• Dan

    Thanks for making me smile this morning. I really needed that.

    • rachelj

      i bet your awesome and should smile more

  • https://www.facebook.com/klove.todd Caleb Todd


  • mastrrob

    If this was an awwww post, I would have lost.

    • http://www.facebook.com/dangatlin Daniel Gatlin

      I would have lost miserably.

  • r00s7a

    Awwwwwwww! 🙂

  • RYNO!

    I thought you were more of a cat-lady, Mac!

  • Anonymous

    Mac…I dare you to do a black is beautiful piece for chive is racist dip shit!!! I double dog dare you!!!

  • bwmyers18

    Dogs are awesome. Period.

  • SweetBaby

    The paw in the air is the cutest part:)

  • Tiber_Septim

    Damn that awww got me bad, very cute puppy.

  • NickiVonLove

    This us beyond adorable. I adore little baby puppies.

  • eLurker

    It will be interesting to see this behavior when the pup is 80+ lbs. THEN try to ignore it!

    • Katie

      They don't make it quite to 80 lbs but I get what you're saying. 50 lbs is still a lot to ignore.

  • Peter

    I need to get one !


    Bitch you hit that dog again and I will cut you!

  • Joe

    I'd rather see the girl behind the camera! Where's that video?

    • RYNO!

      The woman just gave birth. You can hear the new baby coo in the video. She deserves more respect than you eye fucking her after she just gave birth to her child.

      • mellow

        Well, let's see those big plump milkin titties then!

        • Shockteck

          LOOOOOOL I love how that had twice as many likes as the last comment. Guess RYNO! forgot what site they were on.

      • Guest

        She deserves respect for giving birth? Literally billions of people have also done it

    • spucifer

      i love the chive, even when theres no women in the video theres still a " find"

  • Andrew

    this dog stole my manhood

    • Guest

      That sounds pretty wrong…

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    Dammit, girl! Your puppy obviously wants to play, NOT listen to you repeatedly saying "What?"!

    Get down on the floor and play with him!

  • Greg R.

    I want one, badly.

  • Shadowwight

    I don't think it's physically possible to *not* smile while watching this without hurting yourself.. 😉

    • Deonte

      It's hella cute

  • http://h8rgnh8.wordpress.com h8rgnh8

    I love bulldogs! English and French are my fav. Makes me want to get a puppy

  • http://h8rgnh8.wordpress.com h8rgnh8

    I love bulldog’s! He is so cute. Makes me want a puppy again.

  • Soldasd

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  • Ben

    I want one, I've wanted a Bulldog forever. I have two Basset Hounds, but I still want a Bully.

    • peanut3603

      Cool story bro..

  • Mike

    Put your fucking phone down and pet your dog – fuck.

  • AssHaterson

    Anybody selling man cards? I just lost mine.

  • MTG

    This bully is going to be a little insane in the membrane.

    While cute when they're puppies, when he's 60lbs barking and going after anything, he can get carried away and become aggressive even though it's not in their nature.

    I've seen behavior like this before with male bullies. I've got two.

    • sam

      try having a 130 pound lab, then come talk to me. 60 lbs is nothing

      • peanut3603

        Try having a 220 pound English Mastiff, then come talk to me. 130 lbs is nothing.

        • Frank

          Try having a 750 pound horse, then come talk to me. 220 lbs is nothing.

          • Captain

            Try having a 1250 pound mother, then come talk to me. 750 lbs is nothing.

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