Best photos of the week (60 Photos)

  • Bubba

    #20 thank you

    • Matt Alvis

      just got an underage drinking ticket and all i can think about is this girl… Find her please

    • Paula_

      Oh fuck these reposts, bring on the cats! I'm having a barbecue tonight so I need some!

      – Fan testimonial: "There's a lot of people on the Internet with high blood pressure who risk death by troll – JohnnyBoy"

  • marc


    • Jack Wagon

      or not

  • Larry

    #3 amazing #6 like a boss #12. I'd love to see the view from his side.

  • @JJrrake

    Fyi summers over so ill be retiring. Dont wry tho ill stop in on occasion to put all u bros in ur place.
    But do me a favor and dont get too boring while im gone.

    Ps who else thinks minka kelly is # 1? Way better the sju

    • Trav1121

      Later, dude. KCCO and see ya in the funny pages.

    • Morgan Freeman

      Never come back.

    • notferme

      …he is going to serve his sentence for having those illegal photos…

      • @JJrrake

        Yall blow at commenting barely worthy of me retorting

        • Snuggs

          aww, and I thought mine was quite witty.

    • Child Please

      Later, Bitch.

    • whoa

      Peace out, sucka.

    • Snuggs

      You're ill? Thats terrible, it seems to be affecting your typing, you should a doctor right away. Hope u gt bttr soon……o gawd, it's contagious!!!!

    • gnocco

      definition of summerfag

      • Jen

        he's going back to middle school.

    • John Brown

      Bon Chance mon frere! Now that you have significantly more free time, do you seriously think you usage is going to drop off? Well either way goo luck and by all means enjoy the hell out of your free times! Gongratulations!

  • Nachooooooo

    #16 Ashley Smith. She went to my high scool.

    • Child Please

      Fun fact of the day wasn't so fun after all

    • Robertas Klemanskis

      tell me more… 😀

  • Jonnie

    #5 monkey see, monkey do!

  • Trevor Muxlow

    # 45 blome

    • spaceace

      Blome indeed.

  • ChillApple

    Would you rather? #38 or #53

    • @JJrrake

      Oo thats a good one. Id prob ratjer get kicked than touch that beast with a ten foot pole

    • Byron_Black

      Dude! She may be chubby but that doesn't mean that she's a leper.

    • David Riky

      A kick in the nuts.

    • JHL1

      I'd hit it. #38

      • Tommy

        I would definitely hit it.

        • John Brown

          She has a pretty face etc, I definitely would but Woody's got to go. Can't stand people or things watching me while I'm doin the deed.

    • AkaL

      #38 Doesn't matter had sex…

    • Jesus

      Dude… it's called alcohol. Great at making you get some beer goggles and conveniently forget about an unpleasant night, but it won't bring your balls back. Especially after they've been kicked by a guy who's a professional at kicking shit.

  • eric_g_tx

    dude…wow #8

    • Shannon Coverdale

      I don't think that's a dude

  • MO Chiver

    #52, my laptop has run out of color!

    • Anti-Clever

      If that is all you notice, then I have said news: you are gay

    • John Brown

      add toner

      • wookie

        add boner

  • North

    The entire Mac post from the other day should have made it to the best photos of the week

  • Philip Davis

    #18 Thats teamwork #35 true american #40 sweet mother of god thank you

  • Neal


  • Kevin Waterman

    #58 So beautiful! Wow, stunning.

    • Kman

      she really looks like riley steele to me..

  • hungry

    #29 this should be in the camel toe tuesday post

    • bdg


    • ChiverDude

      That is straight up moose knuckle!

      • MAKK

        My Thoughts EXACTLY!!!

    • Alan Carlson

      that is a beautiful sight

    • loverboy

      it…for some reason I don't get the camel toe tuesday….but I must agree she'd be a beautiful addition{ said while licking lips…mine unfortunately}

  • Cassells

    At first I thought "That's some pretty stringy mozzarella" Then I thought "Oh no wait, It's her bra!" Then I thought "Dam… I'm hungry!"

    • theyellowfever

      Ali Drew, in case anyone's wondering.

  • TX Chiver

    #29. Wow I think I'm in love 😉 Need more like that on here

    • Yuri Dumbass

      I think You spelled "lust" wrong

    • Alan Carlson

      -4 on the thumbs up, it is official the chive has turned gay

  • Jake

    #58 Who is this angel?

    • Mike

      Why? what you gonna do you ugly twat.

    • Chickapedia

      Amanda Lichenscru

      • its_forge

        Yes and don't we all need Amanda Lichenscru?

    • MBChiver

      Chivette Kaylie. She had her own post, but it looks like it might have been taken down…

  • 173

    My pepsi days are over, best coca cola commercial ever .

  • zak

    #37 was cropped entirely incorrectly.

    • abakala

      I hate Andy Roddick.

      • Canucks_Rule

        didn't even realize that was brooklyn till i saw ur post. agreed, fuck andy roddick.

    • Genie_grammar_nazi

      entirely incorrectly. you mean entirely wrong

    • its_forge

      And really the shutter could have been snapped from about six feet around a circle to the right…

  • Patches

    #1 "Oh look how wacky and zany I am! I'm going to put on a bunch of weird stuff and pose while someone takes a photo of me! Isn't that just wacky and zany? I'm such a character!"

    How is this one of the best photos of the week? It's just some loser dressing like a loser so he can get on the internet.

    • mittens

      I'm kind of shocked that you got thumbs down for that.

      • abakala

        You just described 99% of the photos on the internet.

        • notferme

          …and 99% of the Chivette photos…

  • Vdr

    #3 pls find her we really need moar!!!!

    • Mark Weisen

      we also need to find out where she works!

  • A BiPolar Guy

    #46 this is why i don't drink pepsi

    • bdg

      Coke makes your tits big!!!!!-New marketing strategy!!!

      • MotherJugsnSpeed

        the more she drinks the bigger they get, That's why she calls them her "Jugs"

    • notferme

      …Coca Cola causes rashes to break out on you're arms…

      • Child Please

        Aaaaand now we're serious.

    • chiver

      fire up the photoshop

  • Ryan Davis

    #18 Now thats fucking teamwork!!!!

  • bkfrijoles

    #59 GO Granny GO Granny Go Granny GO

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