• Dakota Moore

    that sure is a funny looking horn dad… mom has a rubber horn in her night stand

    • Just Sayin'

      "That's not mom's, son."

  • marcus

    ^ dude's on a mission to post SOMETHING on every video. "go on," look at the comment on the video before this.

    • Stian Mescudi

      so what?

    • bam bam

      you mad bro?

    • Josh

      It's called a comment section.

    • Dakota

      wow. sorry that i just happen to watch these videos last night and want to post a funny comment and not "first." you need to lighten up, douche

    • Emily Celeste Gosling

      Maybe he's just trying reallllly hard not to get any work done today. I know that's what I'm doing!

  • plumstreet

    Question is.. why does dad know how to make that so well?

  • Jim

    Nothing says practical joke like a penis horn!

  • temujin1234
  • Bluntaholic

    for best effect pause at 48 seconds.

    • Bluntaholic

      grrr 46 seconds

  • F16Chiver

    Great video besides the music.

  • @PaulSkoney

    If this isn't the best thing you have ever seen, YOU ARE LYING.

  • Jenny

    Douce dad of the year award goes to……

    • MylesofStyles

      The Spelling Award of the year goes to….

  • ---

    Fire Alec. This is fucking retarded.

  • janco

    That's a sever punishment for a kid.

  • General80

    hahah…dickhead 😀

  • Charliefreak

    Call child protective services and start the psycho therapy fund now.

  • Brett Hall

    So what you're say is his father is a douche bag.

  • Dan

    One of the greatest things I've ever seen.

    • FaQ

      Ummm…yeah, get out more.

  • Chubain

    Struggling to find the "funny" when it comes to penis jokes and young children. Thumbs down.

    • bigcityreem

      Lighten up. He'll look at the video later in life and laugh at it.

    • awe so sad

      Someone needs a good horning.

  • Shawna Stryker

    It's probably pretty sad I had to Google "what is a towel horn" …. yeah, I'm like that.

    • MylesofStyles

      In related news, a "trouser snake" is not really a snake, "the Hershey highway" is not an actual road, and "honkin' on bobo" does not involve a clown.

  • bigcityreem

    This guy deserves the "Father of the Year" award.

  • msee

    Now he needs to teach him how to make a towel harmonica

  • joe shabadoo

    i cant think of a snarky way to comment on how shitty the music in the video is, so i'll just leave it at that.

  • Mighty

    His dad is a dick, and his son made one

  • Powerstroke

    You sr are father of the year lmao

  • Ranger Rick

    ha ha kids are so gullible they're so easy to prank it almost makes you feel bad …almost

  • N2MotoX

    Wow…..after reading the title I thought horn (ie. trumpet, trombone etc.). As he made it I thought this was wrong in so many ways since I expected him to blow the horn like a saxophone or something. Alec at it again!

  • Dirk

    I got one of those while on a cruise once. Thought it was a snake.

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