• richard

    i don't get it? Apart form this guy being a massive douche and punching the snakes? Honestly i'd rather watch a video of him just after being bitten dying slowly – cunt

    • Christopher

      Well, when you're dying to a cobra you'd sure want this guy to help.

    • Dude

      I agree richard. Animal cruelty. Can only be zombies who dislike your comment. They love boobs, hate snakes.



    • Anthony

      You are so stupid, let's consider this animal cruelty when in some places snakes aren't animals. You know in Thailand they drink snakes blood and shit so you should start crying now for this harsh way of animal cruelty. This video is defently not from the US so it's not animal cruelty.

      • jr.

        Americans do far worse to Rattle Snake populations every year in a round up where they scour the country side of these animals then butcher them for belts, belt buckles, and meat. The cruelty they experienced prior is shameful. Some changes have been made but still.

        • Tony

          They aren't pets they are wild animals. Animal cruelty only counts if its a pet. I bet you kill spiders all the time, is that animal cruelty? These people down the road had steak last night so you might want to protest outside their house for animal cruelty. I think one was wearing snake skin cowboy boots.

        • BTME

          Rattler tastes just like chicken.

        • oh up urs

          You have to realize that humans are better than rattle snakes. Then you can start appreciating snake skin wallets


    Like a boss.

    • Frank

      When he hit the one on the head, all i could think of was Cartman saying "That's a bad snake."

      • Chazz_B

        haha he did ko the snake in one hit, that was awesome

    • wtf

      I guess he has a different meaning when he tells his friends he needs to go smack his snake around

  • judasp1

    Guy is just crazy ass stupid!!


      After -49 you should considered deleting you account and never visit the chive ever again!

  • Chesterdrawers

    Wanna get physical with me?

  • yea

    1:30 Craziest part of the whole thing, the guy just grabs a snake from head on after it had struck @ him. NO FEAR-

    • cels0_o

      Balls of steel.

  • Jthehut

    He must be the leader of GI Joes nemesis……Cobra!!!!!!!

  • asd

    balls of steel!

  • Soren Gonzo

    what the hell chive, why is idiot in the tags?he has twice more balls than all of you and you label him as idiot?also, richard is a huge pussy, you think a fuckin cobra cant take a punch or something?you suck chive, i hate it here now and ive been here since your site looked like a pile of shit.

    • BjMathewson

      because the guy is an idiot? he is bitch slapping cobras, idiot is one of the kinder words they could have used.

      • Soren Gonzo

        then everything you dont understand is labeled idiocy and WTF…stay classy chive.

    • Today is...

      Tell me how you really feel…

      • Soren Gonzo

        angry, also kinda sad that i dont like the chive anymore. but meh, ill go on 4chan.

    • Scubasteve

      Well you have to be one stupid son of a bitch to get in a pit full of snakes…

    • Bud

      If you don't like it then why are you here? There are other places to go on the internet.

    • Anthony

      Idiot is a way to describe someone out of the social norm and I don't believe everyone in the US is just will to jump in a pit full of snakes. Therefor this guy is an idiot to all of us. WTF describes anything crazy and this is crazy. Are you an idiot or something for not knowing this stuff gonzo? Like wtf have you been under a rock your whole life?

      • Soren Gonzo

        everyone in the us should jump in a pit full of snakes, thats everything ive got to say to you.

        • dumb americans

          americans. can't jump, they're too fat.

    • Hahahagaryryangoulet

      Go suck a dick looser! If you think the site is a pile of shit don't go to it. CHIVE ON!!!! THE BEST SITE EVER!!!!!!

      • Mn dude

        He's kind of right though. Thechive has changed dramatically as of late. Don't push away someone who has been here from the beginning for voicing an honest opinion. He can equally say to you leave the community he was already a part of. Thechive has changed and is changing and that's a fact.

  • SolidusSnake420


    • Chuck Testa

      Just me

  • MOAR

    Go away.

