So we got wasted. theCHIVE’s NYC Meetup (52 HQ Photos)

Last week, theCHIVERS rolled into Manhattan for our NYC Meetup. We'd like to thank Slate and their amazing staff for hosting the meetup and Off the Wagon for hosting the debaucherous after party. Sorry about clearing your shelves of all the booze.

Most importantly, we want to thank all the Chivers we met all over NY. From the local bars to Central Park, and finally the Meetup, we're definitely humbled by all of this.

When we first started hosting these meetups in Chicago a year ago, we had no idea how big they would become. But one common thread that has been carried through all these gatherings is the positive energy the Chivers bring to the party, you can literally feel it in the air. We're one of the first online communities that's actualized in real life. And what a community it's become…

We're going to be hosting these meetups more and more, at least as long as y'all will have us. Many more glasses will be raised.

Next stop, Comic-Con. Big news on that tomorrow.


John n' Leo

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  • Michelle

    Come to Vancouver!

  • guerch

    #5 what is the photo shop brown square behind the guy in the center?

    • Eastside Elliott

      a bag with a chive shirt in it. no shopping done.

  • Bucky B

    Can we get a houston meet up?

  • elchoss

    Only 3 pictures of Erin … ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME !!

  • Radius

    #32. I would move just to meet her

  • chicago_animal

    That's a lot of douche Bags!

    • Turd Ferguson

      Nah – douchebags are guys with flat brimmed caps and sunglasses in bars. These guys aren't douchebags.

      They are comic book/video game dorks.

  • asdfasdfasdf

    no black girls??

  • Michael Wade

    Why are these broads at a Chive event here in NYC and they are all wearing bras under those fucking shirts!?

  • Ffej

    Is that Afonso Rebiero in pic 5?! Tell me he did the Carlton at some point in the evening!?

  • joe

    what high school?

  • Austin

    #11 – Sandra Bullock??

  • lololol

    #52 deodorant, who needs that?

  • Shawn


  • The Man

    Chive meet up Savannah, GA River Street??!!
    Let's take over one if the greatest party places on the planet!!! There's a river here for christ's sake.

  • kav

    Lets get this Chicago Meet up going. The Chive women are Hiding in the City- I go for runs SPECIFICALLY rocking my Chive shirt – no one's noticed it yet- Disappointed but still optimistic!

    Loyal Persian S Mich n' Roosevelt Med Student Chiver

    kavkavoos@ hotmail .com if the female Chivers exist and want to get some kind of Chive Meet up Going!

  • da goober

    #52 cool pic. Nice shoes Jon. Chive On! And dam I need to get to NY.

  • Dan0Myte

    I seriously hope you guys are shagging like crazy instead of just pg13 shit I saw here.

  • @rickybello

    finally. well thanks glad to meet nice people

  • rictow

    Ahhhhhhhhhh! a beautiful red head. .. … ….. ….AND HOLY FUCK THE ELUSIVE BLACK KCCO SHIRT!!! YES!

  • Patrick Adamczuk

    #52 Mother of god, fuck it… doesn´t matter how much it cost, I have to go to the next meetup!!!!!!!!

  • bkhunt

    #6 Caption….. 4 sausages competing to land inside one bun.

  • Mr. Burns

    #24 who is she!

  • @hlou14

    You should definitely come to London, England! There are many a British Chiver (this one being a Chivette) that would love to meet up!

  • wow eeeee

    ok chive enough is enough. for some reason you can only get tshirts made once a month, but you manage to have some for this event. there isn't a city in america that can't produce a those tshirts. are they trademarked? if not i guess i can start a new site for faithfuls that shoudn't have to wait.

  • Lindy Silver

    This meetup shall be called.

    Sweaty pits.

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