The Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel is where I want to be (35 Photos)

  • Amigo

    i bet you everytime they feature a resort on here they stay there for free.

  • dafuq

    You probably could be there with all the cash you hoaxed from the Chivers.

  • waltgator


  • justplaintravis

    If only I could have sacrificed one year of tuition, I could stay a week in the upper end rooms.

  • Chris Borga

    Too bad no before pictures to get perspective on how the monks lived when they were there.

  • El Pesidente

    Looks like the place Ari and his wife were on the series finale of Entourage

  • Robert Latour

    Wow! Such a nice place. I like that pool overlooking to the bay.

  • Gordana-Doda Stetin


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  • Samantha Daly

    I don't know who "Maurice" is, but the main, primary stunning photography of the Monastero Santa Rosa was done by Robert Miller of the USA.

    Look for it here :

    His work is brilliant and lighting and composition are second to none. My husband is an art director here in the UK London and his client insists on hiring Robert for their very best signature hotel and resort images. He is also commissioned worldwide by the uppermost hotel, resort and luxury development companies. It sounds like a great job, but trust me, it's also a LOT of long hours and hard work!

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