Who needs a photographer when you have a mirror (61 photos)

  • akbrown006

    Elbows out please.

    • The Truth

      amazingly beautiful… need more

    • ThaDudeWhoChives

      She should probably send MOAR because she looks down right sexy!

    • nate33uc

      good god…sofa king beautiful…please give us more chive

  • Alvin

    #54 burn your bra!!!!

    • 650

      naturally hot. I was scrolling through all these and thought to myself, "you know, it's all about composition." lots of good stuff in this post.

    • http://www.facebook.com/kurt.mcleod Kurtis McLeod

      I had to stop and pause here for a moment, while my brain was mashing the proverbial "MOAR!!!" button repeatedly. A silent pause for that smile…. Good… Effing… Night… More.

    • Chuck

      Mondo Mega Hot!! Total package.

    • Esr0d

      This beauty should have been the beginning and end to this post. Just, wow.

  • MrUpp07

    #1, dear gawddd moar

    • EasternCanuck

      Ellie Gonsalves… check out her twitter and instagram… only gets better

      • GRaaa

        I disagree it doesn't look like her or at least the last time I boned her.

        • EasternCanuck

          We'll you obviously didn't check out her instagram them…

      • Houdini112

        thanks man!!

      • RDS

        Eastern Canuck THANK YOU. and you're right!

      • NRL

        Wait what? How do you find her Instagram??

        • EasternCanuck

          Her account name is elliegonsalves. Use a mobile device with instagram on it or use http://www.gramfeed.com You will need an account.

    • ThaDudeWhoChives

      couldnt have said it any better myself MOAR

  • Dick Salad

    A little better…

    #45 dafuq? an ipad… really?

    • TheRing

      What iPad?

      • Dick Salad

        I know this is the typical response, but you can't really ignore 'stupid' sometimes. Taking pictures of yourself in the mirror with an ipad is down right dumb. Hell even taking normal pictures of other things with an ipad is dumb. What would your first though be if you saw someone taking a knee to get a shot with an ipad?

        • Vagina salaf

          I wouldn't let it bother me like you do because who cares how people take pictures?
          Calm down

          • dand

            iPads have a camera on the front…

          • Dick Salad

            Who said it's bothering me? I think you're assuming I'm bothered because reading my simple response doesn't actually convey facial expressions, tone, or any emotion. I supposed I could start writing all of these comments in a narrative form… I can assure you, though I have a small group of followers(despisers as I like to refer to them) who are obsessed with thumbing down everything I say and generally disliking me, I rarely if ever write anything with bitter angst and malice.

            • ZenkTheTanK

              Now you are bothered because you realized you were bothered

            • Vagina salad

              Clearly you were and still are bothered

              • Dick Salad

                Nope not in the slightest, I've just noticed my cohort of admirers following me around the past couple weeks thumbing down everything I say. I'm just gonna leave a piece of my mind from time to time. I'm absolutely tickled Im relevant enough in your opinions to merit the daily attention.

                • Cock Salad

                  the more you talk the more bothered you are. That's how the internets works.

                  • What_Tha

                    This whole thread is bothersome.

                • Tymmah!

                  I'm pretty sure your not popular enough to get "followed" haha maybe people in general don't like what you post

                • bothered Dick

                  Bothered, Bothered, Bothered, Bothered, Bothered, Bothered, Bothered, Bothered, Bothered, Bothered, Bothered, Bothered, Bothered, Bothered, Bothered, Bothered, Bothered, Bothered, Bothered, Bothered, Bothered, Bothered, Bothered, Bothered, Bothered, Bothered, Bothered, Bothered, Bothered, Bothered, Bothered, Bothered, Bothered, Bothered, Bothered, Bothered, Bothered, Bothered, Bothered, Bothered, Bothered, Bothered, Bothered, Bothered, Bothered, Bothered, Bothered, Bothered, Bothered, Bothered, Bothered, Bothered, Bothered, Bothered, Bothered, Bothered, Bothered, Bothered, Bothered, Bothered, Bothered, Bothered, Bothered, Bothered,

          • Jkallen

            I do… IPad cameras take shitty photos! I want High Def mirror shots damnit!

    • hahah

      yeah ….but i bet you still wouldn't notice it if she was naked! >.<

  • bob_the_cook

    #37 , #59 I am so in lust with you both.

  • El_profe

    I love these self photographer posts. Made my friday that much better.

