Is this Samba queen hot or a little too much? (27 Photos)

  • Anon


    • Haha

      #16 Gonne go with just enough…I like a girl that can throw me around a bit 😉

      • Anon

        she can throw you and your weightlifting friend around

      • Nick

        She will break your dick off…

    • scared/scarred

      agreed athletic/toned is cute but she could beat the shit out of most male athletes

      • JarikCBol

        agreed. She looks like a linebacker, only with boobs.

    • Yipthatsall

      Nah not for me. I like my girls boobs and a vagina and not a dick tucked between its ass cheeks!

    • Ashamed

      I would totally suck her dick
      Wait what??

    • 84mike

      i would totally do him! i mean her…..

    • Tlsmith

      That is half a step off a dude. The fact Chive posted this under "creepy" says it all.

      • Chivemind

        yes.. because the chive knows all… sheep.

    • Dr_StrangePants

      If we turn back the clock a year or two, you can see that right balance

      • Brian

        She looks a lot better in this vid ^. She looks disgusting now

        • Lev

          But hearing her speak Portuguese doesn't help…

      • rogerThat

        I think this video was taken before ROIDS lol

    • Adam

      She looks like a mix of Ahnold and Octomom. There's a limit and she has exceeded that point.

    • oughtnot

      When I look at her I hear Ivan Drago's voice saying, "I must break you!"

    • Sick350Z

      So, I'm guessing this is post op?

    • Jeff

      That shit's nasty. I'm the kind of guy that will try anything once though.

    • Mike

      Thats gross. Chive please stop posting these nasty super fit chicks. Save it for the brigade!

    • Stephen

      It had me wondering if Samba was some sort of to-the-death bloodsport down there or something.

    • Micah Cox

      maybe if i happen to be Goliath she would be enough, but otherwise, i like to be the one doing the punishing.

  • Chunk Pants

    Chick on the left is way too much

    • Bob

      Mother of God!

    • Dusty

      Come on! The chick on the left would cook you a good meal then blow you, because fat chicks try harder.

    • mikeraw

      The one on the left? I shite you not, that's what the majority of women look like in Rio… Forget about running into supermodels in the street…

    • Susie Ulrey

      id ratherbe a fat chick than look like that and have people think im a man

      • Masschine

        Anyone who saw you looking like that and thought you were a man has serious enough problems that you'd want to run away from him.

    • Yup

      She'd look like the chick on the left if she didn't workout!!


      I'D rather have the girl on the left for sure!!

    • Mike

      LOL. That dude is wearing a bikini…

    • Lotus

      I'd take the big girl on the left in a heartbeat, at least she doesn't look mostly like a man. Its a real shame, she had have such a killer body if she lost the muscle mass/definition.

  • AltEvil


    • Bruce

      Doesn't make it any better or funnier. Stop

    • goaheadandhate

      Eat a cyanide capsule

  • GB3

    I wouldn't throw her outta bed for eatin crackers!

    • cunty

      yeah, its not like she'd be doing anything else worthwhile in your bed.

    • Brian Thomas

      I would.

    • Adam

      *couldn't. Because she would break you in half.

  • fabio

    Is she really..a she?

    • cunty

      I had the same question. I'm also wondering if she/he's done roids at some point.

    • Austin powers

      thats a man baby! yeah!

      • Anastasia

        It's terrifying if nothing else.

    • hwath

      Fine, if none of you want her, I'll give her a whirl and let you know if I survive.

    • martian maggot

      no, because her dick is too big…

  • @Dabooshy

    Loved the Princess Bride comment.

    Also not sure why, but in #22 she kinda scares me.

    • urdone969

      I know why it scares me!!! 🙂

    • maboze1x

      More of a king than a queen! That's a huge bit*h! 🙂

    • kushwizard420

      but look at all of that ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass… stop and make that mutha fucker hammer time

    • nate33uc

      this was the only picture that made me think anything other than absolutely not….besides #13 (chick on the left…FIND HER!)

  • DamnGuy


  • RealZoo

    #8 #10 #19 #23…..I would like to "samba" all day with her!!!

    • Troy Wilson

      Never wanted to be a thong more in my life!!

