14 year old girl going against the grain…(12 Photos)

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  • Spelling Police

    The sisters are do-able (after a few drinks), but the mom is a troglodyte.

  • BR&Y

    Who cares? I don't have a boob job and I'm about to graduate college among the other thousands of girls my age with a college degree and without a boob job.

  • boob_cuddle

    Good for her. Doesn't need them anyway!

  • C-spot

    What kind of family of simpletons even bothers a 14 year old about something like this?

  • hahahhaa

    hahahahaha!!!! look at the fat one trying to hide behind her hideous boobs..

    hehe – fat one

  • BenNotKenobi

    She's got a pretty good uh…torso, already. Why the Hell would you need to add silly-putty?

  • M_13

    #2 #7 Eww gross Mom, cover up.

  • justin m

    still having trouble figuring out which is prettier

  • Bob

    #2 good girl, her mum and sisters look like trannys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eburgsnake

    Good for her. There must be something in the patriot act that would let us sterilize the rest of them immediately…

  • Sam

    this is gross. even with all the fake boobies shes way better looking than the rest of those miserable excuses for women.

  • https://www.facebook.com/shaun.rezac Shaun Rezac

    Her naturals definitely look better than the fakes. 🙂

  • J P


  • Guest

    Don't mess with perfection, and certainly doesn't need it.

  • town drunk

    im gonna fap to the 14yr old now

  • http://www.facebook.com/calebgiddings Caleb Giddings

    Is it sad that "girl makes responsible decision" is a news story?

  • Kasper

    She's only 14! By the time she's 18 she'll end up with them too if she stays near the rest of those crazy women.

  • oclvtrek

    They'd all look better if they spent that money on decent clothes. Who wears animal prints anymore?

  • randall

    she looks beautiful already

  • Glaspotron

    She is also the hottest one and doesn't need to take the attention south of her face…. just my $.02

  • PubicJones

    I like all boobs. Fake one and real ones. Fuck you.

  • http://mom2samantha.blogspot.com haeddre

    #11 is that the Grandma in the black??? Oy, poor girl. She is beautiful as she is. It's not right to pressure a child into doing something to be beautiful, you are supposed to tell them they are regardless. Let them make up their own minds… Good for her…

  • http://www.reginajobshop.ca ChivinCanuck

    creep post chive, for a lot of reasons

  • Jake

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion of course,but the girl is 14yrs old & has a LONG way to go.Saying "bashy" remarks about one's family isn't something to get them to change their image.I love tits of all sizes,but minors ARE the exception.Good luck Britney& All the best.As for the ladies,pay them no mind.They'd ask for your mobile,yeah?

  • Dug!

    What an advert for the UK…..sad, sisters and mother are MUNTERS!
    The lassie has still got a chance not to turn out like that, lets hope she doesn't follow them to Munterville!

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