Found: Ellis Cooper (33 Photos)

The photo directly below sounded alarms across our 'Find Her' gallery. It wasn't long until one of our ruggedly handsome Chivers located Ellis Cooper's Twitter Machine.

Ellis is a chameleon of sorts, she has a very versatile look about her, amongst other qualitis. And here we go...

Say hello to Ellis on her Twitter Machine.

  • ghg

    I am aroused

    • Woody

      She's way hotter than Alice Cooper….

    • Canadian Chivette

      Im a girl and I think I'm aroused! She is a fox 🙂

    • ubdilly

      Boner (sigh),

    • steve

      i bet she's dirty….mmmmmm

    • asdfadsf
      • ps86

        well done, sir

    • BruceWayne

      I will say this over and over……….If chicks get a fucking tattoo it better be classy, delicate and in the right fucking places on your body!!
      She's spray painted a beautiful canvas.

    • halfassed911

      #34 yumm

  • Matt

    You had me at #6

    • Joshua

      Uhh.. She had me at #1

    • Travis

      I love tattoo sleeves, always have, always will. I don't know why. I have no tattoos myself.

    • @theterryburke

      she is one beautiful woman

  • beserker

    #2 #12 #34 for ever ever ever and ever… o m gosh… happiness!

    • beserker

      Thank you chive… well found indeed 😛

  • SAChiverSteven


    • Pppp

      #34 nipples

  • Earl

    HDAU: Head Down, A$$ Up. Let’s roll

  • Justin Cider

    Morning wood

    • wood

      good morning to you too, sir!

  • Swerdna

    Fap. Fap. Fap.

    • SAChiverSteven


    • @JJrrake


  • abakala

    Ladies and gentleman,

    We got nipple.

    • beserker

      troll.. go nip yourself!

      • MrSusan20

        troll? did you even look?

    • NOOT

      IT COUNTS!

    • Dave

      go to her tumbler

      • MOAR

        Yup. Plenty of good stuff there.

      • Boobs McGee

        Well, yeah. That definitely takes the imagination out of it.

    • James

      Big fucking deal.

    • LIVIN

      who gives a shit? everyone's seen one…..

  • Jb Van Camp

    #2 wish I could find her in my bed…

    • Mr_Zambu

      if wishes were horses… beggars would ride!

  • devin skolaski

    #34 trying to keep calm after this pic my new #1

  • Jak

    #28 good god I just melted

    • Bubba

      I just got solid

  • boob_cuddle

    #6 & #34 wow.

  • tv_paul

    #16 I think I've seen this on Cinemax after dark.

  • Shannon Coverdale

    #13 Don't mind if I do

    • caleb

      add to cart

  • Sniffles

    Doesn't matter……..saw nipple

  • jim

    Those tat's make you look like a filthy whore. Plus your second rate boob job gave you a comical refund gap.

    • frecklebutt

      your judgements are not welcome here

      • LIVIN

        i disagree.

      • Lotus

        Some truth to his words, like em or not

    • Billy

      Agreed tats are gross……………….

    • Mike l.

      Wow, what a dick. Do you feel better now? different people, different tastes. Let us that enjoy her beauty enjoy it. Theres even people out there like you, they probably live in NJ. Sorry everyone else in NJ whos not a DB.

      • MinervaMink

        Awe, don't hate on Jersey because of this tool. 😦

    • Jin Jung

      You're statement makes you seem like a total douchebag. Plus, with your small penis you should shop at baby gap.

      • Bubba

        NEVER make fun of penis size! You can torture and kill, but some things you just don't do!

      • MylesofStyles

        Just one question Jin. When did you change your last name to "Jung" from "N' Juice"?

      • Wang Chung

        why were you looking at his penis?

    • Zane

      Jim, you need to check out the mens fashion pics from Paris…..they're more your speed

      • 49807

        they got more style than american men. you don't get less stylish than khaki shorts, flip flops, and a t shirt. it's just not possible.

      • Elton John

        woah, Zane. sounds like you're overcompensating for a tiny penis.

    • NoInk

      agreed…she looks like a coloring book. She's a pretty girl, but as soon as you look at the tattoo's it makes her look trashy. That ink will look really cool when she's 50, not!

      • DanTheMan

        Yeah because at 50 everyone is so good looking.. Everyone hating on tats can suck me!!

        • Cake

          There's lots of good looking people in their 50's that took care of themselves, better looking than a lot of 20 & 30 year olds. Thanks for the offer to suck you but guys that refer to themselves as "the man" are usually doing so to overcompensate for their small dicks. Tats=Trash.

    • john

      Agreed – I can't see anything past the tats – gross.

    • guest


      • Jess

        "Refund gap" = The Dirty follower. Do not want your type here.

        • Luke

          I am a tattoo enthusiast. And when a tattooed person is older they'll still stand out rather than looking like every other old saggy sack of skin. Also, it can quite literally be wearing your heart on your sleeve depending on the reason behind it. And when I'm old and wrinkly I plan on pointing my tattoos out to my grand kids and playing the soon to be classic game of "guess what this used to be!?".

        • QwertySauce

          I had never heard of "The Dirty" until you mentioned it in this post. Oh my god what a terrible website. What is wrong with the people who run that website? Also what's wrong with the community? In 10 minutes on I saw some of the worst things the internet can be.

    • oughtnot

      She is cute … but the ink IS distracting. I'm glad there are people out there that like the ink and I hope she has a great reason and significant meaning behind each one … but ink is a deal breaker for me. Hate if you want.

    • @JJrrake

      Idk theres some pretty sexy older celebs and none of them are tatd up

    • Facts

      I used to be a life guard at a country club when I was 19. This place is a $40,000 per year membership type of club so there are a lot of people with that line of thought there. One day a woman started talking to me (no one was in the pool so I had a shirt on) and she was saying that she was going to bring her kids in since the guard with all the tattoos wasn't working and after a 45 minute conversation that included her saying she'd never hire someone with tattoos I asked if she would hire me and she said yes. So I took my shirt off and showed her that I was the guard she was talking about. Thinking everyone with a tattoo is a trashy whore defines prejudice and you should probably knock that off.

      • Lotus

        Well, it's not exclusively the tattoos that point to whoredom…

  • Mr_Zambu

    #11 Amazing woman!

  • akbrown006

    So amazingly blunt.

  • Martin_McFly

    #4 A woman who can pull off a One-piece.. My God, she has power beyond words..

    • Spider

      Looks like its just a tank. She's got great legs though. Love me some legs.

  • trainer

    this girl is hot. #34 showed hotness and nipple.

  • pimpninjaa

    Saw #1 on the homepage and literally said "oh god" out loud. Thank you Chive

  • BGrimsleyII

    There's no way I am picking one of these pictures to talk about, they are all simply amazing.

  • Doc-skinny-cock

    Too fat.

    • Dr. Fat Cock

      The only fat here is in your head. GTFO.

      • Fat Free

        #2 Fat Free

  • Trent Walker

    Simply perfection.

  • mike

    ill make art with her in bed.

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