Secret doors still exist and for some reason I want one (48 Photos)

  • Nicnac

    #33 is pretty lame compared to the others…

  • JulieRose

    #42, #43 I have the same awesome LOTR posters 🙂

  • Vlackattack

    #9 Ong Bak and In Bruges are great movies!

  • Master_Rahl

    #5 That thing's straight out of Beetlejuice! Definitely want one.

  • Lethar

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  • Steve Grenier

    The secret bookshelf in #20 opens up to reveal more books! I guess #16 is where they hide the bodies.

  • NOLA

    I don't agree with the title of this post. I can think of a few reasons to have secret doors, besides the fact that they are just awesome.

  • hotashnerd

    I have one just like #4 but its just a small space and I don't do anything with it, I actually forget it is there sometimes… any ideas?

  • Bob

    These all make the child in me so very, very jealous. Either that, or the serial killer. Not sure which, but part of me is super jealous. OH, and what the fuck is this all about…
    #16…This shit is super creepy.

  • edslerson


  • nuccabay

    i may have actually been able to get laid in high school if my parents had #12

  • corndogger

    #33, Uh DUH! Lookie Here! Look at my CrawlSpace Door! Wht did they even puplish this one?

  • Smiley

    Some of these are so much as cool secret doors as hidden doors behind which i expect to find the Fritzle family

    • smiley


  • jessi

    #16 creepy!! 😐 i'd be terrified if i had that in my house lol.

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