  • Streetfightin'

    I guess he thought going poison fang would be over powered. Then he got nerfed and doesn't care anymore

  • Random

    Regardless that he has balls of steel, nothing makes up for his complete disregard for those animals.

    Chive, please post the video when this douche dies. Thank you.

    • Katie

      I agree, if they were puppies or kittens people would be furious.

      • Steve Irwin

        yeah. because harmless/defensless puppies and kittens are totally the same as cobras and recognize physicality the same way cobras do. derp.

  • Patrick

    this guy…is a honey badger.

  • @sup3rfm

    At some point, thought I was looking at some lady choosing socks when they're on sale.

  • sean

    He is a brave guy going in there in open toed shoes, not to mention his giant watermelon sized brass balls are a prime target…I'm impressed

  • Troll Killer

    Why every week is there some new doucher on here claiming to be an "o.g." chiver, and downing on the site. "pics are reposts, content is lame, don't hurt the animals, blah blah blah. You can all gladly go somewhere else without having to troll the comment boards every day fishing for attention. We don't like you anyways. Keep Calm and Move On plz.

  • TommyB

    I'm SO creeped out right now! Bleegh! I don't know how this guy does this. No Thanks.

  • Surely

    All these PETA fags need to quit their bitching, snakes are the fucking worst, this guy can punch every one of them in the face.

    • Grant

      I totally felt sorry for the snakes at first, but your comment is spot on. Snakes suck. They are mean and they kill people. This dude is teaching them not to fuck with us.

      • snakefukkinhater

        You bet. That'll learn them snakes. They won't fuck with us no more when this guy dun with 'em.

        dumb ass.

    • Lev

      It is thanks to snake handlers, like this steely motherfucker, that we have anti-venom which saves thousands every year from bites.

    • Shawn

      PETA –> People Eating Tasty Animals

  • cels0_o

    I didn't know they made steel balls that big.

  • Schawing

    kcco to the extreme? i was freakin out watching this

  • AllanA

    I give him less than a week in the job, can't fuck around with snakes like that

    • Brian Rosnick

      They've been doing this a good portion of their lives. This is a good paying job to most of them. You've never heard of snake handlers before?

  • chiphurt

    Why is he doing this?

    • DJR8D

      i felt like i was the only person wondering this

    • murmmermurmmer

      Gotta shift the snakes!

    • Bluebottle

      My thought is that they might be bred in the pit to be sold. He seems to be inspecting their faces for something and picking out particular ones. Maybe they are most healthy and will fetch a good price?

    • Ryan

      I was wondering the same thing. "Why is this even necessary?"

      • Brian Rosnick

        Many reasons why. This is probably because they're looking for a specific breed to milk for antivenom.

  • ps86

    anybody else want to knock this bitch out cold in the middle of the pit and pour rat blood all over him?

    • rok_of_ages


    • 4398u

      nope. just you.

    • Randellj1324

      Nope you got this one on your on

    • Brian Rosnick

      Nope, this is a zoo/milking farm from the looks of it. They produce samples for antivenom to save people from snake bites because these hissing f%$kers are so antisocial.

  • Tim

    I feel like these Cobras have been de fanged…..

    • Kyle

      I agree there is no way he would still be alive, i'm sure the bit would still hurt really bad though.

    • Bob

      In the last part the snake tapped him twice in the head.

    • suicide silence fan

      yeah now only that but de venomized as well

  • BennyLava

    Somebody explain how he did not get bit… I don't understand how you can walk around in a pit of deadly snakes like that. What was he even doing bagging up cobras? WTF does anyone need a cobra for? So many questions…

    • Kitten

      they look like spitting cobras. They spit venom, not bite

    • ps86

      he's supposedly picking snakes for a fight

    • thirstybackpacker

      I would say most have been de-fanged.

    • Titanqueen

      I think he was blinding them

    • black27696

      This was on reddit yesterday. The snakes are defanged, so they can't bite, but apparently they grow back (I know right?) so he's checking for new fangs that need to get removed.

      • AnyoneForCoffee

        WTF?! All the snakes are defanged and harmless?!

        What a crock!

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