    • OnOneWheel24

      Gotta wonder how many of these were meant for some dude that just happened to submit them to theChive. Not complaining, just wondering

  • Bjamma

    I love mirrors.

    • Oli

      "I love lamp"

      • Brick

        i love carpet.

        • Angstrom

          All 3 of yall are weird.

    • Knothead

      I WISH I WAS EVERY GIRLS MIRROR THATS ON THE SITE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! X infinite

  • vandinz

    I fuckin' hate this craze. "Look at me, look at me, ain't I beautiful?" Yes, they are good looking, most of them but they're also narcissistic fuckers too.

    • jmb

      then why are you here?

    • https://www.facebook.com/wes.jones.104 Wes Jones

      I fucking hate animals but I just keep going to the zoo. "Look at me, look at me, ain't I cute" yes they are adorable, most of them, but they're also attention whores too.

      Seriously, if it's not for you then don't look.


      • Drew

        1) Animals didn't ask to be there.
        2) Animals don't actually give a fuck if you think they're hot or have your validation.
        3) Animals are only ever cunning and boasting ego when it's a matter of survival.

        Your analogy fails and I'm with the first guy. Sure, hot chicks, but the mirror shot concept just screams of self-adoration and pompous mentality. Ultimately, nether is attractive to anyone with confidence of their own.

        • https://www.facebook.com/wes.jones.104 Wes Jones

          Yeah my analogy was weak. You got me. I didnt care to put much effort into it. My point still stands that if you don't like it then GTFO. But if you insist on pushing your negativity on the masses, do what you need to do to make yourself feel good.

          Happy Friday!

          • Drew

            "Negativity" is your perception. I didn't rip on their looks, I merely gave mature insight as to what the mirror pose suggests of them. Negativity is not always totally bad as long as it isn't used abusively.

            • stupid is stupid

              You are correct. However, you thought The Chive would be a good place for mature insight?

            • truth

              I think it is no more self-indulgent or pompous than say….commenting that these women are narcissistic, attention-seekers. It is common knowledge that these girls are not doing this just to verify their phones take pictures. Stating the obvious, especially when it is not an original post, is equally done for self-serving reasons. KCCO.

              • Paul

                I think it funny that they keep coming back here to see if someone commented on their comment…
                Who Cares Why they do it… IM GLAD THEY DO!

                • Paul

                  The GIRLS I MEAN.. not you butt heads.

            • Mark

              Negativity. It's not totally bad but then, it's still pretty bad. Also it's unnecessary. And more to the point, do you really think your comments are going to encourage them to change their ways?

              • Yoda

                without negative is there positive? hmmm?

        • kellerman

          drew is getting downvoted by the pussy whipped.
          kudos for speaking his mind. but bitches in their place.

          • Dwight Schrute

            agreed. they're a bunch of pathetic man-boys.

            • frank asu

              You're all kind of walking into a high school class and saying
              "all the teenagers are morons"
              so don't expect not to get down-voted.

              Even though the nay-sayers here (vandinz, drew) are onto some seriously valid points, they are not going to get received well when the remaining number of dudes here are single, mostly virgin wankers who don't see something for what it truly is.

        • goodlookingdontcare

          says the ugly guy

          • Harsh Reality

            Probably not. Says the good looking guy you hate because he says this shit and then the chicks all love him for it.

    • Matt

      all the better for us…

    • Dirty_Dingus

      Back in my day, the craze was large sweaters and overalls…not to mention there were no phone or even digital cameras. Better this, than that…

      • patov40

        I'm going to give this a "Hell yeah". Hell yeah!!! B)

    • JESSE

      I was annoyed by the trend. Now I'm just a little saddened by it. I just hope the women who do this with regularity have other things going for them. I can only fuck a mannequin for so long.

      • Trixi

        As a woman who has been told she has brains and beauty, thank you thank you thank you for your comment.

        • Bender

          as a man who has been told he doesn't listen to what people say; what?

    • ppssuu013

      Critics. Always criticizing people for doin things that they themselves cannot do. Point being you're a hater because you're probably fat and ugly.

      • JESSE

        have the grace to turn the other cheek re: people criticizing your hollow activities and stop embarrassing my alma mater. we have enough of that bullshit going on with the admin. psu class of '09

        • ppssuu013

          Stop embarrassing your alma mater? Class of '08

    • Zuke

      This doesn't sound like negativity, what it sounds like is guys who are angry at girls in general. I apologize that there are pretty girls out there who aren't giving you guys attention, but that isn't their fault. There could be a lot of other possibilities for the obvious hostility too, so it's tough to make a diagnosis.

