Good guy Christian Bale travels quietly to Aurora to visit victims of CO shooting (11 Photos)

  • Csubi

    Very classy and cool.

    • Jasper

      Massive amounts of respect for someone who has gained the reputation of being an asshole.

      • @JJrrake

        Ur name is jasper ur argument is invalid

        • jhbjhbv,v

          your a fag

        • UN-Impressive

          the first J must be jerkoff you have no class, so you shouldn't be judging others

          • @JJrrake

            Jrake was already taken back i signed up

            • UN-Impressive

              you're still a Jerkoff

        • Jasper

          apologies to anyone who didn't get jjrakes joke.

          • @JJrrake

            Those arent crabs those are sea scorpions

    • Jake

      I'm so glad he did this as himself and not as Batman. Can you imagine trying to keep a conversation with Batman? No thank you. Haha

  • T1AO

    A true hero

    • iain

      Not a hero, just a guy that everyone knows his name. just a good deed and sign of respect.

      • Jimbo.

        The guy hopped out of his busy life to fly thousands of miles to pay respects to fans he didn't even know…maybe we have different definitions, but to me that's pretty heroic.

        • UN-Impressive

          It is not heroic, it is respectful of the fans that pay your salary and it is called giving back. That is called honorable not heroic, Heroic is when someone fights back or saves someone from harm

          • Jimbo.

            Like I said, different definitions I guess..

            • DDD

              Heroic is the three MEN who SHIELDED thier women from the shooter and died taking bullets protecting them. HEROIC on an EPIC scale…… An actor visiting a hospital to shake hands is a very nice gesture, and very thoughtful, not heroic….

              • Jimbo.

                I just know looking into the eyes of those people who just lost their loved ones or who were losing their loved ones as he was standing right in front of them must have been a very hard thing to do as well.. The word to describe it doesn't matter it's the fact that he didn't have to and did.. Respect goes out to him.

              • Static

                I cant hit thumbs up enough on this one.
                Bale is a nice guy and huge props for him to do this. Very cool.

              • ThatGuy

                Why does men need to be CAPITALIZED in that sentence?

                • TalkingHead

                  Because it means Ron Swanson would approve of them being men.

                • @JJrrake

                  Hahhahhah " a jusstttt questionn my leigeeee"

        • Greg Hankins

          That is not heroic! Troops dying for our freedom is heroic, this guy just did something nice and respectful. When you see a true hero, you'll know it.

          • lidus

            I would agree with you if I believed anyone was actually out there fighting for your freedom. People should really stop using that term. Nobody is trying to take your freedom away from you. Sure, your troops are out there fighting and dying but it is NOT for your freedom. Maybe for oil or democracy. Get over it.

            • Greg Hankins

              Umm excuse me lidus, but I am fighting for YOUR freedom! I don't give a fuck about oil or resources.. I care about MY country and the people that live in it! So I will not be getting over it anytime soon and I would appreciate it if you opened your eyes a little..

              • Blidus

                All do respect sir, ever wonder what the governments stand in all this is? Why do they have you over there? What is their goal in all of this? I'm sorry if I don't agree in the fighting and the blood. I have friends out there too so I'm not trying to be a dick whatsoever. Best of luck and keep safe my man.

                • Blidus


    • Chim Richels

      You run pretty fast and loose with the definition of 'hero'

  • ChuckBuck

    Its good to see a Celeb do something without trying to turn it into a photo op. Good on him!

    • Blake

      #7 Epic photobomb!!

      • Teabagger

        You would think his wife would be hotter.

        • Epitomizer

          Maybe, just maybe, he married for love.

    • Lev

      Totally, it was a classy move to avoid notifying the media. And as cool as it is that there are pictures of the event, how stupid do paparazzis look? Big smiles, running after him dressed like they're on safari.

    • Squints

      you can just see it in his eyes, hes in deep pain because of this, its not very often you see such an honorable man

      • Turd Ferguson

        You can see this from a few photos? Really?

        He's an actor.

    • tic

      This was a publicity stunt to regain fans that he would have lost from abusing his mother and ranting at the lighting guy on set. Great guy…

      • yup

        yeah that was how many years ago? Bale doesn't seem like the type of guy that cares about doing things to be popular. that's why he din't let any press member know that he was going to Aurora. he just showed up. he's probably 1 of a handful of actors that are truly regular people and don't ac for the money. he acts because it's his job and he loves it and loves the fans.

  • nick

    thats awesome…glad he made it out

  • placenta_smoothie

    Well that was nice of him

  • awhite2020

    Everyone that wrote negative things on my post that I supported this cause, I hope you realize this is a good thing. Be nice to each other and chive on!

