• YamahaRick

    Oh wow I'm 1st I think

  • Zack

    Wow. WTF is wrong with them

    • Frank M

      My guess is that they were in one building in India with air-conditioning.

    • TonyM

      They're happy. You should try it some times.

  • nemesis

    What the bollocks?

  • Anthony Hadley

    lol, too enthusiastic about B class acting and cinematography.

    • Craig

      I didn't realize this was a HOLLYWOOD movie they were watching…lol

  • Sammy Machielsen


  • Peter

    30secs of advertisement to watch a 27secs video, wtf chive!?

    • MylesofStyles

      Dear Peter. I have a message for you: 1999 would like it's browser back.

      • SomeONE

        Tow words Peter… Firefox, AdblockPlus

    • chong

      get add block haven't seen a single add in months

  • Hip-Hop-Anonymous

    Hey! You in the front! SIT THE FUCK DOWN!!!!

  • Nitin

    Haha, actually these troll movies are from south india region 😛

    Its called tollywood in India and is nowhere close to bollywood.

    • KiTT

      It's B grade tollywood Nitin :p Meant for the rickshaw wallas and the likes :p

  • Matt

    I can't imagine what it smells like in that movie theater.

    • FACT


      • Scaggnettii

        curry popcorn….

    • banananah

      sweat and manliness. Just look at the actor, all manly and awesome.

      • _DoC_

        Guess we all know who got a fap off on that clip.

    • thedude325

      Reminds me of this

  • Anonymous

    hahah….this is exactly what hapns…crazzzyyy about the movies 😛

  • tv_paul

    They're excited because they just got the news that Chris Kattan was being sentenced to life in prison for his acting on AMC "Bollywood Hero" show.

  • observer

    This is like the equivalent of North Americans clapping laughing out loud during a film. It seems like they're either cheering on the protagonist or simply enjoying the action. Think of how you look when cheering on your favourite NFL team

    • Matt

      Yeah, but we don't smell like curry.

      • KiTT

        Oh, then maybe you smell like semen in a used condom?

        • _DoC_

          Possibly…my used condoms get piled up in my bedside trashcan so once I put on the dirty clothes laying in the floor next to the bed I can only imagine the odors they pick up.

          That being said….I'd rather smell like the semen in your moms used vagina than curry.

  • true story

    People who clap in a movie theater are just as worthy of ridicule.

  • Damn Right

    Whats with all the negative voting? I would be pissed to watch a movie in that kind of theater

  • Karl

    This is probably staged or part of some promotion or a university showing. I have been to India and the audience in the movies are dead quiet. Much quieter than even movies in the States. People get really upset if you even talk at all. I think because it is escapism for a lot of people so they stfu while in the theatre.

    • Rhcp

      See, this post is accurate. And there's nothing more that I like than an accurate statement.

    • Karl

      Oh…and I forgot to mention, in India they have an intermission in middle of the movie (probably to sell concessions and drinks but it is appreciated to be able to go to the restroom anyway) and even the intermissions are oddly quiet! I mean people aren't silent but there isn't a lot of carrying on or loud behavior either. Weird.

    • _DoC_

      I honestly thought this was in Detroit….

  • alex

    This makes a baby crying in the theater somehow bearable.

    • downfall616

      i was gonna say loud whispering doesn't seen as bad now

  • GernBlansten

    You would get something similar at any given Martin Lawrence/Tyler Perry movie on the south side of Atlanta.

  • J. D. Rage

    and I thought I enjoyed movies! WTF!

  • MylesofStyles

    The title of this clip should be changed to "Poo Flinging Simians Occupy Movie Theater".

    • Thomas

      You're thinking of Madagascar 3.

  • pennywise79

    I imagine this is what it was like if you went to see "Friday" in the theaters.

  • Dumbian

    this is ridiculous, I have seen many a movie while working in India and never experienced anything like this.

  • meee


  • Eder St Cool

    Someone must've been giving out free curry…..

  • Joshward

  • Stick

    India: Where every movie is the Rocky Horror Picture Show

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