!!

    • KO617

      OH classy Lakers fans 😉

    • Kenny

      Go King James & The Miami Heat!!!

  • DrMa7moud

    #42. Almost there …

    • Sheila

      Exactly what I thought about #44

  • TheUChiver

    #31 winner!!!!!!! Could not keep calm!!!

    • Ken

      I don't get it… when did a monster ass become hot???

      • Madison

        Today dumbass

      • anthony

        Get out…. Now…..

      • Clinton James Kelley

        For me personally, it was when I was about 12…13 years old.

      • MstrFlsh

        Better question, when did photoshopping yourself to look like you have an disproportional ass become hot?

    • RalphMo

      I know this girl. This is my best friends girlfriend. And to MstrFlsh there is nothing photoshoped in this picture

      • luke

        yes, there is. the original picture is posted earlier in the comments. so either you don't know this girl or you're incredibly stupid.

  • Spencer_on_Fire

    I enjoy the…… subtlety

    • CZZ

      I would run into a burning building to save a goldfish to be able to come home to you.

  • Michel Payette

    #5 Oh shizer!!

  • Giggity

    #42 why deny your panties a bit of fire as well…………….. nicely played!

  • The Scout

    #6 wins

    #23 is a close second.

    Well done to all that participated!

  • Jhook

    #31 dat ass

    • Sam Carr

      Can't possibly be real. Can it?

      • Kassie Danae

        If it is, I am super jealous.

    • JOHHNY


    • Chrispie Bacon

      dat photoshop

    • RalphMo

      This is very real. This is my bestfriends girlfriend

      • luke

        again, stupid, no it isn't. the original is posted above in the comments. stfu please

    • Ernie Soto

      Ass is photoshop!

      Total Milf Though!!

  • Saskguy26

    #20 #21 #34 Gods Bless Canada

    • Sapper33

      God bless indeed.

    • Alex

      Was gonna say the same…

    • jjj

      no shit. Canada dominated this post.

    • CanucksRule

      chiver from vancouver. where the hell are all the vancity chivettes? c'mon bc gals, these lovely ladies from alberta and ontario making us look bad.

      • Kristen

        They're rioting you stupid fuck. Luongoaheadandscore.

    • Kev

      #34 unfortunately appears to be wearing a bra. would have loved to see more.

    • Yo Mamma

      #20 #40 MUST FINDS!

    • Christopher M. Bland

      Number 42, I love you


    • eddy

      Like #20, even comes with directions!

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