Cake, death, or gaps? (62 Photos)

  • whyme1973

    #21 #62 Dear. God.

    • bdg

      #21 would literally break my cock trying to get through that window!!! Amazing!!!

  • Jangles

    #4 is smuggling yo-yos. I love you Chive and all the awesome Chivettes

    • richard candy

      raider power!

    • billyjack13

      Love that TOE!

    • bdg

      #4 Texas Tech Toe!!!!!

  • Jeff

    #37 very creative & yes I'd mind both for you.

    • steve

      Perfectly executed.

    • jrk

      She wins the MTG this week. Gap through the cleavage is a win.

    • Wood

      Gap squared!

    • logan

      fucking gross tits … points for being creative i guess

    • JHL1

      Double the gap, double the fun!

    • John W

      the coveted double gap! new category!

  • Fuck scroll ads


    • Underbaker

      Cake.. no wait.. Gap… Ahhh never mind, I'll take Cake. Pretty much spent from FLBP, but can I save some Gap for later?

  • DunnTastic

    #4 You're doing it right! MOARRR!!!

    • Happy Cannuk

      The elusive perfect panty fit.

    • Marcus

      Tech girls are awesome!!

    • SOhioChiver

      She and I have something in common, we both love pink!

    • Willie

      MOAR toe

      • swany

        Finally a girl willing to show the toe

        • Camel Toes Rule

          Need a CAMEL TOE TUESDAY post

    • Nick

      wreck 'em and please MOAR

    • Jimmy


      • Jimmy


        • Jimmy


          • Jimmy


            • Willie

              We will hit em…

              • Uncle

                We will wreck em…

                • TTU

                  We will f*cking kick their ass!!!

    • Willie

      WRECK Em Tech

    • Oilfield Trash

      Gorgeous Toe! Moar!!! And COTW!!!

    • ShaneBogue

      I would pour a bottle of wine all over and drink every last drop out of her clothes.. DAMN

  • SOhioChiver

    #10 is a 10! what a pretty woman!

    • Dr. B

      scrolled back up twice for this one. she desrves a thumb's up.

  • @Daniel_Leeds

    #54 best gap

    • goatpunch

      The oft desired, rarely achieved perfect upside down gap holy triangle of sweet gapness. #23 perfection achieved as well. I do not consider legs spread apart a gap photo, those are just "photos"

  • Jak

    #10 #59 ZOMG. Moar please!!! NOW!!!

    • Boom!_Headshot!

      #59 Luisa Barbosa 😀

      • NOPE

        I am gonna go with you are wrong. I don't know who it is but she is not who you said she is

      • AntonioLM

        it is Rita Andrade, a portuguese model and tv presenter

  • Cecil

    Cake, death or gaps?
    Can I have my gaps and eat them too?

    • Jeff

      I'll second that!

    • JMAKK

      After I Have Cake And Gaps, You May Put Me To Death.

    • s45qu4tch

      Seriously, what kind of terrorist does Leo think he is? Cake OR gaps. OR?

      Sometimes I just don't know what to do about some people. It's like they're aliens or something.

    • dante

      you can have your faps, and lick them too

  • DickFister

    om nom nom

    • SOhioChiver

      I love the ass/gap on this one but it is a Reef girl and while they have great assets they are not Chivettes!

      • Average_Joe123

        What is a Reef girl?

        • Sad Panda

          Google is your friend

    • yungezzz

      chomp chomp shclurp :s

    • Robert

      Can't stay calm!

  • Happy Cannuk

    Wouldn't that be a beautiful sight in the morning.

    • Jeff

      And in the afternoon and evening.

    • SOhioChiver

      or in the afternoon, or in the evening…

  • CowboyChiver

    #21 Now that is a perfectly executed gap!! Thank you, you're gorgeous…

  • Jeff

    Gaps everyday & every time especially if it's #6!

  • KyleGold

    #2 Heaven on Earth

    • Robert

      #2 passing out..

  • Jeff

    #40 may I mind your gap & hip bones?

    • Tim

      Needs to do a little lazering. Just sayin'

    • whaaat?

      Is it my eyes, or does she have a patch under the bikini on the left hip area?

      • dr. oz

        I noticed that do…time for a wax!

        • Monica

          That's her birth control.

          • Sammy

            Bikini bridge over that gap is a wonderful site…Need MOAR like it.

  • SOhioChiver

    #1 best hump #11 best hump+gap combination.

  • MMK

    The cake was a lie.

    • SOhioChiver

      Lucky Us, they must have ran out and substituted PIE! #4

    • FuckThisShit

      The cake is still a lie….I just got the achieve

  • Streetnic

    #18 Clown Bukkae!

    • nig nog

      beat me to it

  • misschris

    #10 My god… Uh, gaps please! Especially when they're attached to this kind of sexy.

  • I'm Awesome

    I'm not saying #7 isn't nice, but do submissions really need to be put through a dumb ass filter on instagram 1st?

  • Jeff

    #25 if he doesn't allow me!

  • james

    #10 #37 #56 ftw.. Good lord!

    • 650

      #37 – the elusive Double Gap

  • Bossman

    Cake on the gap and if I have to die I went out like a boss.

  • SOhioChiver

    We have seen a lot of posts for #19 when are we going to get MOAR! Chive Find Her!

  • Streetnic

    * bukkake

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