Ridin’ shotgun on a road trip to Find Her (33 Photos)

  • cubtybaws

    i found this first MUTHAFUCKAS!

    • Valdregan

      Dayyum xD

    • Roger

      #22 is holding up her phone number!

      • Underbaker

        Isn't that the number for the hatches on Lost?

  • salmon

    not first

  • http://www.giftguideforguys.com Gift Guide for Guys

    This thread has serious amounts of WIN!!! DAMN!

    • Mike

      Best in a while.

      • Anonymous

        Why would people give this a thumbs down?! He speaks nothing but the truth and he didn't claim "first". That's respectable.

  • Jay


    Send the signal out indeed

    • Master_Rahl

      She sure did, and message received LOUD and CLEAR. Holy bodacious booty, Batman!

    • http://twitter.com/mikeydangerous @mikeydangerous

      Isn't that jessica burciaga?

  • herro

    I like how every gallery I open now has an annoying video ad with the volume turned up.

    • Glarg

      Install the Adblock Plus and Flashblock plugins.

      That is all.

  • JayJay

    I want to be that bike seat in #33

    • Guse

      Yeah… that's still creepy.


      I 2nd that notion. I'd like to be that seat as well

  • rafael

    cheers from Brazil!

  • Average_Joe123

    #1 Has been posted so may times and every time we all scream FIIIIIIND HEEEER!!!
    #3 is about as perfect as you can get
    #4 Maybe its the stockings but she is enthralling
    #9 #13 Beautiful
    #33 I always want to sniff the seat when you post this picture

    • hpph00

      #13 Miss prestin!

      • Average_Joe123

        Miss prestin? Also is there a five picture limit on posts?

    • MariaSky100

      #1 is an unknown tourist in Zadar, Croatia, trying to save her car from flash-flood. Yes, they did try to find out who she is, and they failed. So, it might never be known… Sorry.

      • Average_Joe123


      • testudo321

        Well she is from Austria, Graz – that is the most you can find out from the license plate on the car (if you can concentrate….)

        • MariaSky100

          Well, testudo321, we tried our best to help him, now it's time to let this little bird fly out of the nest and find her for himself… 🙂

      • Mike A

        I dont know. It looks like an old woman to me. There's an old man in the drivers seat. Husband maybe? She looks like she has gray hair and old lady side burns and that big nose just screams old lady. Skinny old lady ass if you ask me.

  • besley

    #2 Tabitha Lopez

  • _DoC_

    #20 find both of them….where the frick do you get to kiss a lion?

    • blazer_esq

      A woman so hot she makes every male turn into a giant pussy.

    • ChurchoftheFonz

      On the nose…..

      • Anonymous

        She's got more balls than me..

  • Jeff

    #3 who is that heavenly creature? Absolutely beautiful!

    • https://www.facebook.com/yann.mathieu Yann MATHIEU

      I'm searching but all I got is another one from the same shoot : http://minu.me/6zlf

      I'll found her! B)

    • https://www.facebook.com/yann.mathieu Yann MATHIEU

      FOUND ! 😉

      #3 is " Milena "

      Here's her shoot : http://cargocollective.com/elroy/Milena

      You're welcome Chivers B)

      • 4everDistracted

        Well done, sir. Well done.

  • WoodyWoody

    #1 i'd stick a snorkel up her ass and breathe deeply.

    • Kodos

      sounds uncomfortable

    • Med

      would your mouth be on the snorkel or would you just breathe deeply after you put it up there?

      • Average_Joe123

        I don't know about WoodyWoody but my mouth would be on the snorkel.

    • Notknowing


    • Quinn

      That's just gross Woody.

  • Marston

    #4 Damn I'm in love

    • Ryeno

      Pretty sure that's Johanna Braddy, she's done a few actual movies The Grudge 3, Paranormal Activity 3 and just did a Web Series called Video Game Highschool (should check it out)

      • guest

        If you are right, a quick google image was sure a let down after seeing this picture

    • BrandonMFS

      Sarah Underwood?

