The evolution of Marilyn Monroe (26 Photos)

  • Aussie

    #8 She had really frizzy hair!

  • Ashley Mingledorff Groppe


    Psst… Number 13 isn't Marilyn Monroe.

    • Ben

      correct: look at the mole

    • Anthony DeGiulio

      It's Jean Marlow

      • Anthony DeGiulio

        Derp…Jean Harlow

        • Kim Dawn Il

          This is correct

        • patrick

          i think its jane mansfield

          • Anthony DeGiulio

            Using google's "search by image" feature, it says it's Ms. Harlow.

            • JHL1

              I saw this conversation 18 years ago in Pulp Fiction. (Except the google images part.)

    • DUH

      So glad some else realized.

    • looseboots

      It's Greta Garbo

    • dre

      dude its Nixon

    • Ashley Mingledorff Groppe

      Looks like they fixed it. 🙂

    • Simon

      Gah. It's Gary Coleman.

    • Branka Bogdanov

      #13 is Marilyn actually. This photo was taken by George Barris is 1962. It was her last photo shoot before she died.

  • holly

    #13 is not Marilyn…

  • Everclear

    #11 Damn…

    She'd be a stunner even today.

  • Richard


    Find her.

    • Quote the Raven

      Norma Jeane Mortenson 😉

  • vandinz

    #13 She evolved into Jean Harlow!? Wow.

  • Sporkins

    #13 is not Marilyn. It's Jean Harlow. Help me TOM CRUISE!

  • BubblePlot

    A man's woman.

    • fscked too dumb to know when she's being disgustingly exploited.

      • Krissy

        She was actually very intelligent – & knew what she was doing. She knew she was a sex symbol and embraced it. She also did some amazingly deep films and was very educated.

  • LaurenGoMeow

    love her, great post chive but #13 isn't her

  • UpperDecker64

    16……Sox Sick!!!!

    • UpperDecker64


  • dangermavis
  • RYNO!

    Sounds like someone is jealous that they don't have an amazing, drug-addicted, promiscuous whore for THEIR woman.

  • Adam

    Is it just me, or does she bear a fairly strong resemblance to Kate Upton in some of these pictures?

    • no.

      It's just you.

    • Upton is fake

      Given that Monroe would be older, Upton would bear a resemblance to *her*

    • ciera

      uh, no. no she doesnt. michelle williams maybe. but kate upton?

  • Omega Supreme

    The prototype for drug addicted whores of today. She was a shitty actress and a shitty person. The best thing that happened to her was her early death which is the only reason people still talk about her today.

    • Omega has no dick

      Did you know her personally? Have you ever spoken to a single person who knew her? I'm going to guess 'no' and assume you're just an ass who wants to insult a dead woman to appear 'edge' and 'cool' when, in fact, you probably don't know a fucking thing about her other than what you've read online.

      Corner. Go. Fuck yourself.

      • Susie Ulrey

        My thoughts exactly

    • Fuck omega

      You're a fucking tool bag

      • Marc Para

        Nice attitude

        • IamLegion

          Yes, it's the perfect attitude to have towards a pathetic loser whose only way of making himself seem less of a loser is to demean other people who never hurt anyone else, and, who, if the truth be told, were more sinned against than sinning.

          • Marc Para

            Well put bud, but nobody cares that you're backing 'fuck omega'.. Go troll somewhere else

    • FanofMM

      You need to do your research before you shoot off your ignorant posts. She was a victim of sexual abuse when she was 8. She did what many actresses had to do to work. She was no more a whore than you probably are, you are a hater!

    • Trolls Waste Time

      I smell a troll, not the cute kind that have jewels on their belly buttons and colorful hair.

  • Susie Ulrey

    shut up

    • Cy Y

      Sticks and stones

    • Marc Para

      That's a very mature response. He is merry pointing out the fact that you are all celebrating the life of a woman that closely resembled that of Courtney Love.

      Chive on

  • hello please

    Surprised there isn't the generic "Now this is what a real woman looks like, none of these stick-figure anorexic freaks of today" comment yet.

    Wait, did I just do it?

    • Twin Cities Girl

      She was a very healthy looking woman and yes, much more representative of what "normal" women look like but, eating disorders are a psychological disease. Why is it ok to make fun of women who are suffering?

      • fscked

        Because that's why women exist right…to be the butt of the joke? Certainly seems that way on the Chive, at least.


    #13 is JEAN HARLOW! not marilyn monroe!

  • salmon

    #26 she really blossomed over time! what a kisser on that dame!

  • Hobo drowns kittens

    Awwww, look! He's insulting a woman who's been dead for half a century! Let's give the douche bag virgin loser a hand folks!

    • Marc Para

      Good job bud, care to share more of your hate?

  • y2knowledge

    I'd still hit it…

  • Josh

    She would have made a great chivette

  • SIV

    #13 is Jean Harlow. Also a beauty, also died tragically young.

  • nothanx

    Im sorry, i just dont find her that attractive.

  • Electric Eliminator

    #13 is marilyn you dingleberries

  • Electric Eliminator

    *is NOT, i meant NOT. "ah-tee-hee!"

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