Black is Beautiful (39 Photos)

  • Dan


    • Crowley

      Lol!! Your still a loser

    • elguapo80

      u dumb ass

    • Texan

      Holy shit hahaha. That's funny. N00B!

    • foul83

      #1 #8 #15 #22 #29 #35 #37 #38

      No Particular Order

  • XL22

    I love our once every other month black is beautiful post!

    • Eric Leigh McCormick

      They only post what they receive, maybe you need to get more black women submitting to the chive

      • StickyWickets

        I don't think it's all user submitted. Some of these girls are celebrities. I do agree though that more black girls need to submit.

      • Forthewin

        no they don't only "post what they receive"….they receive countless submissions…they post what they choose to….and they do a pretty damn good job.

    • Jake

      I agree, but I miss the Beautiful Smiles posts…

  • Pipes

    What's up chocolate? Want some cream in that coffee?

    • Zach


    • _DoC_

      I laughed

    • Tigerlily

      hi virgin.

    • YoirNameHere

      "Cause' i had sex last night………WITH a girl!!!"


    #21 Curves for days

    • Zedd

      NSFW Carla Novaes

  • Piper


    • John Whitsel

      Gay or bigot?

      • Fuhrer D

        Probably both, with a little penis. The trifecta.

    • chiver

      double meh

    • Guest

      2 of them are hot

      • Shockteck

        I don't think there was one I wouldn't make sweet sweet love to.

  • beserker

    #9 #17 #28 #29 #33

    o gosh… theres something about a large hearted woman that i like…

  • SuperiorTo8

    #39 I think that booty has smaller booties orbiting it

    • FACT

      That is disgusting and why it's not beautiful

      • Oliver Buckmaster

        ^ this guy likes little gymnasts

      • Capone

        you, sir, win the dumbest comment award.

        also, you need to get your eyes checked.

        that ass, to me, looks like Thanksgiving dinner that never makes me full….

        • DrGarnicus

          That's the best kind of dinner!

        • FACT

          You sir, need to learn either good taste, self respect, or both. Fat is fat. It's not an achievement of merit.

          • G_Had

            I don't know who you are but I'm pretty sure you're stupid.

          • @McBeastie666

            "You sir, need to learn either good taste,….."

            says the guy with over 50 thumbs down.

          • Sick350Z

            Guys or should I say boys who are small are intimidated by nice butts. They like the ribs showing anorexic girls…i guess it makes them feel bigger. ha sucks to be you

            • Miss Ma'am

              pure intimidation

    • Alex

      I second that!

    • Hara

      And they aaaalllll jealous.

      • Chivette

        Now THAT is funny! I've never been jealous of not being fat. Sorry.

    • Texan

      DAT ASS!

      • wow

        …is fat

    • oh my-lanta!!

      Now THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is not photo shopped…

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  • Zedd

    Damn these women are FINE!

    • JHNWRL

      ENT?! (that's caribbean for "u r so darn correct")

  • @LosTorre

    #1 #29 #39 Those humps!!

    • anervusguy

      When a white woman asks you if her ass looks fat in an outfit, you better say HELL NO.

      When a black woman asks if her ass looks fat in an outfit, you'd better say HELL YEAH!!

      Love those big booties!!!

  • GordoZX

    #25#33 Now that is some very fine Brown Sugar !

    • Nique

      You aint neva lie!!!

      • GordoZX

        Sorry I dont understand ???

        • Skylar Ray Young

          He was agreeing with you lol.

  • GernBlansten

    Black, white, mocha…. I don't give a shit. there is some serious hotness in this post….

    #6 #12 #14 #15 #18 #29 #35

    • Jim Hathaway

      Indeed! ;D~

    • mshark

      Right on, Gern, all I know is beautiful is beautiful. Screw the details.

    • Trounce

      #12 might be pron star Sunshyne Monroe…not sure, at work, can't google.

  • @smdunn14

    If it's not racist to say "black is beautiful" then I can say "every other race's women are more attractive" right?

    • Child Please


      • bczu

        Best sex I ever had was with a black woman…..

        • moralfagssuckit

          oh i get it. she was dead, so she didnt talk. good one.

    • Asshole

      Take that shit elsewhere.

    • @McBeastie666


    • foogoo

      spoken like a guy rejected many times by black beauties

      • Fuhrer D

        Or someone with a small penis.

    • billy

      black is nasty………

      • Miss Ma'am

        did it take u all day to come up with that?

    • Woop

      I dont think you're racist, i think you're just stupid. When your life is about cooking rice in 58 secs and being really cool, i think you have as a little depth as my shoe. Or you're trying to be funny and a hipster. Either way, the signs are all there.