    • I don't know

      I don't think people weren't in support of him visiting, I think people were against him going dress as batman like certain people suggested and against people "petitioning" for him to do it. It's a good thing he did this on his own and he kept it low profile.

      • awhite2020

        ahhhh I see, well I was still disappointed with the negativity involved.

        • @JJrrake

          Pure class. Pure class

        • Jasper

          also this has absolutely nothing to do with you or your internet posting. Being disappointed in the negativity affects nothing of real world significance.

          • @JJrrake

            Ur name is jasper ur argument is invalid

            • Jasper

              hahahaha you are gaining some momentum with me sir.

              • @JJrrake

                Hatchet. Buried

  • June

    I wonder if he was thinking… "this was indirectly my fault. I have to put the mask back on to fight the injustice."

    • June

      That last pictures says it all hahaha

      • Turner

        really not something to laugh at. KCCO

        • @JJrrake

          Turner, go buttfuck hooch.

          • Jasper

            classy as always.

            • @JJrrake

              I am pure class.

              • Bill Boner

                This is not twitter.

                • truth

                  Hey Bob, can we get a ban on JJrake? This guy is obviously here to insult anyone that posts.

                  • @JJrrake

                    If that were to happen, then I will come down on this hospital like the hammer of Thor! THE THUNDER OF MY VENGEANCE WILL ECHO THROUGH THESE CORRIDORS LIKE THE GUST OF A THOUSAND WINDS!

          • UN-Impressive

            STFU asshole

            • Penis Wrinkle

              STFU, Stan.

      • xrt

        I laughed my ass off when I read your comment. A laugh I desperately needed by the way. That last pic is such a classic pose.

    • Yoga Pants 2012

      June, you're a fucking idiot. It was the psychotic orange-headed fucktards fault. Not his.

      It's people like you that cause these people to go insane and do these terrible things in the first place.

      • Mickael Duncan

        While I agree he's a fucking idiot, I really don't see how people like him are responsible for psychotic murderers….

      • June

        Why so serious? Apparently no one understood my joke. For god's sake, he's not really Batman. Geez.. Get off my nuts

        • Paul

          You have NUTS with a name like JUNE. How said for you..

  • @JDougE09

    He didn't have to do that. It could have been any movie. That's pretty awesome on his part. Respect.

  • Mitch may

    Very cool. I feel bad, and wish I could do something for the victims families.

  • Jacko

    Who's the American Psycho meow?

    • ObiOne

      i gave you thumbs up! these people are apparently retarded

    • meeeee


  • Bogus

    What a guy! Fuck Bale, Aurora deserves better.

    • Jacko

      You have no idea what you're talkin about. What the fuck would you do? Probably try to find a bag of dicks to gobble down, fucking twat.

    • Bob

      Listen to his public radio apology and see if you feel the same way about him. Bale is a stand-up guy who lost his shit one day.

    • Pete

      He was stressed, he had a tantrum, he apologised and they both carried on working together.

      • Pete

        And by that I mean, anyone could have acted that way, but he owned up to acting the way he did – and has made up for his actions many many times over by taking the time to be a decent guy and visiting the injured and bereaved.

    • JeepFlyer

      let's have someone record you on your worst day and then plaster it all over youtube… the guy is obviously trying to "chive on" despite his past mistakes. Keep Calm and don't hold a grudge

      • @JJrrake

        Hahhahahha mine would be horrrrrendousss

        • Bill Boner

          Sucking dicks for cigs?

          • @JJrrake

            I mean maybe if it was a video recording

            • @JJrrake

              And itd be meth anyway

      • MohawkJon


  • @ryan_karnes

    Give some massive respect to Mr. Bale. Classy move, especially to keep the media at bay.

  • Heartfelt

    #11. Looks as though he felt he should have been able to take action as a true life batman and never let this incident happen.

    • Pete

      Actually I think it looks like he's trying very hard not to cry in front of cameras about the senseless killing of people just out to enjoy a movie.

      • WhySoStupid?

        He just basically said, Mr. Bale looks as if he wished he could have done something to stop this from happening… why the down votes?

        • Pete

          True that, but sometimes its the way things are said rather than what is said.

    • okchive

      he's not really batman you know

      • Teabagger

        Oh sure. Now your going to tell me Santa is not real either.

        • Voice in the dark

          well i hate to break it to you but…..

    • ewp

      I don't know why so many people downvoted Heartfelt's comment and upvoted Pete's so much. They're essentially saying the same thing.