      No, the reason these people are taking pictures of themselves is the exact opposite of the fact that they're narcissistic. What they want is some form of confirmation that they're desirable. Just like the recent issues with young girls in schools sending pictures of themselves naked to boys they like; what they're hoping for is a response that will affirm their hopes that they do, in fact, look good, and the drive is strong enough for these girls to risk possible ridicule (a big deal in school) just for the chance to be told they're attractive. If these people were narcissistic they wouldn't need that kind of confirmation, because they'd already be fully aware of how amazing they are. The whole point is that *they* can make themselves look good and think "Wow, I think I look really pretty right now.", but they also want others to think so too because feeling attractive feels good no matter who you are, whether one is a male or a female. These girls are guilty of nothing more than wanting something every single person wants.

      • truth

        I totally agree with Dr. Phil..er Zuke.

      • Colleen

        Zuke, you are awesome.

      • stupid is stupid

        Wow, an intelligent, articulate post here on The Chive. MOAR!

      • Nahvis

        You sir are a gentleman and a scholar….KCCO

      • https://www.facebook.com/wes.jones.104 Wes Jones

        On point sir, excellent contribution.

      • Nahhh

        1,000 ways to get that without doing the mirror pose and publishing it for international consumption. You're an apologist.

      • drod

        #37, time to look up the definition of "narcissistic" – preoccupation with personal adequacy; having an udue fascination with oneself. Posting these self pics in pursuit of personal gratification is, by definition, narcissistic. Also a sign of narcissism – duck face.

        That being said, I love it.

        • drod


        • RDS

          Good call! Way to take that ridiculous dissertation up there and put it in its place! by DEFINITION this is pure narcicissm. And then your second good call is that this is all moot. Regardless of the motivation THEY have for posting these pictures, I care only about the motivation I have for looking at them. That being, similar to as referred to earlier by said dissertation author, that I'm never hooking up with these chicks in real life so hey, this is as good as I got.

      • Stone Cold

        Um no, the reason girls send naked pics to boys is cuz they are whores. Lets no kid ourselves

    • Zach

      Douche bag

    • z chiver

      I think you all need to keep calm and chive on. It's just a website with pictures of beautiful women taking pictures of themselves in a mirror. Why take it any further than that? Nothing better to do?

    • bornsyco

      dude you are a fag did your boyfriend not give you any last night get over yourself

    • jlg

      you hate them enough to click on the album and go through them

  • stan

    Long live etcrr

    etcrr is dead

  • liv


  • @lackofabetter

    #3 Rumptastic! #23 Jailbait!

    • Oli

      The thing I love about high school girls, I keep getting older and they stay the same age..giggity

      • Grish

        That's a Dazed and Confused quote, don't forget to cite your work in MLA format.

    • lol

      #3 spectacular moustache!

      • techno_viking

        Once you see it…

  • Arcona

    #2 looks like jailbate… oh well if im going to go under i might as well go under! 😉

    • mcgizzle

      i'll get a thumbs down, oh well
      but looks like smeagol more than jailbate (in this pic)

      • LoyalLAChiver

        I legitimately think this might be my ex gf…. If so she is batshit crazy.

        • sdeezychivette

          I don't believe I'm your ex girlfriend. And I also don't believe I'm bat shit crazy 😛 But I do believe I'll be at the chive meet up tonight and won't be looking like jailbait….. Haha. Oh and I'm not smeagol either!! Hahaha

          • mcgizzle


            and I did say in that pic. you must post again to prove otherwise

          • LoyalLAChiver

            Well that's good news all around. No disrespect intended. Look for me at the meet up… I'll be in the green KCCO shirt.

          • Arcona

            A Hot Chivette Appeared!


    • raffy

      That is some fine gap!

  • Bill

    #3 DAMN!!!

    • dat_ass

      dat mustache

    • SpacemanSpiff

      ay Diosito santo! that is Beautiful!

    • http://www.facebook.com/lexbarron2007 Lex Williams

      either it's shopped or her ass is some special nasty kind of lumpy…

    • Dan


      • fact

        F'ing gross… no pride at all

        • MarshyD

          disgusting pig fat.

