I’ve been hungover for two days and I need some FLBP ASAP (41 Photos)

  • theyellowfever

    #20 I feel like I should be offended but all I am is aroused. Boobs > racism?

    • Juggernaut

      You should only feel offended if you don't like the idea of people parading around a symbol which represents a war fought by a group of people to justify their enslavement of another group of people. Other than that, fap away.

      • RonnieJ

        +1 to this. i hate to bring up the most over-used example in the history of the internet, but how different would people feel if that was a swastika? not that the confederacy was necessarily the same as the nazis – at least in terms of mass murder and genocide. but i think it is nevertheless important to remember that many of the same ideas about race, and specifically white supremacy – that a particular group of people was inherently superior to another, due to their race – enabled the end results of both instances (slavery and the holocaust.)

        • Roco

          the confederate flag is heritage, not hate. KCCO

          • Jack

            Heritage, yes. Heritage of…a nation founded and a war fought to continue slavery. Read a book. KCCO.

          • Filbur

            a heritage of hate

            • Chief Slapahoe

              wrong delta bravo…you only think that because you know so little about the subject

          • Chief Slapahoe

            wish I had more thumbs up for you… less uninformed, knee jerk reacting, faux humanists and more people who care to know about the things they rant about.

        • realio

          Africans sold other Africans as slaves, and a lower priced labor force is both a historical, "real world" reason for slavery in past centuries (to the modern day, in whatever form that persists) and is arguably one of the primary underpinnings to any industrial or commercial growth. Now then. Before you purport to divine lessons from history from a swimsuit, at least be honest that the dynamic you are troubled by (i.e., slavery) obviously preceded the Confederacy and exists independently of the allegedly inflammatory iconography- modern expression via fashion that touch and concerns the Confederate flag. People have always enslaved others- if not merely as a spoil of war. Racial mores was not the "reason" in the end. To intimate that the Several States of the south- that existed at one particular time in a larger mosaic of history- is comparable to Nazi eugenics shows your own ignorance on what the issues are, free expression, the freedom to support what you were raised supporting- or, the dispassionate acceptance to just be a better person and not care what "race" or culture our mere bodies reveal.

          Speaking of which, this site is best for revealing photos from tasteful women. Ah, the Chive! Peace

          • dane

            Jesus, guys, it's just a bikini.

            • Illiterate Hillbilly

              See, that's the problem – it's not just a bikini. Whether you think the Confederate flag stands for southern heritage or racism and slavery, it is loaded with meaning.

              • Tony

                It's not loaded with meaning…it's loaded with nice tits

          • John

            Wait – are you honestly saying that you don't see a problem with supporting a nation that was founded on slavery because it wasn't the only one to do so? Look, you can ascribe whatever meaning to it you want, but that good ol' heritage that you were raised on is inextricably linked to slavery. Fears that the North wanted to abolish slavery in the South existed for decades before the war, which is what pushed the Southern extremists to call for secession. The fact is that Southerners, while they did believe that they were the ones who were preserving the vision of the Founding Fathers, were violating all tenets of personal liberty and self-determination through their nation's very existence (the Confederate constitution explicitly protected the right to own slaves.) Cling to your "heritage" if you must, but remember that that heritage, at its core, is the story of a failed attempt by wealthy whites to hold another people group in bondage – and if there's anything that is quintessentially un-American, it's that. Enjoy.

            • realio

              Actually, John, I don't have any problem supporting the United States- and I have zero problem with people flying the Confederate flag. It is inextricably linked to our nation's heritage. Presumably unlike you, I've been to all six habitable continents and- guess what- only in America do we find uptight losers like yourself living in a fantasy land, i.e., as if, in the end, the ancestors of the Africans brought over to the US for slavery don't have a better life than in Africa? Over there, I saw civil war, limbs chopped off by rebels, and the Khoi San people pushed to the dusty Kalahari desert…living in skins. What, you want me to look at my blessed life with some heightened sense of undue remorse over slavery in so many years gone by? Sorry, I don't carry crosses upon request.

