Hump Day = Good Day (65 Photos)

Ladies, thanks as always for all the amazing Hump Day submissions. If you didn’t see your photo this week, check back next week, we’re doing our best to catch up with all the submissions. All Hump Day submissions can be uploaded HERE and remember to upload high quality photos or we can’t use it.

  • BigPup

    #37 Boats 'n' hoes

    • tv_paul

      F'n Catalina Wine Mixer!

    • BchBum

      I live in Destin and have yet to find any Chivette's… Find Them!

      • Florida L

        i'm in Destin all the time, i haven't seen any yet either

      • thatsgoodstuff

        i found em

  • Sk_Chiver


    • that dude

      one of the best of all time… i said it.

    • dick trickle

      riddle me this…girls luv to have a nice ass….but most of them don't like it in the ass…what gives?

      • DDD

        Just guessing here, but maybe it hurts. Exit only!

      • Emzilla

        You really have to be in a very specific "perfect mood" for it. Also- if it "slips in" just once, for a split second, some girls are basically ruined for it altogether. I've personally never had it just slip, though.

    • pdip

      woww ! baby u got the body of a goddess

  • Silent

    Today is the greatest… day there ever was

    • MarauderV8

      Indeed. This is a particularly potent and awesome hump day post.

      • Ericvdm

        I second that

    • matt

      Best hump day I've seen yet…top to bottom(s)

    • AssHaterson

      Can't live for tomorrow. Tomorrow's much too long.

  • jmdmn

    Love the way #21 hugs her curves

    • GernBlansten

      Looks like it was painted on.

    • DDD

      Luv Surfer Chicks!

  • IrishInNJ

    #57 Needed this today. Rough week.

    • NSFW

      Jasmine Jewels

      • Fuck yourself

        Go fuck yourself

      • bi by night

        Boobs. Cock. What's not to like?

  • jake

    and what a fantastic day it is.. #3

    • jake

      Oh and #14

  • IsThisATeaShop

    #1 like a kid in a candy store

    • tv_paul

      Willy Wanker perhaps?

    • fun with drugs

      i love thong asses

  • Trevor Muxlow

    I love a nice bum!!

  • tv_paul

    #57 I like the easy access.

    • OhioChiver

      Tough angle to call, but looks very much like CountryGirls sexy jawline and neck. Amongst other obvious attributes. 😉

      • its_forge

        Has CountryGirl done any pantyless poses? She's a lovely girl either way.

  • 2on1

    #51 – part of my recurring fantasy

    • sfb101

      Instant wood when I saw this!

      • Taco_Depot

        some things are implied & are better left unsaid.

  • misschris

    #44 God damn! You ladies could give someone a heart attack… but it'd be a great way to go!

  • @dbumbaco

    #12 #18 and #58

    • Ashley

      Thanks Hun 🙂

  • $am

    It's ALL about the HUMPS!!!

  • pa'ver

    #1 well, as a matter of fact, yes.

  • patov40

    #3, Short shorts and cowboy boots? Yeah that'll work. B)

  • beef

    Favorites #8 #45 #48 # 52 #13

  • Ken

    A lot of nice butts in here but I likes me some Asian hiney's! #1

    • FunKiller

      Flat pancake asses?

      • Ken

        To each his own man!

        • FunKiller

          I will agree that nothing beats a perfectly proportioned Asian girl!!

  • Mr. T

    There are way too many nice humps to put just one #!

    • ...


    • J. D. Rage



    #51, #58, & #65 Please and Thank You!!!

  • tv_paul

    #55 Ledgen….wait for it…derriere!

  • BladeIcewood

    Gotta agree with the editor on #14 and #65…WOW

    • guest

      We have very similar tastes BI, very similar.

  • stan

    #15 2 in the pink 1 in the stink

    • ChivetoSurvive

      That ain't pink, it's burnt orange.

  • idp0318

    who is #8 and where can i see more of her?

    • loves sammiches

      Find that juicy double

    • You're welcome

      Be careful some nsfw Nicole Montero

    • 5.56

      Amanda Roadmen, Victoria's Secret

  • tcaddy

    i was having a bad until i saw #15 and #24 then i realized there is hope after all !!!!!

  • burlap

    #27 omg beautiful love the tattoo. Need a better picture f it

    • burlap


    • Jimmy

      Not sure I agree. Looks like a giant muff.

      Anyone remember the Demi "looks like I am birthing a bear cub" Moore pics from the 80's?

    • Simon

      Yesssssssssssssss we need it!!!!!

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