There Are Sexy Chivers Among Us (98 Photos)

I've posted a lot of Sexy Chivers, and it's not lost on me that I have the best job in the world, but the Chivettes stepped up their game this week. I really hope you enjoy this one, because our girls gave it both barrels this week. Seriously …

Chivettes and first-time Chivettes submit here.

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  • Tillman61

    #76 I'd just like say "wow" and thank you.

    Thank all of you for the pics!

  • Mike_Dammett

    #56 – Rowengartner doing the raptor arm karaoke while Thor continues his downward spiral at the bar….

  • Mischievous

    Love me some freckles #93 yummy

  • @MirandaKGaines

    That's my girl!

    • _Like_a_Boss_

      Your girl has a great smileand a nice tan.

  • Kirby

    you have a Clint Eastwood poster in your room. that alone qualifies you.

  • Knockout_Ned

    #51 #62 #65 Could turn a gay man straight.

  • Apollos

    #53 stunning

  • Chiv3On


    A smile that would brighten the darkest room!


  • Bless1

    #51-whole lot of meh this week. ladies practice on the posing. I could use some more of 51 if she loses the make up, super sexy body!

  • Matthew Hall

    Dibs on #81 Wow!!

  • the_dutchmen

    Good GOD!

  • Kmart

    #77 is so hot!! Please keep sending in pics!

  • TheOnlyOnePhun


    BFM > Thigh Highs > FLBP > Mind the Gap > Bathroom self pic…… I think she got all of them…… o wait there is no hump or under boob…….


  • Sparks10

    Chive theres no probaly about it u are the best web site and well done ladys u out done u yourselfs this week

    • ChestRockwell

      Are you drunk or 7? That was a horrible attempt at an english sentence. Please try again!!

  • Ksh3366

    #37 single?

  • Ksh3366

    #72 are you making cookies?

    • Nicole

      yeah! for the boys in the baseball dugout

      • Ksh3366

        So awesome, a sexy chivette that bakes!!!

      • Marco C

        add me on Facebook… Marco Constable

  • Bradyized

    #12 #34 #57 Holy crap, gorgeous! Great SC this week. Making up for last week for sure!

  • NEW

    #97 Absolutely Gorgeous. Moar?!

  • Tilt Boy

    #80 – I couldn't agree moar….

    • John

      But you should know how to construct a proper sentence! 😉

  • jd miller

    #57…i think ive fallen in love

  • AtlChiver

    #94 Representing Georgia very well. Beautiful! Chive on from Atlanta.

  • slimm

    #6 pretty sure made my heart skip a beat…..or 6

    • Paul

      Her name is Crystal and she's a peace officer in edmonton

  • Gus Wood

    #7!!! I'm from NM and that girl is making us look good… BEAUTIFUL!!!! 😉

  • Todd

    #51 Miracle or no miracle …… That body is amazing

  • Mark

    Moar of #70. Gorgeous engineering chicks FTW!!!

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