Chivers, the story of Farrah, an Aurora survivor (10 Photos)

Last Friday in the Daily Afternoon Randomness I asked the Chivers for a favor. I believed that, in the wake of the tragic shooting in Aurora, CO there must be something theCHIVE community can do to help an innocent victim who needs our help the most. Valuable info began pouring in from our Colorado Chivers and one victim's name began to stand out in the email subject lines: Farrah.

Thanks again to our vigilant CO Chivers (you know who you are). Without you, none of what's about to happen would be possible.

None of what I'm about to say, however, will be easy to read. This is the story of a survivor:

Farrah Soudani, her boyfriend Mike White, and Mike's father Mike Sr. have a tradition; they go to the 'late nights' when big movies open. On Thursday July 19th, the happy trio and some family friends walked into theatre 9 in Aurora, CO to watch the late showing of Batman: The Dark Knight.

15 minutes into the film, something that resembled a balloon was hurled down the right hand side of the theater, where Farrah was seated two seats from the isle. Suddenly, popping sounds echoed through the theater. Many assumed a prankster had set off fireworks in the theater, but Mike Sr., an Air Force Veteran, knew better. The theater was under attack.

Mike Sr. grabbed Mike and Farrah by their heads and yelled "Get Down! Get Down!" just as the 'balloon' exploded.

I spoke to Victoria Albright, a close family friend and author of Farrah's donation page. Victoria told me how Farrah described the first, frantic moments:

"I remember seeing a bright flash, and a bang bang bang."

The explosive ripped a 5" hole through Farrah's abdomen and demolished her left leg. Initial reports would say Farrah was shot, but the wounds indicate a shrapnel penetration. Farrah fell to the ground.

A hail of gunfire rained on the trio as the gunman moved closer. Mike was shot shielding Farrah. The bullet ripped through his right shoulder, piercing his lung and finally exiting his back. Mike continued to lay beside Farrah, holding her intestines inside her body.

Mike Sr. saw the gunman making his way from the 8th row down the isle, closing in on the injured couple. In a moment of astonishing heroism, Mike Sr. draped himself across Farrah to protect her. Michael Sr. said:

"This gunman's going to get me, I know I'm going to get shot. I give up my body to save her. He's going to shoot me, he's not going to shoot the girl."

Suddenly, the gunman stopped and changed his course enabling Michael Sr. precious moments to crawl out of the theater to get help. Farrah was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. The officer who transported Farrah to the hospital, holding her side the entire time, described Farrah as "one tough cookie."

The surgeries begin:

Farrah's wounds are extensive. Yesterday she had surgery to repair her left calf and exploritory surgeries on her midsection to determine the next course of action. Both surgeries went well but there will be many more. Farrah suffered significant damage to her left calf and her left abdomen is 'permanently affected.' Farrah's amazing mother, Heidi, rarely leaves her side. Plastic surgeries will be needed for years to come. Farrah has no insurance.

The healing begins:

When the first images from the Aurora massacre hit the news, I stared blankly at my TV. A voice in the back of my head told me the Chivers would be called upon to help. I was uncertain of what capacity we'd be needed, but I was certain the Chivers would rise to meet the gravity of the occasion.

Things are clear now, a family and their their fragile daughter needs our help. And while our thoughts and prayers are with all the victims of this senseless violence, today is for Farrah.

The global media attention and Presidential visit has made Farrah famous and Mike Sr. a national hero, but it hasn't translated into the one thing this family needs the most: financial help. Only $37,000 of their $100,000 goal has been raised. theCHIVERS are about to adjust the sails on that one.

The goal is $100,000. I'm told Ferrah's medical bills will easily exceed the target amount which is fine, we all know the Chivers see financial goals much like a lonely stop sign on an empty country road - something briefly regarded before hitting the accelerator.

We're not only going to help a survivor recover, but in so doing we will play a small part in the overall healing process in Aurora; helping usher out evil and enabling a community to rebuild physically and emotionally. Our Colorado Chivers have provided the compass to find Farrah. Now it's time to follow their lead.

You know what to do, don't stop giving until the machine breaks.

Farrah's donation page RIGHT HERE.

