Taylor Morris comes home (17 HQ Photos)

On August 30th, only 4 months removed from a mine explosion that took all four of his limbs, Taylor Morris returned home to a hero's welcome in Iowa.

Days before his arrival, Ben Hagarty, one of Taylor Morris' best friends, had secretly arranged for a parade in Taylor's honor. But the parade fell in the middle of a work week. Ben remained hopeful for a big turnout,

"We are just hoping that people are able to get off work and maybe come from school. We just want to line the roads and express our extreme gratitude."

And line the roads they did. Store managers shut down their shops and schools were let our early. Residents of Cedar Falls and "what appeared to be the whole of Northeast Iowa" packed the streets between the airport and downtown Cedar Falls to say thanks to Taylor.

These photos were taken by Tim Dodd, an amazing photographer and friend of Taylor. See more of inspiring photos of Taylor right here.

Welcome home, buddy.

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