    • Sir mix alot

      i think its pronounced "GEEODD DAYUM!!!"

    • Lotus

      Definately post more thick girls like this. C'mon throw us a bone once in a while…

    • zTom

      Is clearly Photoshopped.

      And I'm sure the original version is a LOT better. Why do they bother? This just looks stupid.

  • 1time

    etcrr is Guthrie Atkinson. Guthrie Atkinson is etcrr.

    • guthrie

      Incorrect you obessed little fag

      • slutnuts


    • stan

      totally different posting style, etcrr never had a creative bone in his feeble body.

      besides, etcrr is dead

  • dennis

    number 8 find her please for the love of god

    • http://www.facebook.com/jason.m.donaldson Jason M Donaldson

      #8 found her

  • douche baggins

    #3 WOW what a hump, MOAT

    • Eddie13

      What is MOAT? Just askin'….

      • Irwin


    • Zuke

      You mean what a large, fat, unrefined hump on a girl who appears to be possibly underage and looks like she might be working on a mustache?

      That is a butt only a black man could love.

      • gringissimo

        Wait. I'm black and my parents didn't tell me?

      • Dick

        You must be one of those guys that like small butts…. Like little Asian boys. You are a fucking closeted butt pirate

        • Disgusted

          There is a difference between a nice shapely ass and simply being fat. Any girl could look like this by simply sitting on the couch eating Doritos all day.

          • Not cool

            I love when guys discuss girls bodies as if they understand it, no girls body is built the same some can work out forever to try to build an ass like that and some are blessed …some do eat Doritos all day but they aren't posted here and if they are they for all you know can probably be the one with the most muscle cuz they put an effort into their body….

  • Rodi

    #37 For some reason……….I don't even care about the duck face.

    • Person

      That side profile is top notch

      • its_forge

        Photoshopped completely to hell and back again.

    • hmmmmmmmmmm

      I didnt even notice she has a face

    • PureTone

      Surely no-one's spine actually does that!

      • Underbaker

        Give that man a cigar, seen this photoshopped pic before. I would post the real pic but this site is blocked where I work, so go here and find it, but be careful as it might be NSFW…. http://www.naughtyreviews.com/escorts/alexis-roch

        • Zuke

          Oof, well, I guess she's available for anyone with enough money. No wonder she looks good; looking good is her job.

          I've seen some very fine ladies in my life, but there is no such thing as sex that's worth as much as any decent 'escort' charges. I was about to say there's no such thing as sex that's worth money in general, but that's silly; if chicks like this were charging crack whore prices then perhaps it would be worth it.

          • Underbaker

            The link was to show a pic with an un-photoshopped ass, which is still quite nice just not as round as the original pic.

  • MNChiver

    I would love to have any one of them. They are all beautiful.

  • Prick

    #37 looks tight

    • editor

      looks PHOTOSHOP

      • P01337iker

        IS photoshopt. The original pic was on TC too

  • Swankee

    98% of these chicks better not ever complain about being objectified by men.

    • ChristophersonofGray

      2% of you chicks, go right ahead and complain though. Swankee says so.

  • Stl cards

    Wonderful girls wonderful!!

    • Girls


  • AB

    #14 boom.

    • JustaGuest

      Francine Dee NSFW

    • Harry

      IMHO this lass is the finest looking woman I have seen. The others are beautiful, but DAMN !!!

    • lttido

      Is she naked or am I dreaming:$

      • hara

        Oh yea. She nekkid.

    • biggles


  • John

    i love these sluts who take almost porn pics of themselves

  • http://twitter.com/GreggTurnbull @GreggTurnbull

    Something magic about #7

    • dan25

      Agreed. Something about a girl that can be sexy while acting goofy at the same time. Good personality and hot as hell.

    • Eviltaz

      Might I add #8 both are spectacular …..WOW

    • Poke4Life

      Not to mention THOSE ABS!!!

    • Steve

      It's almost like she wasn't sure she should take the picture. There is nothing wrong with that woman. Nada.

    • Chivester

      Gotta agree on this one..she has something that just makes her hot..besides the obvious!

    • jesse

      yes lucky number 7

  • Jak

    #57 #61 ooofta!!! Hotties!!!

    • Ekim

      Off topic…but #61 where do you find a TV and bedspread like that these days? Just wondering.

      • Just saying


    • Open

      #57 would get the business

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