              We need the wood.

              If you think your self-perceived plight here in America is so bad, move to Africa and let us know how it goes.

              "Thy love afar is spite at home." – Emerson

      • Chief Slapahoe

        obviously this guy is an expert on american history. You can tell because he knows "the reason" for the civil war. Juggernaut, slavery was one of several reasons for the civil war. Another one would be states rights vs. centralized government authority. To your credit, it is much simpler to see a flag and start hating like it is your job.

    • LSC-Desirea'

      I'm just surprised I havnt been called a redneck yet!… lol… Just enjoy the boobs guys! 😉

      • Black Chiver

        Redneck. The South lost by the way.

        • Countryboy225

          LOL.Any haters can stay up north. You really think we call THIS ^^^^ LOSING down here?!

          • Illiterate Hillbilly

            Absolutely! My girlfriend likes to wear a Yugoslavian flag thong sometimes…she too likes wearing symbols of countries that don't exist anymore. We also have an Ottoman Empire ottoman.

        • Hey, you...

          …back of the bus.

      • mike

        Maybe he went down there to find girls who didn't have ugly tattoos AND thought that the south should not have been part of the US…

        • Louellen

          I love the south. Love that flag. Love black people too. I also know all the words to Simple Man. I'll walk around whistling Dixie loud enough to brag. That flag doesn't represent racism to me. Represents something I guess y'all will never understand. You don't like it? Come and take it.

          • whitey

            that already happened – it was called the civil war — you lost, get over it.

          • The North

            We'll be right there.

          • zgl

            her name is 'lou ellen' lol, how appropriate ;p

      • DeflaterMouse

        My south is rising again. Heyooooooooo!

      • Redneck454

        Seriously ppl we dnt need a fuckin history lesson for the jackasses that take offense to this flag I'm sorry but it's a symbol of southern heritage not hate I'm not gonna lecture everyone on it but damn it's a swim suit chill out and enjoy the view

      • coco

        pointless discussion about historical symbols? No, BOOBS!!!

      • liv


      • Filbur

        they ARE some really nice boobs

    • A Guy

      Fucking idiots need to actually star paying attention in school so they would actually know what the Civil War was about. You know the North had slaves, too. They just didn't call them slaves and instead of giving them homes and taking care of them, they underpaid them so low that African Americans were poor. The North wanted votes from African Americans, that's why they resisted the Confederates in they goal to make USA the country our forefathers wanted it to be. The country as a whole (North and South) went to Africa and bought their people from the village Chieftains. The North didn't like that the South didn't have to pay for their workers, so they decided that they needed to make them legal citizens to get votes. The South started the Confederate States of America to bring back the patriotism, not the corrupt government that we know today. I have Confederate heritage and live in the South here in Mississippi. I have befriended and worked along side of Hispanics, African Americans, and various Asians alike. I have worn the Confederate Flag on my hat or a t-shirt around these people and they found no offense that I was proud of my heritage, because majority of the time, they were proud of their own. Just because you don't understand something, don't hate it. Or before you do, educate yourself a little more and get off the fucking computer and try to understand how the world really works.

      • Kyle

        Pretty much every part of this statement is wrong, except for the fact that the North had slaves. The Civil war was started because the South thought it should have the right to secede from the Union if ti so pleased, and the North disagreed, thus the war was started. Only later did Lincoln pass the Emancipation Proclamation to "free slaves" in the South, which at the time he had no control over them anyway, so he never actually freed anyone with the document. He only passed it to make the war about slavery, which it wasnt about that at all. Making the war about slavery gave the North more to fight for. The South wasn't trying to bring back patriotism. The South was trying to leave the Union all together, probably so that they could uphold all of their racist ideals with no intervention from the North. Do a little homework before you start telling other people to educate themselves.

