There’s something off about Lake Retba…(8 Photos)

  • Uer


    • paulie

      douche …. Bag …

      • Tom

        I never understood why the person who is first ends up being a douche-bag. I think the people who call and reap on a person being first are those assholes who ride your ass on a highway with their hybrid, while sipping on a late, heading to an office where his co-workers hide because his breathe, and criticisim of everything are equally as bad.

        So suck it, all you first haters.

        • tom

          I think they need to get a life

          • Bill

            I think chivers need to get a life

        • Paulie

          Lets get one thing straight … No one in a hybrid rides anyone's ass … those are the fools that sit in the fast lane doing 65mph and don't have the courtesy to move over for people who are going faster (also douche bags) … now, since YOU have something like a Prius riding your ass on the highway, it says that you drive like a complete pussy …

          additionally, if you sit there at your browser reloading the page so you can be the first one to comment with nothing more insightful that the word "first", then yes, you are a douche bag

      • Go Hoosiers

        Fuck Firsters! The internets version of AIDS.

        • Gen-0

          U mad Bro's?

      • Bill

        paulie is a homo

        • Bill

          p.s I LOVE homo's

  • sean

    first guy: ahh the lake's turned pink we need an experts opinion, where should we go???
    second guy: University of Bath
    first guy:……….yeah…. that's not how it works….

    • Chet

      What the hell are you talking about?

      • Gun_guy

        Did you read the little blurb under the first pic?
        "…said Michael Danson, an expert in bacteria from Britain’s Bath University."

    • Lobo

      chivers fail at any humor that isn't just ripping it off/copying it from a movie/tv show/comedian or website.

      • Frank

        I'm waiting for your joke. Make me laugh Lobo.

    • RDS

      I fail to understand all the thumbs downs. This was a funny post! WTF???

      • whale hntr

        'merica, enough said

  • Bryan_W

    It pretty much looks like they're swimming in Pepto Bismol.

    • vaporware2000

      it coats…it soothes…it relieves….
      Nausea, Heartburn, Indigestion, Upset Stomach, Diarrhea

    • Tilt Boy

      Rule 34

  • MattKL

    Not bad, Nature.

  • Sceptic

    Oh, a pink lake, how very interesting…

  • Bait Selection for THIS water color??

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  • Trav1121

    Michael Danson is a liar! Unicorns DO exist! And those people are swimming in their mystical latrine…

  • 2857

    or maybe its pollution. africa.

    • Today is...

      or maybe bacteria. racism.

      • That word...

        or maybe africa. bacteria.

  • adonisallan

    They turned it pink to show their support for Stop Bullying.

    • Go Hoosiers

      Here's my question…are there really that many Bully's or just a lot more pussy kids? I am in my late 20's so this "Stop Bullying" thing isn't foreign to me, but damn…I am from a tiny town, and when I was a teenager, the general conscientious was still "man the fuck up" I am gonna have to lay some of this on the placating, "You're all winners" parents, the rest goes to the schools. SHIT, just broke my soapbox. I'm done now.

      • Paul

        I hear ya!!! I think the younger generation does need to man the Fuck up! I myself am in my late 20's and in highschool if we had a problem we dealt with it ourselves. Kids these days have less respect than we did and are Fucking babies. Its time for them to stand up for themselves and not rely on other people. Its a tough world out there if they can't manage highschool well we're all lost.

      • MattyDeuce

        See, placing blame on the schools is such an easy thing to do because people blame tachers for everything. We have to follow certain protocol when we hear ANYTHING or see ANYTHING relating to a kid getting bullied. The reality is that this generation is much softer, but that also jacked up the suicide rate because bullying is a very real thing going on in our society. Most of this happens outside of our 4 walls because kids know that police can become involved immediately as well. You want to blame schools with the (financial) state of education today by creating or at least placating these bullied kids is ridiculous. Unfair, misplaced blame on the schools, as per usual.

        • P*ssedoffhobo

          Didn't realize they had tachers at a school…man, google didn't help me with this one.

          Also, Kids seriously need to Man the F*ck up. Seriously, if people get treated like shit by others, it inspires them to go out and be better than all of them.

  • Professor Squeegee

    Oh man why? Now hipsters will flock to Lake Retba in search for a unicorn of their own. Wait a minute.. that's pure genius!

  • Secret_Frog

    #4 "Meh just jacking it in this here lake…"

    • Gen-0


    • Snicklefritz

      He's holding his dong

  • McSpall

    Man, that lake must really hate breast cancer.

  • Knives Chau

    I wonder what the world would be like if all colours got swopped around. Blue orange anyone?

    • Anyone


  • TJ_Designs

    now back to BET with "DAMN NATURE YOU SCARY!"

    • rando


  • Go Hoosiers

    You guys with the hipster comments are really onto something here. If we convince all those pussy fruits that there really are unicorns, we could set up a hologram in the center to lure them out and drown them all, only problem I foresee is that turds float…suggestions?

    • dedonkey

      Shoot them.

  • Knockout_Ned

    Courtney Love must've swam in here while on her period.

    • Knockout_Ned

      I thought it was funny :/

      • Med

        were you referring to the color that the makeup and period blood combined would form? I 'll give you a half a point i guess

    • Med

      Ned, I usually enjoy your comments. either i missed this one pretty bad or you bombed this one pretty bad

      • Knockout_Ned

        Guess I bombed that one. FML

    • melindu

      it couldn't be courtney love, they said the water has a HARMLESS bacteria. that skank would have poisoned the water

  • Spas

    yup, Bath University, Kitchen University, Living Room University… they exist i tell you!

  • arcelia

    i wouldn't step not one foot in that nasty looking water.

    • Anotherwes

      English…do you speak it?

      • arcelia


  • Optimus_prime

    Looks delicious


    africans have us all beat. They turned the lake pink to help fight breast cancer.

  • oneNonlyjuarez

    #8 yup that's what they said about the lake that i'm stationed close too Lake Tanganyika….

  • Dirty_Dingus

    Looks like the milk left in your bowl after you finish the Fruity Pebbles.

    • HOYVIN Glavin

      …also, Dude, Fruity Pebbles is not the preferred nomenclature – Alternative Lifestyle Pebbles, please.

      • dragon2777


    • levian

      Or a lake full of that nasty strawberry nesquik stuff.. Yuck

    • GernBlansten

      You have Africans floating in your fruity pebbles?!?

      • Gurgle

        Not floating…They can't swim.

      • MattyDeuce

        That guy looks like more of a South African than an African African

        • lol


  • Brett

    That's the slime from Ghostbusters 2!!!


    deep scarlet pink aka pepto pink

  • MacGuyver912

    There is something off about lake Retba…off-red that is.

    Shut-up that's funny…

    Okay maybe not…

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