A new batch of Russian mail-order brides have Visas, will travel (32 Photos)

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  • Zuke

    I kind of wonder if these companies/groups/whatever check to make sure one dude isn't bringing over a ton of women, because really the best case scenario under those circumstances would be that he's a polygamist. The worst would involve rape dungeons or lots of freshly dug mounds in his back yard.

    Anyways mail order brides are deeply depressing, both because of how weird a dude must be to actually want to more or less buy a wife, and even more so because of how sad these chick's lives must be in general to find going to some other country where she knows nobody, nothing, and probably can't speak fluently to live with some possibly awful unattractive dude to be preferable to continuing the way she is. Don't get me wrong, they're damn fine and everything, but knowing in the back of my mind why they're in these pictures attempting to look as appealing as possible colors my perception somewhat.

  • fernsyla

    #2 #6 #16 #19 #32 stat!

  • Creamer

    Meh, Chivettes look far better and way less trashy.

  • CanucksRule

    #24 – diggin' the anal beads. kinky.

  • Tito1223e

    Can't decide between #2 And #22

  • MohawkJon

    Can I have more than one?
    Please? Oh please?

  • Tom

    Which one you say? NONE of them. As soon as you got em here, they'd get citizenship, divorce your ass, and take half your stash. True story.

  • mojeda.tx

    Give me the cheapest one, that's enough for me

  • mudbug

    which one will PIITB?

  • David

    I ant # 24 …. Where do I checkout ???!

  • barfly101

    #24 Yes, definitely, #24

  • Ptr

    Show me where I need to sign up
    # 27

  • Dal-67

    I'll take #32. Where do I sign up?

  • Irishfan#5

    I know she would divorce me but as the citizenship process dragged on I would have a blast with #29. Add to cart please

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