Hot girls in the middle of nowhere (20 HQ Photos)

  • lawdog


    • Liam Neeson

      I will look for you. I will find you. And I will kill you.

      • Bad guy

        Good luck

    • HOOK

      #12,#13,#18,#20..Just in case your 'selfish first-ness' blinded you, here's what you missed.

  • guitarz333

    were the pics posted twice or did I imagine that?

    • Harmonica33

      well i didnt mind it actually

    • Big_James

      So good they had to run them twice. NICE HQ.

  • Cambo196

    Awesome… got to go through twice!

  • Mangone

    Love saturdays!

  • IceBerg

    So nice it was posted twice!

  • DDD

    #20 now make out!

  • Paula sucks

    #16 #20 me gusta…

  • The Rock


  • Helimech

    I think I want to buy #8 an island, or something!

  • voltviking

    Chive, why you have adds for blackberry and I can't get a chive app for my blackberry?

    • Paula_

      It's worse than that; they advertise tons of hot chicks and I can't get me one of those either!!1!

      – Fan testimonial: "A troll can only be a troll if you feed them, quit feeding this one and let her vanish into cyberspace… i realize in posting this, im feeding her"

      • JHL1

        Best Paula_ comment in the last 3 months.
        Mac must have taken the reigns from the new guy for the day.

        • JHL1


    • Yup

      Thats cuz blackberry sucks! But ya the adds suck!

    • TheMilkman

      I feel like the real question you should be asking yourself is: Why do I still have a blackberry?

      • thetech2

        I still have one because apple doesn't own my life thats why

  • nomeansyes

    #18 holy hell those things a beautiful

    • Stupid Monkey

      denise milani

    • Smitty

  • Ispeakchive

    Yeah Chive, I live in the middle of nowhere and have yet to see any of these girls,I remain hopeful.

  • Bobby Drew

    #8 is pretty amazing

  • Kitty

    You posted them twice you hungover fuck!

  • frtyu

    2 ia always better than 1!!!!!
    Great Asses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris Poole

    #12 has the most beautiful face ever

    • well

      Wheres her face?

    • Ryan

      Yea all that makeup looks really great on her:-/

      • bdg

        Ass clown

        • @JJrrake

          What about sarajessicaparker bros?

  • Steve Grenier

    I'd like to get lost with #8 and #14 blew my mind, wicked photo.

    • flinder

      #14 alysha nett

  • countryboy1

    Who the heck is #8 Must find!

  • Paula_

    Oh mighty Usenet Oracle, see-er of visions, the one hearing the whispering in the wind, stronger than Chuck Norris, I humbly seek your council. I ask of you the following:

    Why is the average Chiver a living at home comic book reading wanker?


    BTW I'm going to keep this up until someone gives me a proper reply in the correct form!

    • HumpDan

      I'm strongly against physical violence against women, which is why I would be completely comfortable punching you in the face.

    • Takingbackcider

      Hey, I don't read comic books.

    • Trav1121

      Oh Paula_, leader of the morlocks, bride of the Mole Man, nemesis of the FF, neighbor of the Ninja Turtles, I offer you an answer…

      The outside world has people who want to talk and interact, when all anyone really wants is to look at boobs in peace and eat Cheetos! Why leave home when everything you love and cherish is right here?

      • Paula_

        Not the correct form asshat!!1! ARGH!!! Do I have to teach these hipsters everything!!1!? I even provided a link to a Wikipedia article dammit! Hint: "Pondered" and "#Style".

        Hugs though,
        – the one you love to hate

    • Zack P

      Get a life,go get hobby or go for a run!!!!!

    • Guy

      I feel like this statement is a little ironic coming from you…

    • Smitty

      The internet Oracle has pondered your question deeply.
      Your question was:
      >Why is the average Chiver a living at home comic book reading wanker?

      And in response, thus spake the Oracle:
      } While likely based upon inner perspective, your presumption is entirely wrong.
      } Of the 6.5 million unique visitors per month, most are college educated.
      } The majority earn more than $100K per year.
      } It is split 50/50 viewers with kids, meaning they are productive family oriented.
      } Almost 30% of the visitors are Chivettes, likely looking to see if they made the cut.
      } 37% of the viewers are using their WORK computers, tisk. tisk.
      } 9% are mobile users.
      } You owe the Oracle no less than 180 days of silence here.

      • Paula_

        I'm in tears… This is soooo beautiful… a live-changing and enlighting experience… The Usenet Oracle has spoken!
        And I will honor your required 180 days of silence as soon as I click [Submit] on this message. You will not hear from me again until February 9, 2013.

        But wait…
        That is, I just noticed this phrase: "Almost 30% of the visitors are Chivettes".
        Has thou ever been to a Chive Meetup, oh now questionable Oracle? Thou would soon understand why these gatherings are better known as 'sausage fests". The only humans without a sausage present there are hired to fool the sausages in to thinking there really really ARE girls who visit the Chive.

        True, true, there is ONE Chivette. But that's it. Just the one ❤

        – still in tears though…

        • stan


          Don't do it Paula.. I don't think I can handle it here without you..

  • Paula_

    19 moar HQ shots of #20's somewhat NSFW session:

    – Fan testimonial: "This bitch is good. You unoriginal bastards couldn't have come up with something clever like this. Fuck."

    • Paula_

      OMFG!! 182 clicks in just 10 minutes! On a SUNDAY!

      Not kidding; see the click stats for yourself:

      – Fan testimonial: "Damn it Paula, I just opened your "sfw" in class…I sit in 3rd row of a 20 row class. Someone definitely saw me checking out boobs."

  • yodaddy

    I starting to thing that this post should have it's name changed to instagram Saturday.

  • myles

    #20 mind the gap

  • dodge

    #13 moar

    • slippery

      agreed. looks like we have an ass man over here

  • jimctu
    • lemurfart

      alysha nett in case you did not know already

  • AnonyMrsFawkes

    #3 Hand bras need their own gallery

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