Animals that don’t suck (40 Photos)

  • Buda B

    #22 is definitely worthy of recognition! Cheers to you for being such an awesome owner.

    • Jim

      Glad you did so much to keep him alive. However, just think, he never would have gone through all this if you didn't get him neutered. Its just my opinion that if people want to neuter male dogs, they just should have gotten a female instead.

      • dochandy

        and we all REALLY want to hear your opinion…

        • Christopher Lang

          But Jim is so wise…

      • Bob Barker

        Right, because they neutered the dog simply on looks alone. If you get a female, you usually get them spayed. If you don't, just like a human female they menstruate. A female dog in heat bleeds everywhere. Try to get a dog to use a tampon.

        • Brian Sample

          'looks alone' wtf dude you have no idea, his testicles were retained and did not drop.

          open mouth and remove foot at your own pace, don't hurt yourself 🙂

          • Brian Sample

            sorry bob read your post wrong!

            • Brian Sample

              Maybe I should open MY mouth and remove MY foot at my own pace.

              Mea culpa!!

      • Woody

        i would have put him down and got one of the millions of adoptable dogs out there.

        • Bill F

          I have to agree, Woody. Keep one dog alive for years of pain? Or adopt one and give it love it likely would have never seen. There are far better stories out there of HUMAN BEINGS overcoming an illness, cancer, botched surgery, whatever. Wonder how much $$ was spent on dog surgeries, that could have been put to human causes. But if the dog makes you happy, KCCO.

          • Buda B

            One has the freedom to do as one wishes with the money they have. This couple chose to invest money in a life that they believed was worth investing in – in one that means a great deal to them. Can you honestly say that every one of your dollars goes to a good cause? Let's cut down people that are doing a good thing, let's criticize them for taking care of a life that, as you seem to believe, isn't worth saving over others. Sounds like a great use of time doesn't it? It's easy to criticize what others have done… and much harder to be an example yourself.

            • zzzzzzzzzzzzz

              exactly. i would bankrupt myself to save one of my dogs… i realize that same money may be able to save more lives, but when you love something you are willing to do anything for them

            • Brian Sample

              excellent, just excellent

          • Brian Sample

            what makes a human so much more special than a dog? punch a human in the face and see how he treats you next time, punch a dog and see how he treats you. man is the most cruel animal there is IMO. If you want to know I probably spent $50k on him.

          • Odin

            My dogs are part of my family. I would happily spend thousands of dollars if it meant saving their life in preference to spending it on human causes because I value them more that all humans apart from my wife and daughter. I wonder how much money your parents wasted raising you that could of been put to other human causes.

        • Screw you

          Have any children? Why don't you put one of them down and adopt another one?

          • Brian Sample

            exactly, thank you! he is my responsibility and I will do whatever I can for him so long as his quality of life is good. I should post a video for you doubters, this dog is 12yrs old but if you saw him you'd think he was 4. waggles so hard his head shakes. His quality of life is far better than ours, simply because I fought for him and didn't put him down. Honestly, cost me more than a new Lexus. Would I do it again? YES

        • Brian Sample

          why do I have to put him down to do that? I have 2 other rescue labs!

      • Sam

        You my friend are an idiot. Neutering eliminates the chance of testicular cancer and greatly reduces the chance of prostate cancer. Neutered males are less likely to suffer from behavioral problems including marking and aggression and are less likely to be hit by cars since they don't roam to find dog tail. Not to mention helping to eliminate the amount of unwanted puppies left to be euthanized in shelters. It's a shame these people had a complication with their neuter, but millions of dogs get neutered every day with no problems. Every surgery has a risk of complications, but the positives of spays and neuters greatly outweigh the negatives.

        • wombatgarden

          We didn't neuter my dog and the vet thinks it is what caused him to get diabetes.

      • downfall616

        kinda glib dick

        • bob

          If you love an animal you DO NOT do everything possible to save it's life. Allowing an animal to suffer for years just so you don't loose your "buddy" is pure selfishness by the owner. Now helping an injured or sick animal that has a good chance of recovery and able to lead a pain free comfortable life is what every owner or decent human should do.

          • Brian Sample

            I had this conversation MANY times with my surgical vet, trained at a little, not well known vet school called Texas AM. She ASSURED me he was not in any major pain that was not treatable/temporary. If it was 'too little too late' I would have done what was necessary, I'm not inhumane. I would do the same to a person if the pain was unbearable.

      • Kvothe

        As a current veterinary student, this is the type of thinking that harms both the animal and owner. If he had no intentions of breeding the dog, then neutering him is the safest and best option. It decreases the chance of many different types of cancer by essentially 100%. (I know this dog ended up getting a tumor, but he's in a small, small minority). It also decreases the dog's future aggression, which could lead to him being put down, as he may not be safe to keep around people. And a neutered male doesn't act the same as a female, it's still a male, just without the aggression or sex drive.
        Thankfully Greeley seems to be recovered, and that he has an owner who cares about him enough to do everything they could.

        • Brian Sample

          well the tumor WAS the testicle that the shit ass vet cut and just left in him….I'm not joking. It gained a blood supply over the course of 6yrs and messed things up big time. After removing it his prostate was jacked, we fixed that then the e coli set in for the last 4 yrs. This isn't painful at all, just had to keep it in check and finally we dosed the right drug long enough to kill it entirely. Took 4 years to get the combo right….but we did it!