UPDATE: Due the the volume of donations, the donation page is refreshing slowly so the finantial totals don't yet reflect the amount raised, which is amazing. Be patient! More updates to come.

UPDATE #2: We just spoke to the founder and CEO of Go Fund Me, he's been very helpful by allocating server strength to Farrah's page to handle the donation load. We asked him if there was a record donation amount in a single hour. He responded, "There was, but theCHIVE shattered that record just now." We have surpassed the $60,000 amount in less than an hour.

Update #3: At the one hour mark, donations total $74,000. Unreal. Keep going!

Update #4: $85,000

Update #5: $95,000. The final push!

UPDATE #6: $100,000 in an hour and a half. This is unfreakingbelievable.

Update #7: $120,000. And the Chivers have hit the accelerator.

Update #8: $135,000. Also, we linked to hero Michael White's donation page and theCHIVER's have almost raised $10,000 for him!

Update #9: $140,000

For updates on Farrah’s condition and to make a donation, CLICK HERE.

An email has been set up, messagetofarrah [at] comcast [dot] com, if you want to contact Farrah to offer any kind words.

Watch the Dateline video of Farrah’s story below

UPDATE: Due the the volume of donations, the donation page is refreshing slowly so the financial totals don’t yet reflect the amount raised, which is amazing. Be patient! More updates to come.

UPDATE #2: We just spoke to the founder and CEO of Go Fund Me, he’s been very helpful by allocating server strength to Farrah’s page to handle the donation load. We asked him if there was a record donation amount in a single hour. He responded, “There was, but theCHIVE shattered that record just now.” We have surpassed the $60,000 amount in less than an hour.

Update #3: At the one hour mark, donations total $74,000. Unreal. Keep going!

Update #4: $85,000

Update #5: $95,000. The final push!

UPDATE #6: $100,000 in an hour and a half. This is unfreakingbelievable.

Update #7: $120,000. And the Chivers have hit the accelerator.

Update #8: $135,000. Also, we linked to hero Michael White’s donation page and theCHIVER’s have almost raised $10,000 for him!

Update #9: $140,000

  • Anonymous

    Let them all shoot each other

  • who cstes

    Let yhem all kill each other

    • Andy in Alberta

      Really? Is now really the time to make such comments???? The politics and ramifications of this sort of thing should be discussed but not here and certainly not like that ass hole!

  • Dave

    I know there is no way that anyone will read this out of the hundreds of comments. Every single person who works at the Chive and who has donated to any of The Chive's causes is in some small way, a hero. You have managed to create an online community that not only enjoys the good sides of life such as food, cool toys and humps, you have managed to create a community that pays back those who need it. I hope that you guys continue what you are doing for the longest of times and that you can continue to help those who need it, as well as bringing all the boobies without a bra.

    Thank you for creating the greatest site in the world, and for letting us be part of it.

    • Jared

      Well said Dave, People I tell about the Chive assume its just about Looking at chicks, and Funny stuff. And they kinda roll their eyes and act like its an immature site.

      Things like this, and the people of this community make me damn proud to be a part of it. Me and my Wife wear our KCCO's with some pride, and we love the nods and waves we get from other chivers we meet in public.

      People of the Chive, Your Doing it Right !

  • Chris

    Hope it helps a pretty girl in need

  • Shadow Chiver

    Update #10 We are passed $150,000.00 ! Great job chivers =) So proud to be part of this wonderful online community. I am sure the money will make Farrah's road to recovery a little easier.

  • Anonymous

    You lot need to get a life

  • Scott

    Just saw a news article saying that the gofundme site is not cooperating with the family. be careful where you send your monies people.

    • Jared

      I would like to see the source for this. Ive been looking and can find no such thing. Please Provide a link.

  • AnyoneForCoffee


  • moon101

    This is an amazing story and Mike Sr, did a noble thing for sure. But what about Mike he actually took bullets for her, did he survive where are his honours?

  • xMadMatter

    It's the world we live in. But at least Chivers strive to make a difference! KCCO from Canada!

  • Jason

    The Chive community is great, but maybe these things need to be researched before going all-out for something/someone….

