Is it Fall yet? (40 Photos)

  • Guy

    Im ready

    • fact checker

      oddly enough this is actually my most favourite post in a while

    • sixdeadelves

      i can never fully appreciate autumn, knowing winters just around the corner

  • Sade

    #25 :') so good.

  • inigo montoya

    Well allergies are on overdrive, so yes, it is fall

    • Wheezer

      trying to… type… my response … as I'm sneezing… agreed.

      • Bath Salty Dog


      • Sneezy McAchoo


  • temujin1234
  • Iso

    Where's the photo of the Chivette in the leaf pile?
    Please correct this omission immediately!

  • Dr_Chivago

    I decided to check this post in case there'd be a collection of beautiful chivettes frolocking in the leafs. I was fooled.

    I'm gonna go punch a wall to feel like a man again

  • dagleja3

    #10 – don't say the tan lines and bikinis are going away for another year?!?

    • Not_Today85

      Look on the bright side. With the departing of those comes yoga pants.

    • jjjjjjjj

      That is one awesome thing about south Texas. We have at least another month and a half to two months of summer left.

      • Mr. Tea

        Except for the 103+ heat index. Anyone else go to the beach in October?

      • _DoC_

        I'll see your Texas and raise you a Florida. Beaches and Bitches for days….

      • BBL

        Just moved to North Texas a few weeks ago from New England. It's going to be a rough transition, not having a real Fall.

  • Not_Today85


    This is what I live for.

    • Macro

      You clearly did not have a great summer. WTF is wrong with you people?! Women are going back into hibernation mode. As soon as the slutty Halloween costumes are put away it's all downhill from there.

      • Not_Today85

        Fall is beautiful, girls will wear their yoga seemingly through next spring, and as a Minnesotan winter weather is 2nd nature and there's plenty to do.

        • Not_Today85

          yoga pants* Lets get that right.

    • That Guy

      And hoodies and cold nights basically mean football

  • BGrimsleyII

    Is there even a fall at the Chive offices?
    #18 Best time to live in upstate NY.

    • KCO617

      #18 or anywhere in Vermont 🙂

    • Seamus

      Damn right! Cold foggy mornings in the hills, apple cider and donuts, drinking beer outside with a heavy sweater on.

      Beats by ten miles having a penis drawn on your back in sunscreen while you're passed out from a combination of alcohol and too much sun, and tending to the resulting burn for days.

    • techno_viking

      No fall in Venice Beach. One of the reasons I moved out of LA, I missed my seasons…

    • Chive on

      We have summer, followed by two weeks of kinda fall/winter than back to summer. Who would have thought so much sun could piss people off? Cant wait to move.

  • whoknew

    I really miss the northeast sometimes.

  • Andrew Snyder

    i'll take fall for 2 weeks then more summer

  • Thefrenchchrisfromuk

    What is #25? Looks SOOOOOO GOOOOOD? 😀

    • JustSayin

      I'm assuming hot cocoa with cooked marshmallows and a coarse turbinado sugar around the rim?

      Will be making.

  • Jon

    My favorite season I can't wait

  • echogeo


  • SilverHawk

    Where's the wallpaper version of this post?

  • echogeo

    All very pretty, picturesque and the stuff that jigsaw puzzles are made. But depressing as shit after it dries up & gets dark so freakin' early!

  • chicago

    #6, #22 #36 Mid-west is the greatest because of the full rotation of 4 seasons. It's been a hot and dry summer. I'm so looking forward to the cool fall days, wearing a sweatshirt and shorts, hiking along trails and listening to crunches of leaves underfoot. And when it rains those crisp leaves offer a melody of popping sounds from every heavy raindrop that hits them. So long summer, hello to the lovely autumn air!

    • Ryan

      Nicely put. I feel gay for thinking how pleasant that would be and I'm okay with it.

      • Jon

        I live in the northwest so we get some of it too and man is it nice

        • just me

          Nicely put chicago, I live in minnesota and I am truly excited for fall

  • Oscuh

    #40 hell yeah! I love those bitches…

  • Imzkid

    Black KCCO's available if you can find the easter egg.

    • Wait who?


  • acupofjoe

    #26 NICE!

  • Nate

    Gonna be in the 60s here in New England next week, so basically yes.

  • Steve

    It's supposed to be 98 degrees in Houston today. Damn right bring on Autumn.

  • taj

    You read my mind! So ready!!!!

  • 29er

    #3, #18, #22, #30 YES PLEASE!

  • DickFister

    … And some motherfuggin' football!

    • That Guy

      Hell ya

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