        • http://rgplayer.blogspot.com/ RG Player

          Point taken. Someone who is actually educated. I was waiting for an educated response. Though this is what the American History text books say. History books do say the Confederates wanted the right to secede from the Union, but it was because the wanted the freedom visioned by their forefathers (seems pretty patriotic to me to do what it takes to make their people's lives better with actually freedom). They saw the USA was making a turn for the worst and knew they couldn't change it. The USA didn't want to split to country into two and the greedy bastards we are, it was a kick to the balls to North because it was embarrassing to them. "Honest Abe" along with other politicians wanted to make the African Americans legal citizens to create more votes. This statement is true as today politicians want to make illegal Mexicans citizens to get their votes. How do you think it's so easy for them to get across the border? The whole country did go to Africa and bought their people from African Chiefs. You gotta go beyond the textbooks bro.

          • Louellen

            Right On. There's titties up there boys. Titties..nice rebel titties. The history lesson rocked. I honestly dont think any reader acquired any new knowledge about the Civil War. Now, let's all get back to talking about titties.

            • http://rgplayer.blogspot.com/ RG Player

              'Merica! Sorry, my redneck is showing. XD I just get all antsy when someone is misinformed about something so serious. You wouldn't believe how many people out of state come to Mississippi and expect to see nothing but dirt roads and completely illiterate, racist asses. =P Those are some nice breasts. I consider dude VERY lucky. =D

          • Illiterate Hillbilly

            Sure, they wanted the freedom envisioned by their forefathers…to, amongst other things, own slaves if they wanted to. You absolutely cannot separate the two, unless you're willing to say that slavery wasn't that big of a deal.

      • Frank

        People like things to be simple. Simple is that the Civil War was only about slavery. It was not, as you pointed out, but that goes against what some people want to think or have been "taught." It was about heritage, and the realization on the part of Southern states that they would lose out to the more industrialized, more populated, Northern states. Southerners who were in power wanted to maintain the status quo and they understood that they could not unless they split from the North. I lived in the South years ago, southerners rarely called it the "Civil War." They called it the War Between the States, and in a few cases, the War of Northern Aggression.

        • Isaac

          A states right to chose for its people over federalism. That was the reason for succession. Reason for those states rights, be it slavery, among other things diminishes a point in which I agree with. I detest the idea of slavery, but look it up. There are more people enslaved today, in our modern era, than any other time in history. Sadly, a lot of them are young women in Asia for sex trade purposes. Our world now is worse than then with less people willing to actually fight for something. I love Charleston S.C. . Take a walk down Meeting Street and you can read the plaques. The entire succession was engineered by, I think it was 4 or 5 people. All of them neighbors.

          • Isaac

            Oh, There is a nice body in a bikini up there. Almost forgot. Chive on from GA I suppose. 🙂

          • eo2

            Thank you. Does not seem many people remember states rights.
            R.I.P Liberty

            Lets get back to BOOBS

    • "FroDaddy"

      Well guys, I met this Chivette in person, and she is every bit as sexy in person as she is in this picture. As far the negative coniataions brought up about her bikini, its about Southern Pride, it has nothing to do with anything negative or Racial! You have to look beyond the bikini! WOW!

      • Thhh

        Wow this has 40 replys now 41!!

  • Mk1


    • Mk2

      You will never win at anything….can't even come in last place!

  • Dan

    Thanks for this 1am refresher

  • Trav1121

    #31 Breeeeeee! Can't wait for the gallery! Lots more to come.

    • Truth

      Bree is a Chivette now? She really gets around.

    • DTAB

      You can't wait for the gallery? It's called google….you can see every square inch of her body and something in every hole.

      • AAC

        Bree who? Olsen?

    • Ned Ryerson

      40 pictures of her in a Chive shirt… they are amazing!! POST POST POST!!

    • leroyjenkins

      Or just follow her on twitter for the 40…

  • NZ Chiver

    #33 hot damn that is an hour glass if I ever saw one with looks to boot!

    also if #11 isn't #19 giant boobed cat war over same bikini start in t-minice 3….2….1….

    • grammarnazi


      • Jack Wagon

        Leave him alone, he's a foreigner, he doesn't know any better

    • Number11

      Number 11 and Number 19 are not the same girl, although their bathing suits are very similar. 😛

  • SuperiorTo8

    #15 I am envious of whoever's hands did that

    • jim

      Tom Hanks did that.

