Chivettes make Madden 2013 sexy (24 HQ Photos)

To celebrate today's release of Madden NFL 2013, 2013 we decided to have a nice photoshoot with some sexy gamer girls. Who wouldn't want to mix two awesome pastimes together?

So I called Asa Hope, our resident gamer, and asked if she knew any other gamer girls who didn't like wearing clothes, "No problem." Asa's always been a game time player. Thanks to Nikki (Blonde), Sharly (Brunette) for joining us. It was a memorable afternoon.

Enjoy the shoot and the new Madden 2013…

Asa’s Twitter Machine.

  • Shmaw

    #8 Thats my new desktop background.

  • Guest

    Whoo let's glorify white women! They are the hottest thing around! They are perfect! They have the best asses! "………………

    • Ryan

      Hope u r being sarcastic because they are not perfect. A lot of them are fake, judgemental, annoying as heck, and easy. I said a lot ..not all. Def prefer other races. These women are pretty but nothing great at all. Let's see these women without all the caked on makeup…guarantee not so great. Yea let's not glorify white women….

  • mtd

    niki is sooo smokin hot….she needs HQ chivette of the week

    • Andrew


  • P90

    Just when I thought Asa couldn't get any more awesome, boom hot friends.

  • sean

    For the love of all that is digital and fun, moar Nikki!

  • bigcityreem

    #24 You lucky bastard. Is your office accepting applications?

  • Troy

    All of a sudden white girls want to have a big ass. Figures…..want to tan to be darker and now to have a big ass…Hmmmmmmmmm

    • Guest

      I actually a point. Can't argue there

  • Adam

    #9, #13, # 18, #21… MOAR!

  • TjRauch

    #22 has got it all! come play anytime! rauchendu!

  • Phildo

    It would help if the controllers were actually on.

  • Wildman

    The girls are hot as hell,but XBOX sucks,graphics are horrible,PS3 rules!

    • Jessica Condrey

      Wildman, you and I think alike 😉

  • Levi

    I sooooo wanna be the arm of that chair!!

  • Rick

    #1 MOAR of nikki tush!

  • anon

    The controllers arent on (No green ring) So why would they make them act like they're playing? Idk…I thought chicks looking hot as fake fans was good enough. Besides Madden is a crap game.

  • Ono

    I'm pretty sure this is not real..this is just for photos.we all know white women whine and cry when their men are playing video games. Sluts…

  • Tony Giap

    madden 13 sucks! no fantasy draft in franchise mode!!!

  • Average_Joe123

    There is something about her expression in #13 that is so hawt..

  • Huge

    Oh fuck off!

    John, it's reaching_levels_approaching douchebaggery (had to Google the spelling, still get's it wrong).

    Tone it the fack down man!

  • Charley

    #24 chive = best job ever!

  • Joey

    good fucking lord..

  • czepp

    #14 Got lost in her clutching gaze!

  • James C

    #10 I'd like to see some MOAR of Sharly please…

  • BFM

    who is nikki and does she have a twitter?

  • Chazz_B

    i have the sudden urge to become a photographer… damn it

  • David Phillips

    NFL 2k5 is better lol

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