  • Bubble Buddy

    I have the weirdest boner right now

    • Droopy

      Why does everyone like comments concerning erect penises?

      • Kristen

        Because if they're chivers, they're fags…if they're chivettes, they're whores. Pretty simple really.

        • Keyser Soze

          Yet you are here posting, whore…. Maybe you shouldn't project your self-image on others.

          • Bill Murray

            hey, freud, go back to sucking jung.

    • NoSambaforme

      Fear boner?

      • Workaholics

        -Anders Holmvik

  • yup

    that ass is amazing

    • Bustanut

      If you dig guys, sure. That ass looks like a male bodybuilder, like #19

    • Kassie Danae

      It is rather large yes but, judging by her muscle tone I imagine her ass would be hard as a rock. Not exactly "cushion for the pushin'" if you know what I mean. lol more like fuckin a hole in a rock.

    • Cara Taran Petricca

      Sorry to burst your bubble but that ass, as well as those boobs are implants… :-/ sorry to ruin the fantasy..

  • @CasanovaEA

    Shes HOT and if you think otherwise its probably because you couldn't handle it gotta love #26

    • fabio

      No, he isn't

    • anon

      or its cuz I think she has the body of a tranny and thats gross

    • Susie Ulrey

      yea most men dont waanna handle its giant dick

      • Zuke

        Oh damn, did a chick just step up and make a tell it like it is on behalf of males everywhere? That is a high-five worthy comment right there.

        I think I might be in love.

        • Susie Ulrey

          sorry i like my men to be men, not beta-male pussy worshippers.

    • stu12

      Dont think i could handle that arm hair

    • ps86

      got more body hair than i do… bleh

    • rhill020

      I dont know any guys who can handle a girl with a bigger dick than them

    • MunMun$

      It's not because I couldn't handle it; it's because I'm not into dudes the way you are.

    • techno_viking

      @CasanovaEA watches transexual porn.

    • JBit

      Yikes more like! Paul Bunyan arms!

    • Name

      pretty sure that's a dude.

  • ItsNick

    WAY too much!

  • ccoorreecctt

    its a trap

  • Joe

    Why does she have a huge core and legs with little arms and shoulders?

    • dirtysteve99

      Because she focuses on those areas with heavier weight/dancing ?

    • ftlt

      most women typically have weak upper body strength…

      • Lev

        They also cannot dunk a basketball.

    • josh

      she works her core not just the glamour muscles

    • Euroranger

      Because they haven't come up with a plastic surgery yet that pumps the arms and shoulders? If so, be assured her arms and shoulders would be larger than life too.

    • guest

      shes a trex 🙂

  • looky

    too much man, too much to much

    • Sammy Machielsen

      A not too much, a much too much.

    • Teev-o

      too much man is an excellent choice of words!

    • Ken

      Come on! #16 looks like a dudes ass! Maybe if she had a little more shake to that ass!


      Too much, you took too much…

  • Paula_

    #13 Yes! Yes! Yes! The one on the left of course. Yes! Yes! Yes!

    – other than that: all: "No."

    • Bill Boner

      I love you Paula.
      Please suck me dry.

    • huh?

      Welcome back Paula. We've missed you.

      • huskernut

        not really

      • Gabe

        No one misses that cunt… ever.

    • Da Trufe Trufe

      I almost disliked this comment strictly on the basis of it being posted by Paula…

  • ryan

    How does this guy hide his manhood in those tight clothes?! Pro!

  • urdone969

    Maybe….Maybe from the waist up! Scary from then on down!

  • phil

    I'd hit it

  • Anjin-San

    she can smell my fear…

  • Zamboni99

    Nasty, gross. There is nohting about this woman that is attractive.

  • Smartacus

    You spelled GracyMann wrong!!!

  • Marxus

    Especially the bad boob job

  • Lawrence Panis

    I think she looks pretty good. A bit over done, but she looks good. BTW, #20, nice toe. LMAO

    • larry bird

      that ain't no "toe" joe, that my friend is called a "tucked" penis.

    • BobGator

      Too much toe ???? Thats a whole dang "camel leg" !!!!

  • taylor

    to much

    • Spelling Police

      *too – stay in school.

      • Heathen

        Boo Fuckin' hoo!!!!

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