How about some breakfast? (35 photos)

  • Dave

    Good Morning

    • NotaFatAmerican

      Yea, gut morning stupid fat Americans. Have fun getting heart disease with your eating of these fat foods. It can go well with your lack of education and ignorance of the world.

      • TryHarder

        Obvious troll is obvious

      • Deep Dish

        Probably some smelly European.

  • Justin Lentz

    #21 fruity pebbles nom nom nom

    • discowheels

      crunch berries are better!

      • dochandy

        you're fucking high!

        • its_forge

          Well… yeah. If you're high, Crunch Berries fucking ROCK. Kaboom however is better but I dunno if you can still get it.

    • Mjmchiver

      #32 cinnamon toast crunch- best. Cereal. Ever.

    • Reggie

      you now have three seconds to enjoy them

    • Underbaker

      #6 pass the Cookie Crisps please…

  • @Daniel_Leeds

    if Americans do one thing right its BREAKFAST!!

    • GrammarNazi


    • Dick Salad

      Mexicans do it pretty good too, I love me some fucking huevos rancheros

    • blake

      We're also decent at world wars

      • OneManGOONsquad

        fuck yeah

      • its_forge

        Yeah not bad. Showing up unbelievably late for the last one and acting like we pulled everybody's ass out of the fire as if by magic, though. Allies were like, seriously? The fuck have you assholes been???

    • Fryy

      Maybe, but most of the food in this post is not an actual breakfast

  • antti

    yeah I laught for last one

    • Martin Gramatica


  • Michael Solis

    #3 Roscoe's!!!!

    • zzzzzzzzzzz

      never eaten at Roscoe's but had the greatest Chicken n' Waffles the other day. Sauce poured over both was 50/50 mix of Maple Syrup and Hot Sauce!

      • OneManGOONsquad

        IHOP has decent chicken and waffles for $7

  • skeet

    #35 "that'll do pig, that'll do………."

    • Jed

      That bacon is undercooked

    • discowheels

      such a magical animal…bacon, pork chops, ribs, ham…etc.

      • Kanthar

        Mmmmm. Soon.

    • C'thulhu

      Haha, that's fucking COLD, man.

    • Underbaker

      A chicken may give us some eggs, but the pig is fully committed to our breakfast enjoyment.

  • Shiftycap1

    #35 …….and someday, you also will be delicious.

    • If you say so....

      Or right now. Are you discriminating against the youth?!?

  • MattKL

    I don't usually eat breakfast, but #8 looks like it'd be pretty damn good. #12 looks great too.

  • Picard_

    Bacon Strips &
    Bacon Strips &
    Bacon Strips &
    Bacon Strips &
    Bacon Strips.

    • Trey

      Epicmealtime 🙂

  • buttsnstuff

    #32#21#11#6 Since when is cereal food porn, delicious but……really?

    • dude 2

      Yeah, I'm pretty busy but i think i can find time to make these

    • sic4x4chic

      Seriously. I usually eat cereal when I don't have the time or motivation to make "real" breakfast. There's nothing mouth-gasmic about cereal.

    • sHIRA

      Oh, I beg to differ. x__x

      Cereal is quite mouth-gasmic. Any of the Pebbles cereals being the number one contestants. Its the milk. The cold.. delicious…. -drools- milk. And then.. The crunch of the cereal and texture. ^_^

      And terrific in a hurry. Cereal in a red solo cup. 😀

  • Liong

    #16 <img src=>I haven't had so delicious meal for ages. this reminds me of dexter<img src=>

    • Underbaker

      Need a ham steak and blood orange for that.

  • Ashley Groppe

    D'awwww… little pig.

    But seriously, I have a mad craving for Fruity Pebbles now….

  • WTF

    #32 doesn't have bacon on it, therefore it doesn't qualify as breakfast

    • Sad Panda

      But its the taste you can see!

    • wtf wtf?

      shut up hipster.

  • I likes mah dranks

    #1 is making me drool

    • Random

      Seriously. I had a microwavable sausage egg and cheese biscuit.

      So jealous.

  • Jason

    No pictures of cold pizza? Breakfast of champions.

    • Frat Boy

      hangover breakfast at its best

      • If you say so....

        I'm sorry, but the best hangover breakfast/lunch is most definitely pho. It not only tastes DELICIOUS (I would trade any and every meal on this post for a bowl of pho) but it literally cures every single negative aspect of a hangover. Spread the word folks, it's amazing.

        • FunKiller

          Oh I'm so totally and completely with you on this….it's the ULTIMATE hangover food. Pho-King amazing!!

    • Levian

      Mmm, pizza always tastes better next day when left at room temp

    • Underbaker
  • Alecandricksuck

    Hmmm… Can't decide who uploads the worst posts… Alec, or Rick???

  • spicticus

    Hey, isn't #17 one of those mini food things?
    #35 – future breakfast of America…

  • pkleberg

    #24 ¡Find her!

  • Shannon Coverdale

    Now I am hungry

  • NavyBoyTate

    I find this very easy to masterbate too

    • savagecabbage


  • Rolo__Tomasi

    #35 pedobear's breakfast?

  • freddy boy

    #31 In other news the CDC today announced a sudden outbreak of salmonella thought to have come from some food porn.

    • Schmee

      Are those turkey eggs?

  • Ben Cox

    #13 and #34 look beyond amazing.

  • namethatpost

    i love fried chicken abortions!

  • emu90

    9.30 at night in Australia and I am so keen for brecky now!

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