Burn your bra Thursday (50 photos)

  • Jim


    • Kyle R

      #33 I recognize the wrist tattoo…Carmen Cruz, NSFW

    • Dolly

      I was the first woman to burn my bra – it took the fire department four days to put it out. ~ Dolly Parton

    • Jon

      The chive should bring back things that bounce thursdays, those were the best

    • wimpy

      #1 #18 #22 #47… so sexy

  • buzzkillington

    ya buddy firsttttttttt

    • Crowley

      Ummmm nope!! Loser

    • Loser

      Ahhh. I think u spelled second wrong dick.

    • SLMLMN


    • theguyabovemefailed


  • Easy E


    • Yeah


  • Paulie

    Paula is a whore troll.

    • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

      And your point is?

      – Fan Novel: http://bit.ly/goodminion (first comment thread)

      • Honest

        That you suck

        • Paulie

          Exactly. You got it my friend.

    • chesterdrawers

      If you ever actually saw paula you would start to uncontrolably masturbate…

    • Gabe

      Don't feed the troll

  • Josh

    You chivette's are wonderful. Thank you for showing off your goods for our viewing pleasure. You all are beautiful. Keep submitting!

    KCCO ladies.

    • Anon

      They should rename this post to "Rub One Out Thursday"….

  • CLTChiver

    #5 Doing it right!!

    • HOOK

      Question,,, will she be walkin the kid after she laces up the shoes dressed like that?? Nice 'nuts' otherwise.

    • Yeah

      Man hands?

      • HOOK

        HELL YA!

    • Tomas

      This may be Mia Valerio. =/

  • Martin_McFly

    #18 Her nipples HAVE to be the only thing keeping that shirt centered so well.. like little tracks on a railroad.

    • agreed

      If only they would slip off…

  • Ben

    #21 top o the mornin' to you too

  • Leafen

    Wowzers, I just made a mess in my trousers!

    • guest

      I was going to say something very similar. Thumbs up!

    • I'm Me

      Yes that's a definite FIND HER!

    • ZenkTheTanK


    • Kevin Hogan

      Porn star Sabrina Suzuki.

      • Admiral Akbar

        It's a trap!

    • Jake

      #1 is a shemale. lol

      • BOOBS

        No its not, its CJ Miles

  • mike

    #30 for the good of all mankind MOAR!

    • jallen

      ^ This guy! KCCO

    • https://www.facebook.com/kevin.hutchings.9828 Kevin Hutchings

      perfect! Find her!!

    • Montana

      agreed definetly need to find this one

    • yeppers

      must.. have.. more..

  • passwordistaco

    #16 Like smoking fatties do ya?

    • J. D. Rage

      yea, shes burnin more than her bra!

    • G_Had

      There's nothing wrong with that 😉

    • Chesterdrawers

      If all it takes to be close to those is have dreads, I sport 16 inch dreads lemme have a try bob's dead i'm not…lol!…

  • Steve

    #1 #30

    You are both gorgeous

  • Peter

    #34 I would give up everything for her. We would drive cross country robbing little country stores for what money we could find, we would eat pie, we would be happy!

    • guest

      You could stop and buy her a snow cone. You could play jacks together. You could meet her teachers at the mid-high.

      • SalkumSuper

        Play jacks? What are you, 87? The kids play with American Girl dolls now.

    • manilovefilmsdylan

      You should at least wait until you see the rest of her face.

      • chesterdrawers

        Face? We don't need no stinkin face…


    Sometimes I wish I was a bra!

    • KyleGoldstein

      wouldn't you be burned?

  • Martin_McFly

    #37 Nothing cuts through the chill of a cold rainy day like a wonderful pair of nipples!

    • Dark Helmet

      Holy crap! She needs to be found! Give her her own show!

      • Johnny Bloom

        I know where she is standing in that photo. Thats roughly 150 Victoria Rd Gladesville, NSW Australia. Not far from my place. I think I might hang out there for a while now ha ha ha

        • Chesterdrawers

          Plane ticket in hand aus is the best…

    • Tomas

      #37 & #36 are the winners of this group! WOW!!!