      • ThatGuy

        Stop changing your name Heartfelt. Just chalk this one up to experience and troll better next time.

        • davo

          Americans do this. they turn into little offended bitches when something like this happens. "oh it's the way it's said" idiots.

          • Inferiority Complex

            A little low in the chain for an anti-American troll. You need to chime in sooner if you really want to earn some cheap thumbs down.

            • Pete

              It's not just a little late, it's also more than a little wrong. I'm guessing the remark was aimed at me – but I'm British, not American. And I'm not an offended little bitch – I'm awesome.

  • Daniel Calugan

    As much of a bad rep as this guy has gotten over the years, I have to say this, in my opinion, makes up for all of that and then some, this act of kindness that he portrayed showed he is truly a human being.

    • jodi

      there was a public out cry for him to visit the victims of this horrible tragedy. somewhere between his PR rep, public demand, and future ticket sales looming. he really didn't have a choice. he took a day. true acts of kindness happen everyday but they go unnoticed by the media. everyone is giving christian bale way to much credit for this. don't get me wrong, it was a nice thing to do. no where near heroic or truly kind.

      • kitra

        He didn't want the media involved. Obviously at some point that is impossible for a celerity like him. But his heart was clearly in the right place. Also, they called for him to come dressed as batman, and he went as himself. I personally think dressing up would have been a bad idea anyway. However, why don't you spew your hatred toward suspect A instead of this moment that brought light into a very dim time for many victims. You're clearly not a true chiver. You lack respect.

        • kitra

          Celebrity* damn you auto correct..

          • jodi

            I'm not "spewing hatred", I said it was a nice thing to do and it was. I'm just pointing out the fact that he really didn't have a choice in the matter How could he have chosen not to go, the backlash for that would be huge, he would have lost countless fans. He took a few hours out of a day and visited a handful of people. He didn't visit the families of the people who actually died, he didn't talk to anyone that was involved and not injured. Like I said, it was nice. NOT heroic or truly kind. Cops, firefighters, people in the armed services, and volunteers are just a few examples of people that are true heros. It is an insult to them to call Christian bale a hero who does something truly kind.

            • kitra

              Why don't you spend your time writing a nice letter to the victims families instead of complaining, then. Try to be a hero instead of judging others. When did you go visit any of them? Oh right, you're behind a computer screen.

            • kitra

              Since you know him personally, you must know he is not truly kind. Get real

              • jodi

                haha ok kitra, because you know him personally as well. so i take it you have no respect for true heros if you put christian bale in the same category as people that put their lives on the line and sacrifice their time to make the world a better place just for the sake to do so, not to save their reputation. you sound like a stand up individual. congrats. but hey at least you are bat for christian bale. he really needs your thoughts and arguments. you are definitely making the world a better place. go volunteer at soup kitchen instead of getting furious at someone who does not think christian bale is heroic.

                • kitra

                  I never said I think he is a hero. Not did I prevent to know him personally. Why can't you just let this be a nice moment for people who have been through a lot instead of trying to play devils advocate? Was it really THAT bad?

    • MacNCheesePro

      He will be remembered for doing this and I'm glad he didn't show up dressed as the Dark Knight. The man has class. Also, this business about him being an ass is really due to his one blow up in Terminator Salvation. Other people saying he is an ass because he wasn't happy being disturbed at dinner in public is understandable. Really, I am a neutral person and probably been considered an asshole more times than him.

  • The Bat Cave

    #11 Dark Knight is not happy!

  • frank


  • Eric

    It's awesome that he showed his respects

  • Balargon

    #4 Awesome guy indeed.

  • Josiah Rayburn

    Now he needs to dress up as Batman and scare the shit out of the suspected shooter in prison.

    • Nick Parsons

      The shooter deserves nothing but the rest of his time on earth behind bars. And some cruel and unethical torture… hope the other inmates take care of that part.

      • Son of Mongo

        I vote Death by Firing Squad. A very slow, methodical firing squad that only wounds him with each shot until he begs for the sweet embrace of Death.

        But I'm just mean like that.

        • @JJrrake

          Solitary confinementt….. Wish not granted

    • chiverX

      stop saying suspected

      • MarauderV8

        Why, he hasn't been found guilty yet. Stop trying to bypass due process, it doesn't matter how strong the evidence is. Will he be found guilty? Without a shadow of a doubt. That doesn't mean you skip the judicial process and go straight to sentencing. Move somewhere else if that's what you like. This is going to be an unpopular belief, but I'm getting tired of people fucking up the systems the founders of this country laid out.

        • Ryan

          I wish I could give you more than one thumbs up.