    • mshark

      You may say whatever you want. You obviously don't keep calm, chive on, or climb out of your narrow minded little box either.

    • GernBlansten

      You related to JJrrake by any chance? you have that same suburban douchebag look going…..

      • @JJrrake

        Wow ussually i dony troll these sexy pic posts but i must say, thanks for the shoutout!
        Ps, are we suburban because we are white? Cuz thats technically racist

        • @JJrrake

          Cuz forreal dawg im hood

        • LOL

          Look it up, racism doesn't apply to white people.

    • phuphu

      The phrase itself actually traces all the way back to the days of Marcus Garvey who proclaimed it in an effort to build racial pride to battle self esteem deterioration from racism.

      Its origins are not racist in the slightest. What's racist is people believing it is being said condescendingly

    • Ted

      You absolutely can! Just don't think you are going to make a lot of friends saying that.

    • G-dex

      Well, if that's what you think… more black booty for this white boy! Thanks!

    • Dee

      That doesn't make any sense.

  • Anonymous


  • Tommy

    Sweet! When does the White is Beautiful come out?

    • willypguts

      Yeah! And what about White History Month, White Entertainment Channel, Affirmative Action for White Males?!? Seriously! What ever happened to white privilege?!

      • velvethammer

        Can't you idiots just leave it alone, and appreciate beauty in whatever shape/size/color it comes in? For crying out loud…

        • Skylaredge01

          typical response, but if it were White is Beautiful, you would be throwing a FIT calling us every kind of racist in the book……double standards go both ways

          • @McBeastie666

            give it a rest jackass, you think this hasn't been debated ad nauseum? in the end you still look like a twat for bringing up the whole double standard argument instead of just appreciating some awesome pics of beautiful women.

            • @JJrrake

              give it a rest jackass, you think this hasn't been debated ad nauseum? in the end you still look like a twat for bringing up the whole double standard argument instead of just appreciating some awesome pics of beautiful women.

          • velvethammer

            BTW, i AM white. I'm just not a simian.

            • _DoC_

              While I agree and enjoyed the post, you cant blame people for pointing out the flaw here. John made it about race when he posted an all black women post and called it "Black is beautiful". Simply making a post that just so happens to have all black women is different. When you blatantly single out one particular race you make it about race and invite racial comments – especially when you post something like this in a predominantly caucasian audience.

              • @McBeastie666

                yeah, you invite comments about race…but only from fuckface assholes. Well adjusted people see a post of beautiful women with a commonality. But fuckface assholes would jump down to the comments section and make it a race issue.

                • @JJrrake

                  yeah, you invite comments about race…but only from fuckface assholes. Well adjusted people see a post of beautiful women with a commonality. But fuckface assholes would jump down to the comments section and make it a race issue.

                  • _DoC_

                    Uh…what just happened here? You copied the last guys comment?

                    • mickey

                      Uh…what just happened here? You copied the last guys comment?

                • _DoC_

                  Welcome to the internet where people post things and then other people make asinine comments. It certainly isn't isolated to racial topics. Trolls feed off of replies…you can just ignore them and the topic will die. KCCO. Now where are those boobies again….

        • Tommy

          So lets go to the original point. Why even segregate any chicks at all? Do these girls not fit into the"Mind the Gap'", "FLBP", or "hump day". KCCO brought this up by segregating them. I love the site just hate black power everywhere and people with white guilt just bending over. We have a black president. Racism as a mainstream ideal is over.

          • notice

            Tommy you are completely out of touch with reality if you think racism is dead. go to the website of the Southern Poverty Law Center and educate yourself. Look at how many racist scum organizations are in your locale.

            • check again

              He didn't say racism is dead, he said racism as a Mainstream Ideal is over. And yes there will always be racism cause some people are just ignorant aholes and hate breeds hate

              • notice

                racism as a mainstream ideal is NOT OVER. It exists everywhere in at least a sublimated level if not an overt level. I live in the South and i will tell you it aint over here.

                • Tommy

                  Yeah, I'm from the south as well. Unless you're looking for it, nothing is really going on. And "notice", you just proved my point. You stated that it exist "subliminally" which means not in the open or obvious. Or…..wait for it…not mainstream. Affirmative Action and other such organizations and events, ie. Black History Month, had a purpose at one point in time, but are no longer necessary. I believe everyone has the right to do what they want, like Chive has the right to do this piece. Never said anything negative towards them or the piece, just stated the irony of what some Civil right activist fought for, which is equality not self segregation, is now forgotten. Glad everyone is having fun with this post. Oh and the term "reverse Racism" doesn't make any sense. Racism is racism regardless which race is oppressing the other. Don't always assume that because your local news says/does something, its correct. KCCO.

