User submit: taking a break at Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan (51 Photos)

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  • wow eeeee

    please find lady in #35

    • SanDiesel

      Youve obviously never pulled apart a grilled cheese sandwich.

  • Napes

    Respect to these deployed Marines, glad to see them unwind.

    That being said…

    POGS, POGS everywhere.

    • YEMX

      Meanwhile on the combat outpost ,hey bud you got more smokes I'm out.

      • SanDiesel

        Nope. Still waiting on the mythical 'mobile px'. Semper Fi 1st LAR

  • Also a pog

    Pogs gunna pog.

  • Jeph4e
  • SanDiesel

    Respect. But on a real note- must be nice to have that kinda time spring how all the non-POG units take the hits and get NO breaks.

  • Zackary place

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  • 31tilllidie

    PPPPPPPPPPPPOOOOOOOOOOGGGGGGGGGSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS must be nice two deployments seen leatherneck for 2 weeks and seen bastion 2 weeks…. other than that… Oscar Mike 3/8 lima Nowzad 08-09, upper Greshk valley 2011… a pog is a pog is a pog… except the ones that actually go on patrol and actually do something…

  • steve

    too bad camp leatherneck is a 7 month vacation…for POGs

  • chris kringle

    so by much needed rest do they mean its half day sundays and they don't have to go to there shop till fucking 1? which they get every sunday btw

  • nick


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    […] User submit: taking a break at Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan (51 Photos) […]

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