      • Average_Joe123

        Doesn't look like SJU

    • adaptablemars

      Looks like rashida jones

  • whyme1973

    #32 Yes please!

    • Found!
    • PhilBrown

      I'm certain its Shay Laren. DON'T Google her at though!

      • Master_Rahl

        goddam!! you are correct, on both counts. Shay Laren, it is. Very NSFW, and hot.

    • Notme

      This is an example of why I am an A Cup / B Cup fan.

    • GUEST


  • Hrdwood

    #6 To the bat cave!

  • jif

    PreTty sure #2 is april oneil, pornstar

    • ChestRockwellz

      Nope. Tabitha Lopez

    • https://www.facebook.com/matthew.white.5209 Matthew White

      That is most definitely NOT April o' Neil

  • ar1five

    #32, please take those stupid hipster glasses off.

    • DRTYchez

      those aren't hipster glasses those are skeet shields… eye pro.

      • Average_Joe123

        What are skeet shields?

    • http://twitter.com/LosTorre @LosTorre

      You can do whatever you want

    • cheeseSammich

      for a second there, i didn't even see the glasses…

    • quailman8907

      That's what you want her to take off? Really?

  • Melajalas

    Can someone identify #2 #5 # 22


    • ChestRockwellz

      #2 = Tabitha Lopez

  • spencer

    #7 pretty sure you a peado for wanting more

    • Old fashioned

      Not tall, fat or giant fake boobs does not = pedo territory loser. Pocket Rockets 4 the win!

    • Dapper_Dave

      In his defense her room does look like it belongs to a young high school girl.

      Just sayin….

      • trollasaurus rex

        If there's grass on the field…

        • agreed

          if there's no grass……

          • Gross

            Flip it over and play in the mud…

            • Tubesteak

              Old enough to bleed; old enough to butcher

    • raul

      Isn't it odd that her head is the same size as her torso? Severely photoshopped.

      • Giant Head

        Upon second look, I think Raul is right. That head is freakin' huge. Way too big for the rest of her body. She looks gorgeous, but sadly, in this day and age, a photo is more often shopped than not. Bummer.

        And hey, if I'm wrong, then I say "Screw it, Find her!"

        • sean

          pretty sure shes standing kinda sideways, to make her waist look smaller

    • Vent187

      She has T-Rex arms

    • Chris

      I think she may be a little person.

  • rideroftoha

    #1 Must find! For the love of rain FIND!

  • http://twitter.com/GreyRazor @GreyRazor
  • NebraskaGuy

    #7 I would have to agree!

  • chicago

    #26 wasn't she a chivette of the week a few months back?
    otherwise #5 and #31 are stunning. must be found and must have own post. 'til then, bye~

    • jim

      #26 is a model. Her name is Jessica Ashley. don't think she's a chivette though

      • navybro660

        Jessica Ashley Deluge

    • PhilCollins

      Yup, name's Jessica (I'll leave out her last name). I'll send in some photos from her facebook.

  • Jackandblue

    #12 is a stock photo that I've seen on dozens of websites (and I've used it before).

  • irons

    #27 truly beautiful

    • mru

      Desiree Elyda, you're welcome.

      • theDirty

        aka Udders

    • I'm Awesome

      I wish I still had the bookmark to some guy's blog about how crazy this chick is.

      • x3nCho


        I know EXACTLY what you're talking about. Yeah, that's unfortunately gone, and the original site has been abandoned. It was surfingbeans.com. Her old f**** partner went all out on the details. Oh well, some stuff does actually leave the Internets, and it's a real shame. Let it be known…a superfreak!!, if the details are true.

    • grumpy

      By my count, Chive has posted this picture four times in a week. So, only four times more to go!

    • Frank M

      It's in your best interest to do a youtube search for Desiree Elyda.

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