Xbox 360 gets reincarnated into a laptop (25 pics)


  • jack

    etcrr for president

    • Word

      I think that guy is finally gone….

      • Martin_McFly

        Nope. Just changed his name to babyfartmagizax

        • Word

          He sucks too.

          • Word

            Or they suck…. whatever.

            • furburger

              Vote the Babyfarts / Etcrr ticket in 2012

        • etcrr

          No I didn't I am me and though I don't post II do read and vote

          • Its back

            STFU you retarded old attention whore

          • Leddy420


          • guest

            thank you for not posting anymore…chive on!

            • PeanutFarmer

              You made an Xbox 360 into an Xbox 360. Genius!

              I'm gonna go turn milk into milk.

  • joemamma

    This should have been done ages ago.

  • Hungover

    I think Bob should do a special day late, recovery hump day post. Just saying.
    Bob….. Help us…………

  • huh?


    • HuntrR

      Thank god someone said something.

      • Cecil

        I known, I didn't thnik anyone would.

        • OnOneWheel24

          I figured it would be the first comment. After the "first" douche bags of course

        • HuntrR

          I thought everybody knew it was a laptop as in you set it on your lap

    • Hero_Status

      Thank god it wasn't just me! Apes escaped

    • OnOneWheel24

      And now it has been corrected

  • PHappy

    You owe us humps from yesterday

    • usmc_chiver

      As well as a DAR, and a DMA for this morning. Plus, where are the meetup pics?!?

    • PHappy

      I'm gonna go look at hump archives

    • Hungover

      theChive is slacking, big time.

    • @theterryburke

      Humps were on tuesday

  • jeff donuts

    very impressive

  • Mr. Mackle

    You can put lipstipck on a xbox.. but its still a pig

    • Shawny

      Yup I had an x box once. I turned it into garbage.

    • Tommy Dieterich

      A wild troll appears.

      It uses cliche tactic.

      It is ineffective.

      • BenB

        It got your attention dipshit

    • Falthor

      well after having both a 360 and a PS3 i can tell you only one is still standing, and it's not the sony.

      • orion

        well after having 2 ps3s and an xbox when they both first came out, both ps3s still standing x box quit 30 days in

        • Ethix

          Why would you buy two ps3s?

          • Yesiir

            He didn't. He's full of shit. This is the internet!

        • Falthor

          Launch 360s were crap… someone posted a whole detailed discussion of the chips and revisions they went through to get to the current generation using different chip set that should NEVER have the same problem again. At the current the fail rate on a current gen 360 (the new thin ones, and the odler systems back to the arcade system pretty much) are using 65nm chips that can't get hot enough to cause the RROD that was the plauge of the old machines. PS3 still use the older 90nm chips that can overheat and cause this but have much better cooling systems, hence it's lower fail rate, but with 360 changing to the new chips they dropped the fail rate of their current systems below the fail rate of the PS3s…

          which actually has nothign to do with the fact that I got rid of my PS3… with 3 kids I really don't have a lot of time to game and all my friends have 360's so which do you keep? not to meniton I use my 360 extensively as a media server and player whcih the PS3 can do but is EXTREMELY clumsy at.

    • Brian

      That's a terrible analogy.

  • HOOK

    The masses are waiting Chive,Bring on the Humps, Burns, and anything else you got….

  • @RickvdS

    Benjamin Heckendorn 🙂

    He makes really cool stuff 🙂

    • AB

      Not sure why your getting the thumbs down? Ben Heck has been doing xbox laptops (and just about everything else like this) for years now. Even makes special controllers for disabled Vets. Thats something we can certainlu all Chive to.

    • ihategames

      He did this in 2006! Fuck this guy.

      • Andrew

        This guy is a friend of Ben Heckendorns, so it imitation as a form of flattery…

  • Millatard

    Thats awesome but its gonna suck when it get the three red lights of death.

    • Falthor

      dude for the record the current generation of 360 hardware (actually this goes back about 4 generations in the 360 to the invent of the "Arcade" system and the addition of the HDMI port) has a lower fail rate than the PS3 currently has.

      • sean

        no..? i think it was something like 50%+ of the original style xbox 360s did/will get the RROD… in fact, EVERY SINGLE PERSON I KNOW that has or has had an xbox got the RROD. not a single person i know has had a ps3 get the equivalent.