                  • notice

                    it is ubiquitous everywhere-it is overt in the South. Stop twisting the words to suite your argument. Racism is not racism, but prejudice is prejudice. Only the dominant culture or group can perform racism.

                    • Tommy

                      Its ok bro. Relax. You're thesaurus is working well though. check this out:
                      racism |ˈrāˌsizəm|
                      the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, esp. so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races. Any race can be racist towards another.
                      Don't know where you get your "facts" but they're wrong. Grab a dictionary.

                    • codell

                      I'm so glad you've got YOUR dictionary handy. Also, YOU'RE a bigot, bro.

                    • mickey

                      Its ok bro. Relax. You're thesaurus is working well though. check this out:
                      racism |ˈrāˌsizəm|
                      the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, esp. so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races. Any race can be racist towards another.
                      Don't know where you get your "facts" but they're wrong. Grab a dictionary.

                  • willypguts

                    I think you should crack open a book and actually learn about racism in the United States. Historical examples of racism make it seem that racism is expressed only blatantly–those images and the retrospective narrative does not and cannot capture the complexity of it. People were far from united on the fact that the system under which they lived was fundamentally immoral and unjust–today we talk about past systems of oppression in very neatly defined ways that, despite being necessary, unfortunately underlie the belief that systematic oppression is blatant and easily identifiable.

                    Racism persists in the basic misunderstanding of what, in fact, is the problem of racism. It isn't merely one group of people blatantly hating another group for the color of their skin; rather, it's the systemic and institutional marginalization/oppression of a group of people according to a characteristic–which, in this case, happens to be the color of skin–that another, powerful group of people consider important in distinguishing what is normal and not normal ("colored people").

                  • beastwork

                    If you think racism is dead, I hate to tell you , but it means you're probably a racist

          • LOL

            It's because of all the people freaking out about theCHIVE being racist because there aren't enough black women posted in their threads. This was a sort of, "OK, damn, we'll post some black girls." There are a few black girls who follow chive and may submit, but for the most part its the attention-whoring white girls who clog up the posts. I bet black women would get their due respect if they submitted to the magnitude of all of the white girls.

            Either way, these babes are hawt.

          • Indeed

            Having a black president doesn't prove anything except that the old white male candidate running against him didn't appeal to the majority of people that voted. That's it.

        • guard

          I saw no beauty on this post. I wonder why questioning B.E.T and black history month or affirmative action makes a white male racist. Obviously many chivers haven't been passed up on a job they deserve for black male who didn't deserve it. I tell you what defend the black race all you want online then go for a walk on any street in Detroit or Flint and see what race beats your ass and steals your wallet, or worse. I bet you won't be calling them "brothas" after that. Read up on crime stats velvethammer.

          • velvethammer

            whatever. i just appreciate feminine beauty, in whatever color it comes in. if you other idiots want to make it a race/societal/cultural/i-didn'y-get-enough-lap-time-as-an-infant issue, then it's no big deal to me.

            racists are analogous to homosexuals at times like this… they decrease the competition. not that there's anything wrong with that.

        • Stalin

          We do, it just doesn't come in black.

      • willypguts

        For the record, my comment was mocking Tommy's. I am just running through all the typical stupid "reverse" racism statements that people who have never truly thought about or understood what racism entails say.

        Needless to say, "white" is not just a skin color, it's "normal." There is no dedicated white history month, white entertainment channel, etc. because everything defaults and serves "white people." Black history month, historically black colleges, etc. exist not because of black racism to distinguish from whites, but because blacks were institutionally distinguished and not allowed to participate in the "normal" (read: "white") world.

        So give up your "it's not fair/it's racist against whites" routine–you've never had to prove to a powerful majority of people that you aren't what that same powerful majority automatically assumes you are. The white world caters to you.

        • LOL

          Well, I agree that racism is a significantly more complex issue than many would assume, and I also blame the education system's way of handling it as a lesson topic. The incredibly sensitive state our society is in is party to blame as well. I can't help that the white world caters to white people, I can only do my part in not participating in hatred and bigotry.

          I also don't agree with anyone automatically hating a white person because they're white or just assuming that every white person is racist because. That's completely counter-productive. Everyone needs to pull their self-righteous stick out of their asses and learn to stop hating everyone so damn much and learn to work together.

          The only end to this shit is if everyone works together, not if the white world tries harder. It's not very "fair," but it is completely necessary. White guilt feeds racism just as much as blatant hatred.

