Knee-knocking, palm-sweating, terrifying heights (33 photos)

  • Vent187

    I just pissed my pants, thanks…

    • AssHaterson

      As I was scrolling through the pics, I was all….. nope…. nope…. nope…. nope

    • Jaives

      I could feel my balls shrivel with each pic.

      • jkl;

        Go back to the hump day post to reverse that condition…

    • Adam

      Doing this shit in video games would make me nervous!

  • Blue bronco

    #3 FTW

  • txaggie2oo1


  • BigPup

    #24 NO…

  • bob_the_cook

    #33 H.A.L.O Jumping… the next big things in NO DAMN WAY!

    • assman

      actually this is Joe Kittinger jumping out of his gondola at a height of 102,800 ft (the world record until broken by Red Bull) he fell for over 4 min and then opened his chute at around 18,000 ft. So it was indeed a High Altitude but far from a Low Opening…H.A.L.O jumps are for special forces to avoid being seen on enemy radar, Joe Kittenger was jumping for the airforce that was testing pressure suits for what was to become NASA and the manned space flight missions of Mercury Gemini and Apollo.

  • buttsnstuff

    #22 Skater heaven = street cleaner nightmare

  • AnonyMrsFawkes

    No trolltunga?

  • Sparks10

    Im not scared of heights at all.I could do them all

    • joe chiver

      Look out we got a badass over here

      • Sparks10

        Not really just not scared

        • David Henderson

          Lol yeah I'm sure you could do a 108,000 foot H.A. jump like in #33 and easily walk a tight rope hundreds of feet in the air with no safety harness. You are the most talented person i hope never to meet. Watch what you say troll. Chivers tend to call you on your bullshit.

          • Sparks10

            Fair enough

          • TulsaSmartassChiver

            Oooooo Dave here is a full fledged Chive Rep now.You know "Dave", some of us weren't born with a sand filled vagina and we actually enjoy pushing limits. Seems to me you're the troll, telephone tough Guy. So in as few words as it takes to get a point across to a Guy like you, may I sincerely suggest you, Fuck Off.

            • Epitomizer

              Chill dude, you're givin' us Okies a bad rep.

            • Simon

              You must get up very early to be such a horrible person. Try chilling out.

    • Doug T.

      I used to feel the same way Sparks. I was an Iron worker, who wasn't afraid of anything. That is until the steel I was on buckled causing me to plummet 50 ft to the ground below. Im currently in the rehabilitation stages as I type suffering luckly from only two fractured heels last august. Acting like nothing should scare you is darwinism at its finest. And I can assure you it's not the height that should scare you but the seconds before you hit the ground.

  • Verbal_Kint

    My asshole tightened up just looking at the pics. I'll pass.

    • PHappy

      Mine too, and I was trying to poop while looking at this.
      Loaf pinched

    • larry

      i lika tyght butts whole

  • Rugs

    every single pic: fuck that shit.

  • CORNDOG916


    • HumpDan

      NO WAII!!!

    • YouIdiot

      You're something special aren't you?

    • Expert in strokes

      Did you just have a stroke in the middle of writing that comment???

    • Diggers

      Very interesting that you only used one piece of punctuation in the middle of this spastic rant. Why did you even bother with the comma with only 2 words of your rabid rant to go?

  • charlie

    #20 nice try.

    • Ben

      pretty cool shot though

    • Scott

      I like camera tricks like this, I think it's creative.

  • Mustard

    #20 is laying on the ground.

    • HumpDan

      WATTTT NOT RELE?!?!1

      • Simon

        Please try and be a bit better, it would benefit us greatly.

        But more importantly, you.

    • Cptn. Obvious Police

      i believe the immoral Albert Einstein said, "WELL DUH!!!!!!"

      He was truly a genius

  • buttsnstuff

    #20 is clearly just lying on the floor, nice try dick

    • HumpDan


      • FunKiller

        Dis is wut de english langwage haz becum?

  • Kim

    fuuuuuck that!!

  • @dbumbaco

    Fuck that noise…


    #20 is on the ground

    • HumpDan

      Agree to disagree?

    • Robbie


  • Sunshine Sarah

    Thank for the anxiety chive!! NO WAY to all of this craziness!

  • KCO617

    #18 motherfuckers used to be nuts!

    • ps86

      just a hunch but i think most of the old-timey ones are shopped

      • windowlicker

        How can you tell????

        • ps86

          #7 in particular – just the difference in contrast and quality between the foreground and background

        • ps86

          plus shopping b/w pics is easier since imperfections are easier to hide

      • KCO617

        Most of the pictures you see are during the construction of Chicago and NYC.

    • dick

      The reason why they had prohibition. Fools lost they damn minds back then.

  • Sade

    All these people are awesome, except #28. They just creep me out.

    • whoknew

      I dunno, they could be old timer find her fodder.

  • dagleja3

    #30 needs to take her top off!

  • roger that

    #20 FAIL !!!

    • windowlicker

      How is this a fail? I think he's brave!

      • ur_kryptonite

        Because his back is on the ground? Pretty brave since that street probably ain't clean

        • FunKiller


  • Macro

    #6 doesn't look very high at all.

  • Mentor

    #20 It is still a nice illusion. Lighten up, People.

    #33 Most badass jump in the history of mankind.

    • mdot

      Agreed. #20 looks cool. Don't know why everyone's freaking out.

  • xbod

    #19 I'll take the long way around

    • Mike

      That's Alex Honnold. Probably the craziest most badass man on the planet. Google him, you'll see

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