        • Arcona

          as he said going back to the arcade, though il clear things up, the xenon was the original which always got the red rings and failed, like the ps3 the chip used balled solder to stick it down, and they cant use lead solder anymore. it doesnt react well to heat and the original 90nm chips got hot, heating and cooling would make the balls weaken and crack till they were no longer connected, that and the pcb could warp ever so slightly. ps3 at the time used same 90nm sized chips but better cooling, as a result not many ps3's got the YLOD, next xbox was falcon 65nm cpu, but the cpu never really got that hot, gpu still 90nm, this added hdmi but it still had the RROD, which pretty much is the gpu 99% of the time, opus was a revision but was just repaired Xenon machines, it wasnt until Jasper (Arcade with built in 256 or 512MB or storage) that pretty much wiped out the problem all together by switching to 65nm chips. these are the most reliable of the old shape 360, the newer slightly thinner ones are 45nm, valhalla and some other revision i cant remember. and red ring should never happen unless you use it in a sealed cupboard or something. (though they changed it so its just a flashing light, not red segments) arcade/jasper onwards are all good and should be about as reliable as the 65nm ps3's and onwards.

          • Falthor

            what he said.

      • Arcona

        yeah but that right there is a xenon, the 1st gen machines that got it all the time, hopefully the water cooling can keep the solder balls from going brittle and separating.. then again if he can do this he can reball a chip

  • Gnarboots123

    Whats a labtop?

    • Paul

      It's like a nobebook.

    • Uh oh

      It is like a jlow bob.

    • Josh Rider

      its like a jello budding bop.

      • Paul

        My sister got arrested for doing the budding bop once.

  • Tim


    • Word


  • Daniel Tosh

    fuck people who say YOLO

    • Paul

      It's Carpe Diem for dumbasses.

      • Harry Longbahls Jr

        And the Chive is reddit for douchebags

        • Dave Grohl

          it's also 4chan for soccer moms and beta males.

        • bob

          a bunch of douchebags that raised $250,000 for an american hero..

    • Yolo


      • Daniel Tosh

        go jump off a bridge. You only live once right?

    • dre

      YES I AGREE!!

    • dre


    • Justin Cider

      Daniel Tosh is a hack, look at me i pretend to be gay but i'm not or am I, I'm so cool.

      • 98494

        Agreed. He copied Ray William Johnson's ideas.

        • ANON

          live like a pirate #YOHO

  • _ThisGuy_

    What's the point?

    • . .

      Why not? He's thinking outside the box

    • GernBlansten

      Portable virginity shield.

  • Gabe

    WTF Chive. I know you're a gang of alcoholics, but get your shit together and post some boobs dammit!

    • not mad-disappointed

      or at least something funny or mildly entertaining.

    • Mike Page

      Jesus Christ, the longer I keep coming to this site the more it seems as if the high school kids are taking over.

      • Hungover

        No doubt. Its depressing.

      • Lev

        Summer. Come fall, the idiot comments will be buried, don't worry.

      • thedude325

        More like middle school…

      • dragon2777

        totally agree with that statement this was actually pretty cool

    • Uh oh

      )- )-

      Side boobs.

  • tmnt

    its a laptop not a labtop

    • mrk

      it's a craptop.

      • Brian

        Crabtop. Please.

        • trollface.jpg

          its labtop you fuckin inbred americans… super old news, to prevent using on your laps, it will fry your junk.

          good luck getting your sister pregnant.

  • tmoney

    then after all that work it will get the ring of death in 20 minutes. crazy cool though

  • Habsy

    I wonder how his girlfriend likes it?
    Oh that's right, what girlfriend.

  • edward

    I have no idea what just happened on this post

  • chiveatwork

    Holy balls, I want that.

  • Benk

    Shut up and take my money!

  • jjj

    you can do better Bob.

  • Mike Page

    Well, why the fuck not?!

  • Craigery

    So it goes on top of your laboratory?

  • Sean

    Virgin to the nth power.

    • Oltimey

      Why the virgin bash…Is it because he is using his talents to create something that you cannot? You jealous of his skills? And if you think that he is a virgin just because he builds video game system….Well take off you high school foot ball jacket, put down the Bud beer, step out of the pickup truck your pa left ya and give your freakin head a shake and join the real world

      • Brian

        The real world of virgins and "gaming systems". Brrrrrr… Douche-chills.

    • Levian

      This is the type of person who is probably homophobic too

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