Chivettes bored at work (34 Photos)

Are you bored at work? Send your photos to macthechive [at] gmail [dot] com.

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  • cf417

    #8, for the love of all that exists…MOAR!

  • Luke McDaniel

    #19 not fair, our geeks don't look half that good…

    • TammyMckenney

      Are you in Canada? That maybe your problem 😛

  • california

    #10 MORE! would take a week off for her

  • Nique

    #10 MOAR!!!

  • Michael Majdanski

    #12 Killed me like a knife to the center of a pancake

  • Jody Uhoh

    #14…just something about a squid jumpsuit….

  • hot _rod_6010

    #14 amazing petty officer. I do love my navy girls!!
    From a civi DOD aboard CVN 74

  • Caleb

    #27 and #29

  • sam

    #1! Yeow!

  • willinhouston

    #8 I don't recognize you with your clothes on…

  • Larry

    #20 well if it's going to take 20 minutes to bring me my wings and beer I'm glad the time I wait goes to a good cause

  • Ben

    #1 You. Are. Adorable. Moar?

  • major1974

    #9…love a girl in scrubs!

  • Outlaw

    #30 Imagine someone walking in right at that moment…isn't that how pornos start?

  • Pappa C
  • diz

    Moar #18

  • Steve

    #19, yes, perfect. Ben good call. Please smile next time. Tougher for us IT people.

  • Psychosocial

    Why is it that none of these lovely ladies work with me? Yes, they would all still be bored at work, but I wouldn't be.

  • EzGoingKev


  • Hammer

    WOW #12. Nice glasses #21. God I wish we worked together #30

  • Lucky ducker

    #6 looks like she needs a front end alignment. I would be glad to offer my services

  • KOrigin

    #4 and #5 MOAR

  • Navydude

    #14 hell yeah!

  • kidrock


  • Anonymous

    I refuse to believe there is such thing as the “chivette” i have been out and about all around the world sporting my military KCCO shirt and have had nothing but guys come up and say hi. Im not angry…just disappointed that i cant find a chivette. Sad part is…the chive gang is in houston this month (where i live) and im out of state. Lucky me.Sigh* time to KCCO

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