Ladies, please don’t do this… (19 Photos)

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  • Zach

    At least it's easier to spot the crazies
    Or zombies

  • AmericoPolk

    this is most horrifying

  • buy steroids uk

    some really nasty looking lips hwo can the owners think it looks good ?

  • @krisgiss

    These women all look like drag queens.

  • TommyKnockers

    This is awesome, really good post… of course it's obviously the new season of Face Off so these special FX makeup artists are really really good.

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  • jenny

    Some are beautiful and others not. Here is much better lip jobs 🙂

  • rizo7

    So much domestic violence 😉

  • Harvey Wall

    Don't get your lips or tits done. What you should get is some serious therapy. Girls, we can gauge the level of your, um, disturbance by the silly things you do to yourselves. It's an issue of insecurity and self worth. When you think you need big boobs or the duck lips, you are really telling us you are extremely insecure. Your not going to find happiness (or a "good" guy) like that.
    We can estimate you're psychosis by the fake cup size.
    What would you think of a guy that had a foot long FAKE penis?

  • Person

    BLEURGH! That is what my mouth sounds like right now. Although, I do wonder, like thor, if those women do, in fact, give better bjs.

  • Billy

    I didn't realize there was such a huge problem with women being stung on the lips by bees

  • natsu

    I would fuck all of them,and B-jobs so nice from those lips :3

  • Alexandra

    QUACK!!!! o.O

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