The evolution of Marilyn Monroe (26 Photos)

  • airmax blog

    Novices at operating a blog. How do i be certain that no company gets my own record visuals in addition to words?

  • MohawkJon

    Guy on left: "Don't get a boner, don't get a boner, don't get a boner…"

  • Rebelscum

    Y'all are stupid # 13 is here theres a whole shoot of her that day qt the beach. It certainly isn't Jean Harlow considering she died in the late 30's and there wasn't color photography of that clearity at that time. Those photos of marilyn were taken the year she passed.

  • Brigitte Lee

    #13 is Marilyn Monroe from the 1962 photoshoot with George Barris. Jean Harlow, one of Marilyn's idols, is an actress from the 1930's who would have found it probably scandalous to pose with her hair not done in finger-waves and very little make up on in a towel. Not that that is bad, it was just a different time from the 30's to the early 60's. Plus, Jean Harlow's photos are all black and white unless they have been digitally colorized.

    Personally, I don't see how anyone could mistake it!

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