The upside down bikini Chivette, Jenna (28 Photos)

For the last few months, a photo of a girl wearing an upside down bikini went viral across the internet. After seeing herself in our 'Find Her' gallery, Jenna stepped forward. Turns out the South African stunner has been a Chivette for years. And here we go...

  • Saffa

    #13 Glad to see she enjoys her psy

  • BJ McKay

    she has hot friends

  • erikhart

    one of the HOTTEST chicks on the planet!!!!!

  • Ian

    eh..fake little cans on a decent body with a struggling grill…not impressed Chive..

  • Lou

    You wouldn't have a city and phone number for #11 would you?

  • Daily Hot


  • GingerCunt

    South African?

    how many times have you been raped?

  • vlunz

    This is an average girl at best….nothing about her deserves her own post…..c'mon chive…step ur game up and use the world wide wisely!!


    cute..a solid 7.5

  • Barend Pretorius

    Our South African Girls are just naturally HOT!!!!!! So glad I'm here

    • Wow

      Naturally hot? Really she got a boob job…nothing natural

  • Chris Buehrer

    If she's not dating me, what does it matter?

  • this guy

    Trashy, not classy

  • Anonymous

    Sweet Jesus.

  • ajshn

    She seriously needs a better photographer or a better camera. : Such low quality photos for such a beautiful girl

  • hmmmmmmmmm

    wth is so amazing about her? she genuinely appears average to me

  • pkleberg

    South africa is the new brazil

  • eXeq

    Upside down bikini… Thats something new for me. Thats clever.

  • Guest

    #1 Maybe she could try wearing the bottom half upside-down

  • SA_dude

    Ah, good ol SA!! ye this chick is very cool and sweet! met her in capetown a while back and shes a beautiful girl!

  • Dan

    #11. on the left. MOAR.

  • jimmy

    !!! more girls, more videos, HD quality !!!

  • Laura Stanton

    #13 & #23 before implants and #1 & #25 are after implants?
    or maybe it's just that bikini top playing tricks on me.

  • Jack o' lantern

    seems to be a bit of an attention whore, no?

  • drod

    #16, #26. Are you kidding me?

  • Eric

    Yet another me too woman uglifying herself with tatts.

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