Chivettes bored at work (21 Photos)

Are you bored at work? Send your photos to macthechive [at] gmail [dot] com.

  • da goober


  • MUpde

    #12 You have a great rack!

  • FrenchGuy_Paris

    #12 you are beautifull

  • Alex

    #13 please find!!! Need moar!!!

  • Joey

    #1 OMFG ❤

  • StupidDeep

    #16 and #17 looks like Jacobs industrial service in edmonton. I might be making a stop by their shop

    • Yeah

      At least you aren't creepy…

  • Jeremy

    #1 Why aren't you my doctor? I need a check up, bad.

  • willbur


  • Brett S.

    #17, does that say instrumentation? Because that would mean we need more, lots more!!!

  • Frac

    #11 Find Her

  • Frac

    Find Her

  • in1ear&outurmother

    #8 and #9… made my day!! find her!!!!!!!

  • Andy Valentine

    I'm suddenly aware that a woman has never stepped into my office… ever.

    Time to start the job hunt

  • grandfred

    #6 #12 moarrrr

  • Erik

    #14 please send moar, and lets see the rest of you!

  • guest

    #1 moar

  • BaronAlyursins

    ermahgerd!!!! #20 You`re fabulously beautiful. Freckles and all you turn my crank. Please also appear in newly single Chivettes soon so I can pretend I have a chance with you!

  • air max 2011 zapatillas

    Just what exactly blogs and forums for the purpose of governmental criticism on earth do you suggest me personally to study?

  • Darrell

    #14 I am guessing, boobs+plus Pretty face. Though I could be wrong.

    • Darrell

      Nice I put + and spelled it out. I drank way to much at Dragon Con. LOL

  • bdawg

    I obviously work in the wrong place. In my entire office, there's only one girl I'd be interested in seeing stripped down…and she's a damn prude.

  • Scott

    N. Attleboro?

  • ilookfamous

    give it up for #12 ladies and gentlemen! wherever she works has some lax dress-code policies. i'm sending my resume over once i get rid of this boner.

  • tdr

    #11 You look like you're all kinds of fun to be with. Your smile made my day!

  • Mike piper

    Number 17 ive seen you around worked for jacobs off and 5 years. Never knew those were under your coveralls

  • Evan

    White girls not doing their job…what a surprise

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