      • http://www.facebook.com/shannon.coverdale.3 Shannon Coverdale


  • Ice Man

    been waiting for more FLBP

  • Jak

    #11. Them puppies are damn near perfect. Wow

    • Herb

      You must be her brother?

      • Whatsthatabout

        What kind of comment is that? That's just strange…I agree with Jak!

  • B Dub

    This……was simply an incredible post. Right from #1. You've outdone yourself today Chive. Bravo….

    • Truth


  • F16Chiver

    #9 and #13 marry me

  • M4jestic

    #23 those are very awesome googles…

    • KNIGHT

      Someone pls Find her!!! She is smoking hot !!

    • Beaker

      she misspelled bewbs

    • case10

      Another whore who found eyeglasses.

  • BGON

    #19 Is yummy town.
    #27 Makes me feel funny.

    • Chickbusters

      #27 is Kaitlyn from WWE.

      • Huzzah

        Ha ha! Someone with the name Chickbusters had better know that!

      • someguy

        Doing her Ultimate Warrior impression I'm assuming. She's a beauty, she has some pictures of her playing golf that do her curves justice.

  • timm

    #34 mind the gap!

    • Cynster

      Holly man face batman!!

  • Scott

    I may have fallen in love with #32.

  • gumby

    #21 pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • oridotan


    At the right place
    wearing the right outfit
    and making a sandwich

    Total WIN

  • Ant

    I love #15!!!!!

  • Tramp F. Artesian

    #34 – Current Upper Face Problems

    • Nick

      MAJOR case of butter face

      • Kristen

        Agreed…looks like that Rachel Madcow dude.

      • Filbur


    • http://www.facebook.com/abigail.lane.16 Abigail Lane

      You should see my normal face, a little less buttery!

      • http://www.facebook.com/toledo11 Matt Orosz

        One of the best flbp today.
        Thanks for posting, one chiver to another.

        • http://www.facebook.com/abigail.lane.16 Abigail Lane

          Totally made up for be butter face comment, thanks!

          • Kristen

            Looks like the whole neighborhood just fell out of you crotch.

      • Mikey

        Your FB photo shows that you are indeed very pretty and your FLBP photo shows you have a smoking body. Ignore the haters. 🙂
        Thanks for sharing Ms Lane. ❤

      • morebeer

        This photo is just a little derpy…don't even sweat it

      • Dan

        One of my favorites in a long time. Seriously

    • drew

      you quite possibly have the most amazing body I've ever seen on this site, beautiful face too, just silly smile.

    • AT1 MexiCAN

      How do you figure, I guarantee she's ridiculously beautful, just making a silly face!!!! Girl, if you want a real man, give me a shout!

      • AT1 MexiCAN

        SOB! She is a keeper! Thanks for posting!

  • http://www.facebook.com/toledo11 Matt Orosz

    FLBP makes Mondays tolerable.

  • http://www.facebook.com/taylor.younce Taylor Younce

    #23 Move over, Jordan…I've got a new favorite #23!

  • dan


    • CabanaBoy

      Nice stacked little body, and great legs!

    • Ryan

      That very well may be Kaitlyn

    • ManZombie

      Beat me to it!! This is amazing!!! She doesn't even look old enough to know who that is hahaha. Hot as Hell.

  • RealZoo

    #22…There is some sexy going on with her.

  • DBig

    Holy crap, Chive! You're gone and outdone yourselves! Gonna have to sleep on my side tonight.

  • Mikey

    #20 is he in the friend zone? I don't think he's in the friend zone.

    • CasualT

      I was in the friend zone for 2 years… Worth waiting for?…I think so. 😀

  • Tiber_Septim

    #35 Find her she's sexy cute and has a great smile and a great body

    • anonymous

      she just so happens to be 15

      • Tiber_Septim

        and you're an idiot

      • Johnny

        That explains the great body then

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