    Two competing sites for the same person, one set up by the family, and one not:

    • Spelling Police

      Seems anyone can create a donation page. You just can't trust anyone or anything anymore. Hopefully this won't come back on the Chive. I sincerely hope Chivers didn't get scammed out of $150K. Really sad.
      I'm out of work, can barely feed my kids, and about to miss my first mortgage payment, and even I wouldn't resort to something like this. Gotta say, I'm not KCCO.

    • DudeWTF

      I wish the Chive would fucking address this already. I was completely broke when I donated and I want my money to go to Farrah not some friend of a friend of a friend's mother.

  • Anonymous

    I cannot stop crying. There is no better community then the Chive. Thank gawd for the donations for this young women. My heart is with her and her family as well as the other victims and there families.

  • GoFrogs

    Get well soon Farrah! This is yet another amazing reason I love this site. Wearin' the KCCO loud n proud!

  • hey sucks

    Tried to donate, won't authorize payment….can't donate from Canada?

  • Christina Combs

    I trust the Chive that they have talked with those involved with the website they link to but this story does raise a few questions. Mostly why the division between the two.

    • GaryA

      It seems like this is a divorced family. With Mom's and Dad's side of things. There looks to be bad blood from what I see from comments that were turned off and other things like that. One side is Brother and cousins and the other side is Mom and Mom's friends. One thinks their setup is better than the others….

      • Christina Combs

        I agree Gary and it sad. I did some more digging and regret even putting the link 😦

    • colo

      the other fund at is a legal Trust set up exclusively for Farrah by her brother and cousin to protect Farrah from all liabilities associated with receiving donations (taxes, etc). the gofundme money set up by Victoria Albright is, for some reason, going to Farrah *and* her mom Heidi – it looks like Victoria is Heidi's friend. Farrah is 22, so I don't know why her mom is on it. Not sure why the gofundme campaign is set up that way, but it looks like Heidi will somehow benefit, and it also looks like she has a job. seems weird

  • Erica

    this is what the chive is all about, truly proud to be apart of this community! KCCO!!!

  • svp

    I am so proud to be a Chivette! I just donated to both Farrah and Mike, and I couldn't feel any happier right now.
    It is so sad that some people don't want to visit the doctor because of how expensive it can be. I hope you guys never have to worry about that.
    Keep calm and Chive on!

  • Heather
  • Jim Nolan

    Sorry for the late arrival but I had to wait until pay day — happy to do my small part though. Well done everyone!

  • Cutts

    Saw a comment or 2 saying to redirect donations because the hospitals are covering the costs…..I say keep the donations coming!! Let's give Farrah something to come home to after she's healed, like a huge bank account! It's going to be a long time before this young lady is going to be able to work again and if these donations help make the recovery process just a little easier, than so be it! I am damn proud to be a part of this site and community KCCO!!

  • ryan
  • Jeffrey

    maybe we should switch the doonations link to the one set up by the family.

    • LisaofLove

      The fund is legit…… this article clearly states that the gofundme was a good site!!! Victoria Albright is working with Farrah and her parents "The Family" on this fund. Go to the gofundme site, Farrah posted her first comment on Tuesday. She is such an inspiration!!!! Read all of the updates, and ignore the mudslinging of those who are proclaiming to be "The only Family Fund" who set up the other fund. Victoria has been working with a trust attorney, and will be releasing the documents as soon as they are ready. We Love Chivers, and appreciate all of the love and support that you have given to Farrah. Anyone who can read, can clearly see that the gofundme site clearly states who the money was raised for… Farrah and Heidi! Read the updates as well…it has been said repeatedly, and regardless of other family members dislike of that fact…that is the way it is!!!! Please don't dwell on the negative junk, the truth will soon be revealed, and people are going to feel really silly for getting wrapped up in this political attack and mudslinging type of campaign to simply do something great for someone great…Farrah Soudani!!!! .

  • Matt

    You're only helping one victim. There are so many more? Did you choose her because she is pretty? If so, that seems shallow. Caleb Medley was shot through the eye and faces 2 mln in medical bills. Why not send this money to the general relief fund?

    • @JohnMcFadin

      You do realize that 100k to a general relief fund wouldn't do anything, right?

  • Rob (uk)

    Wow, Chivers rock! Donation on it's way!! KCCO

  • Rholio

    Past $154,000 now… rock on, Chivers.

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