  • spaced kowboy

    #8 Dude, she celebrates the 6 mo. anniversary. RUN and DON'T LOOK BACK.

    • guest

      Sure, but look how she celebrates it.

      • Martin_McFly

        I dare say with celebrations like this, she'd be welcome to celebrate every WEEK anniversary as far as I'm concerned!!!

    • Zuke

      Look at how she's celebrating it? I smell a rambling rant thinger coming on…

      Now, I fully appreciate the fact that young ladies send these in, I really do. I hate criticizing them in any way as it takes a lot of guts to put one's self up there in such a vulnerable position. I say all that a lot but I can't stress it enough.

      On the other hand, and while I try not to bring this up when I see pics like #8, #25 (maybe, I can't tell if macaroni is a person or not), #42 or #46, clearly there is an ulterior desire here outside of simply having a certain individual see such a picture, as ppl can easily send pics directly to others. I've gone into what I believe to be the reasoning behind individuals wanting others to see pictures of them looking attractive, the desire for validation and to know that one is attractive, every human needs that, but validation and the feeling of being desired is supposed to come from one's partner in a relationship, so that brings up a question when an individual in a relationship still seeks that validation; is such an individual not having their needs met by their partner, and thus are feeling a sense of dissatisfaction with that relationship and looking to have their needs met outside of it?

      I'm referring to emotional needs, not physical ones, but in my mind every human interaction stems back to emotional needs, including sex, but regardless.

      Friends, family, work relationships, and others can fulfill certain needs, but the purpose of a relationship is to help satisfy romantic needs. To me the needs being met by sending in pictures such as the ones here and receiving the validation that results are, in essence, romantic needs. Rather than finding affirmation from a single individual, a partner, one is getting affirmation from a group.

      I'm not blaming their partners though. It's not necessarily their fault. While it's partially one's partner's job to be attentive to one's needs, it's also one's job to communicate their needs with their partner. If these girls are feeling unfulfilled by some aspect of their relationship they should be communicating that with their partners. If they're searching for fulfillment here, to me that means their relationship is not fully healthy, and it can either be fixed or is doomed to forever leave one or both parties with unmet needs for as long as it continues.

      Therefore, perhaps she isn't really celebrating her 6 month anniversary; maybe she wishes to confirm her desirability as her relationship leaves her questioning. Maybe she just wants her boyfriend's attention and feels that a that a situation where she's ostensibly being eyed up by a ton of guys will make him feel a bit more competitive about her.

      Idk, but my point is that I think in cases such as this or some of the others I mentioned or anything of the sort there's a lot more to the situation than a girl simply taking her picture for the benefit of her S.O. Again, I'm not condemning anyone or trying to call anyone out, and I greatly appreciate young ladies making the chive what it is, I'm just writing down my thoughts/making an observation. One of these days I seriously just need to get my shit together and become a therapist like I would like to so I can tell this kind of shit to people who actually want to hear it…

  • bob

    Loving me some #13

    • Holy Shamoly

      I hope I'm not alone in this, but I think it's about time for a pierced nipples post.

      • bob

        I agree

    • Ekim


  • passwordistaco

    Poor Darren, Friend Zone level = Beg her to post so he can get a better look.


    • Guest

      I love back dimples. So cute.

    • Zuke

      I was going to say almost literally that exact thing. You beat me to it.

  • http://twitter.com/LosTorre @LosTorre

    Nom nom nom #5

  • twd22285

    DAMN! Chive is on one today! I can't keep up..And I have work to get done too ya know..

  • D Rock

    #1, #30

    Can a brotha get some MORE!

    • Eric Cartman

      No love for #10…. ya'll kids are crazy

  • ME..BN

    #22 & #50 O holy Titties!!!!

    • BroncoBoy

      yup, these two ladies stuck out from the lot. Gorgeous.

  • TyleR Rauch

    #21 uh yeah!

  • http://www.facebook.com/joep.vdmade Joep Vd Made

    #16 bob marley keeps me calm, but when i see him like this it changes everything..

  • DrewWazHere

    me gusta..

    • DDD

      ¿Quién es?

    • Elkosa

      Isnt that Jessica Alba?

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