You had me at “cardboard downhill derby Star Wars snowspeeder” (18 Photos)

  • Pauwells

    Virgin level 1000

    • U prick

      Douchebag level: Infinite

    • @immachiver

      awesome level: it's over 9000!!!!… anyone that can do this is amazing

  • Fletch

    its a cardboard box wank wank

  • GeekyTex

    Just showed this to my son… Hello new weekend project!

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      This childless man envies you, sir.

      I'm off to the playground to make a friend….

      • HumpDan

        Don't get arrested.

        • whos.mike

          Damn it PEDOBEAR….. You have been told…. The restraining order says within 500 feet of any school or playground area.

  • HumpDan

    That thing is going to last forever.

  • Shant1k

    cardboard sled? smart

  • Red Leader

    Nice Shot Jacque!

  • Guest


  • bob

    This is pish!

  • Caleb


  • Ralph

    I hope this masterpiece holds out in the derby. Would be a shame for it to fall apart.

  • Shep

    I do not want one of those. I need a squadron of them!

  • Lou

    It is cool but they should habve covered it with a layer of fibreglass. Or maybe this would be a good project for a 3d printer.

  • Nick Lowe

    Is this for the Cardboard Classic?

  • Ken

    Freakin Star Wars Nerds!!

  • Capn. Buzzkill

    I see the cardboard part. Where is the sled part??? Downhill what? It's a box you dded more boxes on and, I will admit, painted very well. But I see no skids or wheels. So . . .um.

    Plus, since the Chive gets most things it steals wrong, perhaps someone can check the actual source to see what this really is.

  • Ethix_

    Yeah theChive steals everything. I tell you what, Capn Buzzkill, you call the Cyber Police and tell them to open an investigation on this and I'll call up YouTube headquarters and inform them that thChive has been stealing their videos.

  • Chiv3On

    Better hobby than a ball of paint!

    PS, stop with the auto-play video ads on the site, Chive.


  • Jrderp

    Just add I'm going in cover me Porkins!!

  • Arden Ballard

    Lots of haters! If I had this as a kid, I'd freak out and never leave it. eating breakfast in it, watching cartoons in it… This is awesome. Well done–keep bringing your kid happy memories!

  • Mation

    #15 Please tell me that's claw marks from a wampa encounter and not a Monster energy drink logo.

    • 6T9i6m9m6y9

      Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Laser, not Lazer!!!

  • @ryan_karnes

    Just so much win in this whole thing. Another reason why the Chive is the best site in the world.

  • B Dub

    I know, I'm a nerd when it comes to Star Wars…
    Gold Leader: They're coming in! Three marks at 2-10!
    Gold Leader: It's no good, I can't maneuver!
    Gold Five: Stay on target.
    Gold Leader: *We're too close!*
    Gold Five: Stay on target!
    Gold Leader: Loosen up!
    Gold Five: Gold Five to Red leader, lost Tiree, lost Dutch.
    Red Leader: I copy, Gold Leader.
    Gold Five: It came from… behind!

    • blue_bronco

      That is Episode 4. Snow speeders where Episode 5.

  • blue_bronco

    Kia should make one.

  • ben

    lazer is spelt wrong, its spelt laser

    • Chris

      If this is what i think it is for… this is a local radio station Lazer 103.3 and every year they do a downhill derby and all the "sled" can be made of is cardboard, duct tape, and paint. So if that is the case then yes Lazer is spelled right!!!

  • Guy

    This is my new winter project

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