        • Squints

          BOOM Lawyered

        • dan

          this is the internet, not court
          not saying it makes zero difference and doesn't "bypass due process"

          • MarauderV8

            So you're saying that given the opportunity to pass judgement without trial, ChiverX wouldn't take it? I'm glad you're able to speak on his behalf.

            • dan

              you must be new to the internet
              political correctness doesn't exist here
              what happens here has no bearing on the trial so calling someone out on it makes little sense

      • T.Jefferson

        Innocent until proven guilty. Let the system do its job.

      • @JJrrake


    • johnny

      They need to send the shooter to the same prison in the movie…. also known as hell

    • Rory

      Dude thinks he's the Joker? Then by all means, let's let Christian put on the outfit and act out the interrogation room scene from TDK.

  • KP8

    It's about time a celebrity steps back into reality and does something great.

  • ribsey

    Great job Mr. Bale!! Well done.

  • Kevin

    I don't care who you are or where your from. We are a planet full of people with choices. We either help each other or we hurt each other. News barely shows the good in us. This is a rare showing but happens more often than we know
    Thank to all positive people. KCCO. And please… keep your heads up. Prayers and thoughts to those hurt or worse.

    • Sunshine Joe

      You watch far too much news if you think that people doing good things for one another is a "rare thing".
      The evil in this world is what's rare. People as a majority aren't doing horrific things to another, but our scare-mongering media loves to sensationalise these issues.
      Travel the world, you'll see how much good and beauty there really is.

  • UtahChiver

    Good show Mr.Bale, good show!

    • yup

      Much love to the families & much respect for Mr. Bale. KCCO

  • I don't know

    Powerful Christian bale.

  • manowarz

    Cool? Yes. Because he's a good guy…would be nice, but I'm not sure. The sad thing is that this could just as easily been the studio / his agent sending him out to do damage control to make the movie doesn't take too big a hit from the incident.

    He COULD totally be doing this just because he's cool, but unfortunately the PR-centric world we live in makes in impossible to know for sure.

    • Jaives

      Except that it's already stated that the media wasn't alerted of this and WB already put out a disclaimer that Bale did this on his own accord. If it was PR then the entire cast would've come in full force with all the bells and whistles. All the pics circulating right now are just from camera phones. News outlets only got to report about this four hours later and by that time he was gone.

      • manowarz

        Not true, unfortunately — a P.R. stunt loses a lot of its impact if it's obviously a stunt.

        I think people are focusing too much on that part of my comment, though (understandable, since it takes up most of the text). I'm not saying he didn't go there of his own accord and that he's not awesome for doing so — I want that to be true, and I hope it is.

        • A2_tha_MFK

          Correct manowarz. It wasn't very "low-key" was it! It's THE story on every news show and THE story across the net.

          • Eddie Ellis

            Have you ben to the sites? You can not do anything with out getting attacked ny cameras. They fallowed us to our homes and took pictures of us greaving with out letting us know.

            • JustPR

              He knew this before he went, and the stunt worked. Just look how all the people posting here are lapping it up. Bale got millions of dollars worth of publicity, and changed his whole angryman image.

              Same with Obama making a trip to the site. He wasn't needed there. It was a photo-op, nothing more.

              • Jaives

                So was George W going to NY. What's your point? Would you rather you had a president who was deemed heartless?

                • @JJrrake

                  The movie aint takin a hit. Shit, ima see it for the 6th day in a row!


              • NeoJedi1981

                It's just unfortunate Obama couldn't take the time out of his busy schedule to come visit those of us at NIU after that shooting, tho he was campaigning in Wisconsin only a few hours away and was an Illinois senator…. but I digress… Bale would never have been able to truly visit incognito it would have hit the press eventually give him credit for trying he showed up entourage free and made the best effort to make this a personal response.

          • Simon

            How could it possibly have been anything but? The media attention swirling around the place means that he's always going to get noticed. And if he didn't go, then that would have been noticed too.

            Heck, sending out a disclaimer saying he's representing himself is PR of some sort.

            He's damned either way, and I think what he did was honourable. Even if there was a PR motive (which I doubt), some people in a bad way got a bit of good news.

            It's sad that everything has to have an angle, and marketing and advertising should be ashamed of that, but that's the way it currently is.

            • Pit_Boss

              I wish I could give you another thumbs up for that. Damned if you do, damned if you dont. But I also like to believe and want to believe that he did it because he wanted to and he was not trying to play some kind of angle.

              What he did was a good thing on all accounts.

          • the_mike

            The media has been playing every angle of this since it broke. My dad had a stroke Thursday night and this and the Penn State circus on Monday are the only two news stories I have been able to catch. And I have been sitting in the same room as a lot of TVs at the hospital.

