The Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa — we deserve this (23 Photos)

Via Bluelagoon

  • suck me dry

    suck me dry

    • Mikey

      How's that working out for ya with the ladies so far?

    • JJJ

      meh…better than 'first'

      • ColaChiver

        Not really, because it's still some tool that thinks he's funny….It really is sad.

    • Jake Moore

      Trolls are after attention. Stop acknowledging them.

      • Paulit

        yeah, how's that workin' out for you?

  • Mikey

    Didn't they film a part of Hostel 2 at this spa?

    • April C.

      That's what I was thinking.

      • Mikey

        Me too.

        • @LewDogSpacey

          me three.

    • @JJrrake

      Fuk yea they mite as well hav.

      " yea i nutted!.. So!"

    • nikki

      yes i do believe so thats the first thing i said when i saw the pics! lmfao

  • Michael

    I was there couple of times during my stay in Island. Awesome place.

    • bazz

      Where's Island?

      • Naggert

        Ísland is how it's spelled in Icelandic… Not everyone uses the English word

  • Chris

    This was an amazing place. Fun and relaxing with drinks in the lagoon.

    • Tom

      In Missisauga, Ontario, Blue Lagoon Spa is much different.

  • curtis

    Hey chive, you should send a chiver and a chivette there as a little mint vacation. Just saying….

    • @JJrrake

      Fuk yea! Get nutted!

  • cody

    "I saw Scott baio's rotting corpse float by, pretty gross" Brandon Boyd.

  • Steve

    Very Cool Place, but all I can think of is Hostel 2.

  • Brian J Castro

    #23 yep. adding this to my bucket list

  • Salt

    Yeah, see this picture #16? It's never that relaxed. When I was there it was jammed packed with people like a water park. As cool as that place is, it's like a train station with constant tour buses pulling in and offloading people just waiting to piss in there. (Not kidding, some cultures it's considered normal.)

    Just saying.

    • MKE

      I was just there in January and it was not busy at all. It was amazing, I will definitely go back.

      • Tony

        I was there in April of last year and it wasn't very busy at all. As nice as the place was, I couldn't shake the feeling of "people soup"…

  • Naggert

    Ohh I had sex there

    • 'Eric Denman'

      haha me too

    • @JJrrake

      Fuk yea. Bust that NUt!

  • Dave

    yeah last time i was there i saw a couple having sex in the spa

    • Clarktheshark

      I doubt it lasted long… Saltwater+Female anatomy = not fun.

      • @JJrrake

        Fuk yea. Get nutted!


    • erica

      i hope you aren't saying that like it's a bad thing.. ^_^

  • ChristyC

    It can be that calm before and after 'tourist' season. I loved going there and then to Cafe Duus for dinner on the weekends.

  • bradyblackman
  • Duane

    I went there all the time while I was stationed in Iceland in the USAF! Great place! Cafe Duus too!!

  • Runar

    I am from Iceland, and that place is disgusting! You think you are walking on clay/mud, but it is really dead skin and such. Icelandic scientists tested the mud and found some really gross things. It is just a big tourist trap.

  • DFS

    looks like you would sweat to death no matter where you are in these pictures. I'll take the bahamas, thnks

  • William Richardson

    Been there!

  • Steven .k

    <img src=>It is really a fairyland on earth. <img src=>

  • Jill

    #21 brings back good memories. Went there last Christmas and sat in the lagoon during a full on blizzard. It was still awesome.

  • weaksauce

    I went here in the off season and it was pretty relaxed. I stayed at the hotel attached to the resort, some of these pictures are of the hotel and it's private lagoon. Examples
    #4 #6 #10
    There are only like 10 rooms at the hotel and it's pretty expensive but well worth it. You get free access to the regular lagoon, and avoid the 1-2 hour drive back to Reykjavik. Since it's like 35 euros to get into the main resort, a couple staying at the hotel, and getting in for free, over 2 days you defer 140 euros, which is basically what it costs for the hotel room! I recommend anyone going try it this route!

    The first day i was there, there was a tour group so it was crowded, the second day it was like #16

    Get an in water massage while there!!

    • @JJrrake

      Yea fuk yea!! Get NUTTED!!!!!

      Bust nuts all day ( bnad!)

  • Poke4Life

    #23 looks awesome!

  • Naggert

    Well.. It's spelled "Island" in most of Scandinavia and literally means "ice land"…

  • Bomes

    Sure, everything seems wonderful until dinner comes 'round. It's still Iceland, people.

  • @JJrrake

    Fuk yea. GET NUTTED!

    Bust nuts!

  • Exman2099

    Been there…..ICELANDIC women are HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

    • Dave

      so much truth to that

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