• shannow2000

    I haven't posted in any forums in years but this was just heart wrenching, such respect and admiration for their fallen comrades. Sad and great at the same time.

  • Thoridin58

    Can someone tell me what the soldier leading the Haka is holding in his right hand? I have seen something similar in the hands of Haka leaders in traditional Maori dress presentations.

    I can only imagine the intense emotions that those performing this Haka experienced. One soldier in particular, in front of the vehicle and with no medals/ribbons on his chest, looked like he was close to passing out during the second part of the Haka.

    • BrentNZ

      It is called a Mere, a simple but brutal weapon.

    • cody alexander

      the one in front of the car was the fallen soldiers partner. he was keeping a close eye on her. and the snipers there where make sure they made to to the gates. kia kaha aotearoa

      cody alexander

  • Thoridin58

    I am 20 years removed from my time in the USMC but I still remember and feel the sense of camaraderie we had. This send-off of fallen comrades brought tears to my eyes. We here in the US share in your loss

    Kia Kaha Aotearoa

  • Abe -Louisiana

    damn the chills from that. respect to the people that have fallen, fought, and are fighting for their country and freedom

  • sean

    this has sent a chill along my spine. A beautiful farewell to the fallen. with great respect I salute you all.

    Former lance corporal of the 11 Air Assault Brigade Royal Dutch Army.
    Nec temere, Nec timide.

  • Tom Albertino

    great way to rember the fallen

  • Tanya

    I am very touched by your brotherhood of soldiers and tradition of your culture. I am eager to learn more of your customs. Thank you for posting this.


    Medic, US Army

    • Mal Baker

      March out (Graduation ) ceremony for Cassino Company NZ Army…

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  • Average_Joe123


  • Jake Fucking Ober

    Kind of have a broner right now

  • Dave

    Wow..That's Intense

  • Degilda

    Amazingly moving, what a wonderful send off

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