Found: Ellie Gonsalves (21 Photos)

Ellie’s spec-tacular Twitter Machine.

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  • adam

    how about the blonde in #8

  • Jchen

    #12 Nice phone case .. lol

  • Banana_man

    Wildlife Warriors… …suddenly I'm interested.

    She's really quite a spectacular specimen, with one fundamental flaw…

    … She's Australian.

  • revoltofthepatriots

    too skinny. sorry brah. have a carls jr $6 burger and will be perfect

  • turdferguson

    Thats it house is going on the market….I'm moving down under.

  • BillSPreston

    #24 #25 #32 This girl is officially perfect.

  • brett

    knock knock knockers on heavens doooooorr.

  • EwC

    What I wouldn't do to her..

  • WhiteHouseSubs

    Can we find her friends too?

  • Guy Manningham

    Humana humana. I'd like to tickle her belly button…from the inside.

  • Dr. Evil

    Not gonna lie, #23 & #24 do it for me!

  • sean

    good lord… also, every time Chive posts #1 i think its of some hot 17 year old or something lol, hiding her face makes it look like shes CRAZY young

  • rwattz

    Isn't it crazy that all hot girlz Shit!

  • jbiggs

    I can die a happy man now I doubt ill see anything as beautiful as her so might as well call it quits

  • whiskaleafa

    goddamn! her body is AMAZING!

  • Johnny LaRue

    She ain't all that great…..seen better!

  • natechive

    #25: All hail scrunch butt bikinis!

  • Dave Buonocore

    Definitely a case where the girl is so absurdly hot that it literally hurts to look at her

  • Thomas Dempsey

    omg she's so perfect :-)! my perfect kinda girl

  • Chuz

    #25 #32 HOT!!

  • poopstainsonyourmom

    #2 Mine eyes have seen the coming of the calling of the lord
    She is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored
    She hath loosed the fateful lightning of Her terrible swift sword
    Her truth is marching on.

  • esb

    i've never wanted to be a pomeranian so bad in my life.

  • Renaldo

    I hate her just by looking at that awareness video. You're a pair of tits in front of a rhino, what's that gonna do?

  • The Mad Zak

    My new favorite!

  • Shrek

    #12 too skinny there

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