Houses that, simply put, aren’t normal (35 Photos)

  • saltygary

    #12 Is pretty Awesome.

    I bet #10 is just jacked up to fix the foundation…

    • jog
    • HatBomb

      That's a little high for foundation repair, I think you are looking at a house going up another story. Raise it, build the first floor all over again.

      • saltygary

        I think you are onto something.

      • techsailor

        May be in a flood zone. I've seen this done a number of times when the insurance company gave them the ultimatum.

    • El Kabong

      Those are cribs and that house was either moved there or raised until a new foundation is put in.

  • Armed Ann Dangerous

    It was difficult, but I eventually was able to fap to this.

    • chesterdrawers

      what was difficult…

    • b0ils

      real original

    • Joshua Dorminy

      It was difficult, but I was eventually able to get over the urge to kill you through the computer.

  • Shiguy

    #14 Looks like a toilet seat! Holy Crap!

    • passwordistaco

      "I live in a shit hole"

  • General

    #6 Hi I'm Troy McClure

    • Kevin

      You might remember me from such films as Lethal weapon 2

  • Angela Nelson

    #21 has a nice view

  • chesterdrawers

    #35 is that a stormtrooper?

    • Shiguy

      Good call!! hahaha!

  • passwordistaco

    What would be awesome –

    If etcrr was the "suck me dry" guy and has been telling everyone to "suck me all the way off" this whole time

    • windowlicker

      I miss the "suck me dry" guy. For some reason, that cracked me up.

    • Bill57

      that would be great cause then it would mean that he got sucked off and then all the way off and then everybodyt would have to go wash the bullshit off their face cause they would have bullshit all over it

  • nomeansyes

    #10 its cool bro i took shop class in highschool

  • Wet_tosti

    #3 3 of them cought fire last year in the Netherlands(Rotterdam)

    • Yeah

      Anyone else think of Hellraiser?

    • MGS87

      actually…the ones in Rotterdam are unharmed.The fire destroyed the adjacent theatre and a couple of those houses in a different city, namely Helmond.

  • Bath Salty Dog

    #8 is right down the road from me. You can rent it out for a month at a time. Meet-up at the space house?

    • Maul

      Is this the house on Signal Mtn, in Tennessee?

    • Michael

      Yes, this is on Signal Mtn, in Chattanooga, TN. This house is perpetually on the market people think it is fun to buy, then maybe figure out it isn't fun to live in.

    • Todd

      Chattanooga chiver meet up?!?

  • Erin

    #16 is from Toronto, Ontario

  • MylesofStyles

    #32 Even a person thrice divorced and eleven screaming kids can say they have a happy home, if they live here.

  • Coors1905

    #31 I live 5 minutes from there. Cincinnati, Ohio

    • SWDC

      My buddy lived in that house for a couple years. Owner is an architecture professor.

    • Buster Cherry

      I'm inside that house right this very minute so you can both go fuck yourselves.

    • zzzzzzzzzzzzz

      KCCO in Cincinnati!

    • The Cat's Ass

      former Cincinnati Chiver here.

  • Oscar

    #22 I'm on a boat!

  • Tom

    #15 on I-70 in Colorado, see it every time I head to the slopes

    • StuOwen

      Legend has it that this was originally Woody Allen's house…

      • gnikk

        not Woody Allen's house but his movie Sleeper had a few scenes filmed here

    • Red

      Also appeared in the Woody Allen movie "Sleeper".

    • Hoss

      We always called it the "Jetson's house." Gotta love CO and the kick ass riding we have!!!

    • AndrewD

      This house was used as the futuristic home in the Woody Allen movie "Sleeper". Which makes it more than 40 years old!

      • AndrewD

        Woops I see I was beaten to it! Grrrrrr…. my opportunities to be a smartass are few and far between.

        • Hope Blakely

          As soon as I saw this post I wondered if I'd see that house on here, and sure enough!!

  • GeeROiD


  • Zac

    #15 right by where I live! Awesome!

    • $am

      I also live about 10 minutes from here. Shortly after I graduated from Lakewood high school we use to party in this house–it was abandoned for years. Last time I was there we had to chase raccoons out of the house to drink beer. True story.

  • Dan

    I love #30

  • IrishInNJ

    #10 is jacked up to build a basement level. Pretty cool.

    • brian

      They just jacked it up to move the house. Its sitting on cribs right now.

  • mills

    Just outside Denver, CO.

  • Bill Badnaruk

    My Family used to own #2 my mom spent her summers selling ice cream there.

    • Your Mom

      …had so many children her uterus fell out.

  • bluebloodedrebel

    Is it me or do alot of these houses look like ideal SafeHouses for when the zombies attack..

  • HamptonsWorld80

    My brain wasn't ready for all this…I need a spliff

  • shawn

    #25 is in Galveston TX.

    • Carl F Wahrmund

      I knew that looked familiar. It maybe ugly but it's a survivor

    • YEMX

      When I started looking at this post I thought there are at least two houses on the west end that would fit.

    • horse

      fuck ya right before Jamaica Beach down towards the west end

  • @justsayoyvey

    #26 I think that is part of the FBI training villiage

    • Jared

      Condos for Vegans.

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