          • Odin

            You would want to do the same to the vets testicles and see how he likes it

      • Hayley Harmon Sample

        he had to be neutered because his testicles did not drop. If they were outside his body when he was neutered it's pretty unlikely that the testicle would have ended up inside his body, 🙂 Terrible vet work indeed, cut two vas deferens and remove one nut but not the other!

    • r00s7a

      Go Greely! He is a beautiful, noble beast. They really are man's best friend. I wish Greely the best, and thank you for taking such good care of your best friend!

    • El Jefe

      Chive On, Greeley!!

    • Kayla

      Agreed! So glad to see there are people out there that won't just put their pets down when issues arise.

  • redsolocup

    #20 FLBP! Chive you know what to do find her!

    • bluesolocup

      She is SERIOUSLY cute. If you look closely, I think you can actually make out 2 monkeys in this picture, can someone verify this for me?

      • n2ny

        I don't see any monkeys, but my good friend told me there are 3

        • bolweevil

          yup, 3. one on the ground behind her.

        • Underbaker

          All I see are a couple of mammary's.

          • sandy astroglide

            You all realize he was talking about finding the monkeys, right?

    • LiT

      Charmian Chen, you're welcome

      • Busternut

        Dude you rock. She is a stunner 🙂

    • BigHeadEd

      This is just sa-rong

  • billshakes626

    #4 ….no fucks

    • akbrown006

      By the cat and the consumer of the banquet beer.

  • etcrr

    #22 Greeley What a fighter awesome dog if there ever was one and Class A owners

    • Mr Man

      Good on the human for taking good care of his furry family member!

    • Kodos

      KCCO Greeley!


    • crazydog

      A dog doesnt deserve to deal with that

      • Brian Sample

        lol, ok man. when dogs want to die what do they do? they stop eating and the seclude them self. This little bugger woke me at 5 am EVERYDAY wanting his chow and wanting it NOW, even when he had issues!! He wanted to live, trust me on that. I had 'the talk' with my vet many times and she advised me to keep working on it if I had the financial means to do so. I did, he's happy and healthy, so am I.

        • etcrr

          you rock Brian great job

    • windowlicker

      I agree. This owner is a Class A owner and a fighter awesome dog. A cat will not wear a chive shirt. lol.

    • Pro Death

      Congrats to greeley AND his owners, I hate to see anyone or anything suffer. 2 tumbs up!

  • etcrr

    #16 This is why dogs are Man's best friend

    • windowlicker

      I agree. A dog is Man's best friend. A python would just eat the baby. This is not very friendly. lol. Thanks chive. This made my day.

      • etcrr 131p

        Haha yes a python is not a good pet. only dogs are man's best friend. haha a dingo does not make a good pet either. Lol thanks chive

        • windowlicker

          Yes, I agree. A dingo is not a good pet but a bad pet. A dingo would eat your baby and that is not good or funny. lol. Great job guys.

          • Bill57

            i don't have a best friend like the dog cause they don't allow pets where I live. If they did allow pets then I would have one and it would be a dog cause a dog is mans best friend just not my best friend cause I can't have a dog. Way to go dog or should I say best friend lol.

            • Lortz

              Then again, those monkeys are pulling down that girl's top…

  • flosen_one

    #15 "Stanley! It´s been ages!"

    • JHL1

      Actually, this animal does suck.

  • rickacha

    #20 I was not ready for this …..well played CHIVE…well played 😉

  • Jackie Treehorn

    #27 doesn't matter. Had sex

    • Eric

      Nobody likes being seen fucking a cow.

    • Gurudel


    • Show your teets.

      Been there, dawg.

  • B Dub

    #28 ……Awe, you can call me Flower if you want too…..
    #18 What a little scamp!! Someone gave him a Red Bull!!!

    • Jed

      #18 was just kidding

    • Tyler

      #18 Cocaine's a hell of a drug.

  • Oo Oo Aa Aa

    #20 rapemonkeys kinda suck… no?

  • S L

    #18 Racist!

  • Jordan Kenney

    #18 is a little racist bastard.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    37 through 40: hilariously epic

    • bolweevil

      I went from a giggle to a laugh to crying to roflmao.

  • dochandy

    #22 awesome job! i love to see owners fight for their pups! we helped ours fight lung cancer with special diets and cancer fighting supplements (no chemo). they gave her 3 months, she fought for over a year. and smiled and wagged all the way through…

    • Brian Sample

      thanks for the support!



    This looks like a good spot…Bitches love Dog Shit

  • Shannon Coverdale

    #35 I will give you a perfect 10

  • dangermavis

    #31 Wharrgarrbabagaaarrll

  • Laurie

    #22 Way to go Greeley, KCCO!! #34 Jus' thinkin' about bear stuff…

  • Bob

    My dog has that exact same duck #3 She takes it everywhere.

    • Trixi

      So does mine! Only mine will squeak the duck caller until it doesn't work anymore, then she'll gut the duck and play with the outside.

  • Chezenko

    rocks !!

    a very close 2nd

  • Chezenko

    you had me at woof

    • Gav

      imagine when the poor fella wakes up in the morning and looks at what he has done!

      • fchezenko

        dont need to try hard, ive been with some heifers over the years…double facepalm

        • iChive

          Me too.

  • matt

    #22 Awesome!

  • Chubby

    #15 herp derp

    • iChive

      Looks like my wife when she wakes up.

  • James

    #22… Chive on Greeley! Have a Scooby Snack on me.

  • Lou

    #20 Damn monkeys have all the fun.

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