    • Cass

      Pretty sure 90% of the chivettes posted here are white. Nice to see some change!

    • Yea

      Do… do you come to this site on a regular basis? Whole lotta white women every day…

    • notice

      it's been about white is beautiful for over 500 years. We are a nation built on a foundation of white supremacy. The fact that you think that your skin color is unrecognized is a joke. In 40 years or so the white man will be a numerical minority in this country but don't worry, they will still be leading our apartheid state under the white supremacy flag and upper class privilege-just as it is now. So Tommy, you need to get your head out of your butt and start breathing the air.

      • Tommy

        Calm down Hoss. Slavery, thank God, is over with in America. Not sure if you're aware. Every race of people have been enslaved at one point or another in history. No one cares about when white people were slaves around 100BC. Why? It's ridiculous. Yes, and I'll be the bad guy again, African American slavery is old news. Let us move further in unity. Bringing it up in every aspect of life is keeping us from moving forward. I'm from GA, where the good MLK Jr. lived and strived for equality. He had this dream once…that all children, black and white would come together in unity. Not self segregation. Everyone ignored my main point…why couldn't these fine young women just be placed into the DAR with the rest of the fine specimen, then this conversation wouldn't have even been warranted. Don't get butt hurt because someone intelligently opposes your mainstream cookie cutter views who is not a racist, by the way. You probably already assumed I was white too huh?

        • @JJrrake

          Na brah i got 6 slave girls in the basement rite now. 2 white, 1 black, 1, malaysain, 1 spic, and 1 chink.

        • willypguts

          So our contemporary society is just as much influenced by a system in which "white people…were slaves" during antiquity as a system of slavery that "ended" only 150 years ago, and institutional oppression that theoretically ended 50 years ago? (And what "white" people? Trust me, you think of some groups of people as "white" that have not always, even in the US, been considered "white"–and therefore deserving of the privileges of being "normal" until recently. Think: Hebrews, Italians, Greeks, and the Irish for gods sake)

          Yeah, it would be nice if black women were included more regularly in the "normal" posts; but being black isn't "normal" in this society…despite the best efforts of "normal" people to pretend that blacks are "normal." Best "efforts" being your statement above.

    • Motoxxx

      Never, that shit's racist yo.

    • JHNWRL

      NEVER – cuz it's called White Is Wonderful. (from a black bruddah – in the caribbean!!!)

      • Tommy


    • Filbur

      Holy shit, what's WRONG with you people?! Hot is hot, enjoy it (or don't) and move the F on.
      Speaking of which #18 and #26 do it for me in a big way. And for the record… I'm about as white as they come.

  • Jin Jung

    #9 WOW #16 She's all Good.

  • KyleGoldstein

    #39 hott damn

  • Underbaker

    #1 I'll push.

    • Thomas Datema

      That photo is shopped. I have classes with her at the Amsterdam University of Applied sciences. She doesn't look like that 😉

    • Willy T McRibb

      You will need a D6>

  • Zaedrus

    #7, #12, #14, #18, #23

  • Joshua

    #10 #11 #12 #14 #17 #20 #21 #22 #27 #28 #29 #32 #33 #39

    • Woop

      you sir, just referenced the entire post.

  • Bro

    #1 dat ass

  • Tk171

    #7& #25 black beautiful and chivettes my dream has come true. Please give me MOAR!!!!!

    • Truth

      #7 — the mustache is pretty gross.

    • NIQUE

      I second that… the models are NICE, but then again they're models… now the original girls are whats up!!! Aint nothing more beautiful than ordinary beautiful down to earth girls who are beautiful no matter what RACE… KUDOS TO THE CHIVE FOR EXPOSING SOME BEAUTIFUL "BLACK WOMEN"… BIG UP ALL THE BLACK CHIVETTES OUT THERE UP UNTIL TODAY DIDN'T KNOW YOU GUYS EXISTED

  • ZinnNasty

    #35 So HoT!!

    • Second that

      Agreed. I'm not convinced she is black, but I am definitely convinced she is hot.

    • Ahmed

      Find her!

    • Tomas

      YES!!! #35 #38 and #2 😉
      The rest? Meh.

      • Tomas

        #35 is Jordan Ozuna
        #38 is Asia Dee
        and #2 is Chanel Iman.

        Jordan is the clear winner. 🙂

  • Andyrew711

    hi, #32! MOAR of you pah-leeeease?

    • TJ_Designs

      i SECOND THAT!

    • Texan

      Heard that!

    • Houdini112

      Got to love an African American chivette

  • tpond

    #10, and #39, got damn it chive bout time

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