• Lexxy

    sooowww cuutetee!

  • @Ed103

    I've made my cats a box fort, not as big, but pretty elaborate. I've also lost some great cats, and would make a box fort like this for them without hesitation. I salute you, fellow cat lover.

    I guess Cat Saturdays aren't as popular as I assumed they were… Weird… I'll post more positive cat stuff later. GO CATS!

  • Rachel

    What some men won't do for their pussies.

  • Caz

    I thought it was pretty thoughful and there are animal lovers that will do things for their pets regardless of what other think or what it takes. Kudos!

  • Anon

    This guy enjoys the boxes way more than the cat does.

    A better use would have been to put both of them in boxes, tape them up and throw 'em both off a bridge

  • Darrin

    At least he did something somewhat productive even though it took next to no effort which is probably a hundred times more effort than 90% of these obese lazy asshats do in a lifetime that sit here talking shit in the comments section

  • Jeremy

    He's totally pussy whipped.

  • katkrazy

    i exptected more

    • @McBeastie666

      such is life.

  • drea72

    .what the fuck you stealing boxes for? whatchu tryin to do build a club house?

  • S Giacomazzi

    The title should be 'Australian guy builds a cardboard castle for his ailing cat (Video).' Because all Australians are awesome. It doesn't even need to be said

  • Big Richo

    The dudes an Australian, he went through a bout of depression and his cat was his mate through it (trolls fell free to make the “forever alone” or “guy needs to get laid” remarks) and after he got through it his mate (the cat) got an ear infection which required ear drops (painful but neccicary), so when his mate got better he said “thanks mate” in cat language (by building a kick ass cat fort).
    The song was done by his brother (and it’s a damm cool song and a damm cool fort).
    Ps , to all the trolls making the usual comments, EAD, no seriously please feel free to,,,as they say kneel down ( on a soft pillow if your knees are particularly weak and, EAD, if you never suffered depression, never bonded with a pet, and never felt the need to say “thank you mate” to someone (or in this case a cat) that’s helped you through a rough patch then you can take your one dimensional comments and EAD. Do you make the same comments when some dudes in America builds cat forts? ,no you don’t if anything given the subject matter he probably guessed the trolls would come out of the woodwork but that the internet so to those that can understand the man’s actions and relate to them, ignore the tossers and the trolls, have a smile that someone did something cool for his pet,,, oh trolls, EAD ( on your knees trolls).

  • sup

    lame castle, should have been more extravagant, not like he has to move his girlfriends stuff out the way to make room or anything, might as well make a full sized mansion for the cat

  • Commenter

    My comment will carry as much weight as the next person's, be it congratulating this guy on a project completed, or tearing him apart for doing this all for a cat. That being said, I want you to take something into consideration. Think of your day to day life. Most days are pretty unremarkable, and don't impact the big picture of your life at all. No memories are made by the time the day ends. Now, rewind to that time when you were a kid, and you spent all day building that lego wall, rolling in the mud, dressing up those dolls, or running around with that paper airplane. But would you call any one of those memories wasted time? This is a solid memory, and as far as a good memory goes, that was a remarkable day.

  • Will

    whether he needs to get laid or not…it's still a shit castle

  • Koshka

    Jeez u people r so nasty!!!! Good for you !! You really love your cat and that is awesome that u r brave enough to post this video while knowing how many jerks in this world!! That is an awesome fort and I hope Rufus is enjoying it!!

  • Tracey

    this is very sweet – love a man that is kind to animals.

  • lisakaywolf

    Man, some of you guys are dicks. He's obviously happy with what he has and who he is. Who are you to judge?

    Also, if I did that for my cat, she'd just stare at me and shit on the carpet.

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