            • @JJrrake

              Gadamnnn i hate pennstate!
              Ncaa did to them what they did to those boys

        • Juju Bee

          He is correct. It could all be a stunt, even the "official disclaimer" from WB. We'll never know, but I'm giving Bale the benefit of the doubt.

      • Sean mcd

        Hey why are u on this site, stop the negative conspiracy crap- kcco!

    • motojunky27

      I agree. If he truly meant this I think it's great. I am just a bit too much of a cynic to not wonder whether an individual who's career field is built on image, didn't think this one through before hand.

      But kudos to all the optimists out there, and in the end whether it was PR or not, he probably made some people's day so in the end, so I guess it's all good.

      And it's too bad that actors have to live in such an image centric world. Taints the good and magnifies the bad. Have to feel sorry that they never seem to have any privacy or people guessing whether there is politicking behind every decision they make : (

    • Busternut

      How about he DID actually do it of his own accord? Because he felt angered at what that nut job did? How about he is actually a human being and wanted to show respect to the maimed and dead? How about you all stop acting like dicks and show some fucking respect.

      • @JJrrake


    • Colombo

      Thing is though no matter how much of a cynic you are, do you realize just how shallow of a human you'd have to be to capitalize on the murder of these people for money or image building – I mean that is pure sociopathic narcissism. No matter how difficult or how much of an asshole people claim he can be, I just cannot imagine Bale being like that

    • Adam

      Frankly if I had the means to fly there and lay some flowers down then say a few kind words, I would. It's just a common respect that people like you don't share. Plus, why don't we ask the victims if they care whether it was a PR stunt or not? They seem pretty happy he's there, isn't that what matters?

    • Chim Richels

      Absolutely. These are celebrities – EVERYTHING they do is calculated and PR driven.

      Sure, the studio 'didn't know' – if you believe that.

      In this day of cell phone cameras and Twitter/FB, are they really suggesting this would be 'hush hush'.

      Sorry, I'm just too damn skeptical of ANYTHING that celebrities and politicians do when it comes to PR and the grief business.

      • Patrick Bateman

        Relax, not everything is a conspiracy and not everyone is a complete asshole. Bale's visit meant a lot to everyone who was in the hospital and at the memorial. Leave it at that. Arguing his intentions detracts from the point, THAT SOMETHING TERRIBLE HAPPENED, and someone tried to lift the spirits of the victims. People need to stop being pretentious hipsters every time something happens.

        • @JJrrake

          The subtle….off white coloring

      • boomerangtheatre

        That's really sad, Chim. I'm sorry for you that you have no belief left in the goodness of human beings.

    • Dick Salad

      You sir are an idiot. When you're a trending celebrity/public figure everything you do is PR whether you like it or not. Half of these people can't even go out to their own back yards with out razzi hiding in the neighbors bushes hoping to get a shot or story. Your argument is completely irrelevant and you are clearly just speculating for the sake of speculating… KC&GFY

    • Greg Hankins

      Dumb fuck must not have read anything in the post.. It's not just pictures… You know all those words you skipped over to get to the pics?? Yeah those explain why your comment is stupid and nearly rude.

    • matthew

      Dick. He is doing this on his own. Warner knew nothing about it, and I can confirm that. Maybe you are the kind of person who only does things if they are required of you, taking no initiative on your own, so you see other people's actions through a douchey, cynical lens. Go fuck yourself.

    • ApplePie

      Dude, STFU… He has nothing to gain from doing this… You know it's possible, not ALL celebrities are self centered egomaniacs… So why don't you stop bashing, and GTF up from your computer, and do your part. Dumba$$ hobo

      • @JJrrake

        Dude, STFU… He has nothing to gain from doing this… You know it's possible, not ALL celebrities are self centered egomaniacs… So why don't you stop bashing, and GTF up from your computer, and do your part. Dumba$$ hobo

    • yup

      Looks like you didn't read the article, which stated that he went there of his own choice, and made a note of not having the paparazzi notified, even Warner brothers said he went of his own accord, and wasn't representing them… Please read the article before you just open your yap and let shit pour out…

    • Zuke

      Jesus, let's not bite manowarz head off for asking a question. He stated his point in a legitimate fashion, he's not saying it's either way for sure, there's no reason to jump on him. Regardless of what it actually was, based upon the information manowarz is clearly working off of it's absolutely not illegitimate to bring up the possibility he did. We shouldn't be attacking people for approaching an issue from an objective viewpoint.

    • christian bale

      your a fucking idiot

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