• Bob.

    My names Bob… I'm here to fuck shit up and chew bubble gum…. and I'm all out of bubble gum o.0

    • Pißwasser

      jesus rollerblading christ! who gives a flying fuck?!

    • Needlegun13

      Stop. Just…..stop now.
      Tell your parents not to let you on the intrawebs any more.

      • Bob.

        you had to be on at 4am EST to understand why I said that.. with that said, kick rocks..

    • JHL1

      2002 – People commenting would have something to say.
      2012 – 50 people try to post "First", or possibly mumble something about bubble gum.

      • nexant

        And no one mentions Duke Nukem

  • Glenn Quagmire

    Porn on a 56k modem , I was there man , I was there

    • Verbal_Kint

      8 and 16 bit porn at that…

    • AllanA

      It took forever to view a porn gallery back in the day, kids now a days are so lucky

    • SLy_C


      • ush


    • Mike

      It was quicker to watch a actual girl undress than wait for porn to download at 56k

    • Jess

      We had still pictures and we liked it!

    • Pfizzle

      I remember getting my first broadband modem in 2002 in college, splitting the cost with my roomate. I could hear angels singing "Hallelujah" in the background, and probably didn't leave the house for a week. I think I P2Ped so much porn, I need several hard drives.

    • BType13X2

      Where you there when porn was attempting to make out a boob on the scrambled channels going from that to 56k then to broadband now to a 50mb/s connection…. wow… I must really love porn, think I should get help?

    • JHL1

      My first electronic porn was on a 2400bps modem. That modem was awesomely fast compared to my 300bps and 1200bps modems.

    • WhiteMud

      Back in my day, we had to walk up hill, both ways, in the snow, to get to a library to watch porn.

      • hu flung poo

        With a piece of leather tied to the bottom of my feet for shoes. Gawd Dam whippersnappers!

  • Ben

    wow we come from a long way

    • JohnMcClane_

      This graphic makes me feel so old…ugh…

    • Flox

      Much longer than this infographic even shows. Looking at it made me realize that 2002 doesn't seem all that far back in terms of Internet "evolution". I mean in 2002 Netscape was already pretty much gone (apparently as it doesn't even appear in that graphic anymore), Napster had already been done in by Metallica & Dr.Dre and the first graphical MMORPG had been out for 11 years.
      Also, in 2002 people were already getting rude. Yes, people weren't always rude online. (But that pervert thing was already going strong)

    • davo

      according to the top ten net searches, no, we haven't come a long way at all. apparently we're still into total and utter shit.

  • Tiber_Septim

    Grow and evolve or die

    • Nine Divines

      What in oblivion is that!?!?

  • Chester

    bad presentation

  • @AwkwardBeans

    That infographic is missing an icon for the fucks i give about how obvious it is internet use has increased

  • Direthol

    yeah recogniced all the logos of 2002 😀


      Too bad you haven't learned to spell since then.

  • hoot

    dude fix that shit

  • jessica

    Still too much internet explorer.

    • Pißwasser

      IE9 is pretty good

      • god

        slap your self if u like IE

    • bird

      I have trouble believing that Safari use isn't large enough to merit its own section on that pie graph.

    • saveferris

      Internet Explorer, the web browser used to download better web browsers.

  • Christian

    Ohh the magic of Youtube!!!

  • Gregory Scholz

    As a web developer. Accurate except for the browser statistics. IE is way behind chrome and firefox. Just saying….

    • Unfkngblvbl

      ….but it's usage. Most people aren't savvy enough to switch from Explorer. They aren't on the PC enough.

    • Canickian

      Nobody should hire you then. the latest IE is better performing it just lacks useful extensions.

    • Brute Sentiment

      Not only that. No Safari usage. Even if it's the minority on desktops, it's still the primary browsing tool on the leading mobile devices. According to at least StatCounter, Safari has nearly 10% of the browsing market, while Opera's more like 3.5%.

      Granted these are the types of numbers that aren't easy to report or check on, but the exclusion of Safari makes me wonder about some of the rest of the numbers.

  • Bill

    Really Rebecca Black in 2012? I thought she was kinda famous for 3 weeks in 2011

    • JHL1


      • JHL1

        Just kidding. I wish I didn't know who she was.

  • JJL

    A decade of the interwebs and I still can't see the graphic on my iPhone.

  • partysauce

    they messed up the top searches. pretty sure no one is searching for Ryan Dunn in 2012 seeing how he died in 2011

    • Frank Marasco

      Alot of the searching is probably people saying ,"Wait, He died ?" And then searching it

  • Bonnie

    I didn't respond to shit !

  • A.J.R

    That was pretty cool but those search results for 2012 is bull

  • Wisti

    I like ninjas better…

  • Retired Navy

    All this technology and for what,,,to read erroneous crap posted by some nut job.

  • Zaedrus

    That many people still use Internet Explorer!????

  • Rich

    555 million websites, 554,499,999 of them porn.

    • GatOne

      The other, of course, being The Chive. And we thank them for it…

  • @FrederLusi

    just as Clarence implied I didnt know that someone can earn $5989 in a few weeks on the internet. did you see this web page (Click on menu Home more information)

  • Brother Maynard

    I need to check out this internet thing. Looks like it might be pretty cool.

  • Sam

    I think I have about 10 unused free month subscription cds for AOL in my room at my parents house. Oh the memories of picking up that shrieking phone accidentally.

    • thedude325

      Those were the days. When you would have to get off the internet for your parents to make a phone call. Or you would call a friend to hang out and you would get that fuckin dial up noise.

  • Noname

    Really? 39% of users still use IE? I don't let anything by Microsoft anywhere near my computer.

    • bigcityreem

      We still use it at my job, but we also have Firefox as an option.

  • WTF

    I still remember Compuserve. Fuck it. I'm old.

    • perdurabo0

      I found Internet posts I made in 1992, the other day. In 2002, the Internet already seemed well established.

    • The Andychrist

      Yeah, I remember that too, and prodigy.

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