Croatian Olympic basketball player Antonija Mišura is stunning (28 Photos)

  • dave o.

    not bad looking for a Croat

    • ren
    • Jadranko Lisak

      You really don't know what you are talking about 😀

    • Jadranko Lisak

      You really don't know what you are talking about 😀

  • Jak

    She can handle my balls!! Giggity goo!!

    • _DoC_

      …till she bounces them on the ground repeatedly then slams them in a basket…

      • AnyoneForCoffee

        Still okay with me.

    • Terry Burke

      seriously, i wonder how much sex she has had while in the olympic village, they had to order over 100,000 condom for 10,000 olympians

      • _DoC_

        So only 10 condoms for each? That might only last one good weekend….

    • raymond

      f you don't talk about my girlfriend like that.

    • Birch

      Meh, seen 100x better on here. Do one for destinee hooker! Super fine 🙂

  • CAS

    #28 gooooodddd lordd

    • YOYO

      bonus camel toe

      • Woop

        i thank you for pointing that out sir.

    • billy

      lovin' that TOE

  • Rusty

    #8 Oops, got it on your face…

    • Rob


    • Gonasiphaherpalitis

      #27 It's ok I got her back.

    • Craig

      That wasn't a mistake

  • Shannon Coverdale

    #6 Holy wow!

    • Underbaker

      If looks decided a basketball game the US may be in trouble.

  • Lou

    Wow..well if the Basketball thing doesn't work you can definitely model

    Oh and you are committing a "carry" violation here


    • NBA Ref, MD.

      false. having your hand on the side of the ball is not carrying. it's when your hand starts getting underneath it you'll get called.

      • I'm Me

        You have both just failed the gay test. Please return your man card

    • Burt Reynolds

      After this gallery, you two are debating a basketball penalty? What a couple of nancies.

      • Hu Flung Poo

        The NBA doesn't call carrying or traveling. But they will call a flop every time!

        • _DoC_

          I'm calling a fap on this gallery.

          • akgoalie9

            lol'd ^

    • Anthony

      Actually, she isn't carrying the ball at all…. Nice try though.. Hands has to be fully underneath the ball, and even then referees only call it if it gives you the advantage.

  • KyBoy


  • buwtie

    yeah but has she got reason 4?

  • _DoC_

    The best part is you don't even have to look down to stare at her boobs.

    • Jct

      I wa thinking the same thing, but she's only 5'11" which makes her even hotter

  • zoxymusic

    #4 SO HOT!!

  • saltygary

    She looks like the Calisi.


    • Chazz_B


      and she is taller and plays basketball, i would prefer her over Emilia Clarke… uff

    • Avery

      x2 Khaleesi and my imagination says otherwise. That stupid show is blasphemy to the books.

      • Rhein

        I dunno I think Dinklage plays a fantastic Tyrion.

        • idiotsaboveme

          What the fuck are you silly bitches babbling about?

  • chitownchiver

    Yeah, pretty much a model

  • HumpDan

    I guess I should have been watching women's basketball this whole time.

    • morebeer


      You have obviously never watched women's basketball

  • Boston Rugger

    #27 What is going on here?

    • Matt

      HULK sorry….

    • Livin' Legend


    • Knoughah

      Magneto finished on her?

    • Joe

      pterodactyl droppings.

  • tallmichael

    Hot or not, I'd still mercilessly whoop her ass on the court 😉

    • morebeer

      I would employ a one man full court press

  • jamie

    #28 Love that TOE !!!!

  • chitownchiver

    #28 Very nice camel

  • shawn

    #17 there it is.

    • stuff

      fap face.

    • Joe

      if you look very closely, you can see casper plowing her. Casper is grown and he likes da booty.

      • doper


    • Everclear

      Who Photoshopped me out?

    • chesterdrawers

      Oh talk dirty to me oh oh You like that Ugh. Oh. Oh fu. Uhg oh fuck ugh ugh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh… Here's cab fare…

  • jimctu

    she is really amazing! but she is probably very tall. I prefer shorter ones :)<img src="; width="1" height="1"><img src="; width="1">

    • _DoC_

      Probably? You think just *probably*?

    • rbfn04

      Not that tall 5'10"

  • Alex

    Definitely would.

  • JayJay

    I'd let her handle my balls…HEYOOOHHH!!!

    • JayJay

      AH SHIT SOMEONE BEAT ME TO IT! My day is ruined

  • stevethealterego

    Man, we need some stats. Like, how old is she? How tall is she? Does she like fat guys? This is need to know information.

  • zzzoom


    • MylesofStyles

      Pravi komad.

      • stfuuuuu

        jes kurac

        • MylesofStyles

          Nas ne zanima što ti otac voli.

  • jim

    #8 Brazzers

  • CLD29


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