• Ferngully

    Forever alone… is this guy.

    • Paula's boyfriend

      prolly not

      • Trollasaurus rex

        I learned something today. Chive will ban you for trollin around and having a little fun. But doesn't ban Paula. So Paula is an admin…?

    • http://www.facebook.com/clint.bozic2 Clint Bozic

      Nope, he ALWAYS has Rufus

    • https://www.facebook.com/mkseely Meryl Seely

      Can I marry this guy??

  • Mike

    what a waste of time, cat would have been just as happy with one box.

    • Laurie

      Sure, and most kids would be happy with a trampoline or a swing set in their backyards, so why does Disney World exist?

  • Irish Chive

    Dude sure loves his cat

  • _DoC_

    He could have built himself a nice fort with all those boxes and the cat could have joined him.

  • Postal

    Countdown until the day he snaps on his coworkers and goes on mass killing spree

  • Hydelloon

    What is the name of the song playing?? SoundHound could not find it

  • sam

    this guy needs to get laid

    • Joe Commie Mommy

      …by the cat.

    • Gnole

      Looks like this guy already has all the pussy he needs.

    • McIrish

      Virginity Level: Male Cat Lady

    • whiskers

      this video will get him laid you guys are tarted

    • David Attenborough

      This thread viewers, is a prime example of the Homo-Douche-Baggius (a close cousin of the Neanderthal) in their natural environment. Such creatures are very insecure in their manhood and will only associate themselves with activities which prove their "manly status."

      This leads to them often feeling threatened when confronted with foreign concepts like compassion and empathy, and hence engenders in them a need to put anything down which isn't masculine.

      There are only two places the Homo-Douche-Baggius feels safe. On the set of Jersey Shore or trolling the internet. Which is why you will often find these curious primates in what they deem "boring" threads protecting their manliness with affirmations of how much they like the opposite sex. Or putting down anyone who doesn't proclaim a very basic trait all mammals possess, 100 times a day, as "virgins" and "losers."

  • JGBallard

    Thats nice and all, but dude, you need to get laid, probably.

  • John

    forever alone….

    • sugar,spice,ect

      no way, he made that for his cat when he wasn't feeling well, can you imagine what he'd do for a spouse? who ever he ends up with will be a lucky son of a bitch

      • The_Dood

        Or… daughter of a bitch if he's into the whole heterosexuality fad…

  • Shane

    Wow u guys need to get laid. /
    But then again here I am watching a cat castle

  • John

    That video was 4 minutes to long – I appreciate the man adores his cat, but I didn't really get the heartwarming sensation I expected. The cat barely seemed interested in any part of the exploit, 30 boxes and a lot of wasted cardboard later, had it not been dumped on top I have to wonder if it would have gone near them.

    I'd have treated the animal to some gourmet deli meats, maybe a new toy or two and generally just pampered the hell out of it. Not given him a pile of cardboard….

    • hulkontilt

      I noticed the same thing, cat just wanted off of there.

  • http://informedguy.com/2012/09/11/awesome-guy-builds-a-cardboard-castle-for-his-ailing-cat-video/ Awesome guy builds a cardboard castle for his ailing cat (Video) | Infomormed guy | Only what matters!

    […] Link: Awesome guy builds a cardboard castle for his ailing cat (Video) […]

  • GFJ

    Does everyone have to be a jerk to this guy just because he loves his pet?

    • The_Dood


    • Survivor

      Its seems chive comments are just full of douche bags now… Its lost the chive spirit.

      • Truth

        Tends to happen once a cool thing gets out, trolls spawn.

  • B-GO

    F'n weirdo

  • kryvian

    love of pets. <3.

    forever alone? sure. still human? yes.

  • Nick

    this is retarded….

  • Roxanne // Rokusanu

    You'd be amazed how happy a cat can be with cardboard boxes. The guy loves his cat so much he builds him a fort.

  • king sean

    well, that was really lame.

  • Obvious

    How come Mac didn't post this

    • Baxpin

      He was in the bathroom fapping to it

  • dee

    you guys are assholes.

    • Raji

      you need to get laid too 😉

  • Watery eyes

    I'm allergic to cats
    I sneezed like fifty times watching this

  • Bob

    Song is For You by Parallel Lions

  • r151

    That's a little over the top. Maybe ok if he had multiple cats.
    …and a girlfriend.

  • saltygary

    I wish I had a nice cat like Rufus. Instead I've owned this cunt for 12 years. Even if she was nice I would still choose getting laid over building it a box castle.

  • BigJay

    The video is touching. And those claiming that he needs to get laid, take look in the mirror buddy!

    • sam

      what does looking in the mirror have to do with him getting laid? i dont think this phrase really applies here..

      • Alex

        Jay is pointing out the hypocrisy of the ppl saying dude needs to get laid, when those same ppl probably don't get laid that much.

      • http://twitter.com/McBeastie666 @McBeastie666

        meaning, if you troll on cat posts, you're probably not getting that much pussy either.

        • cathumper

          I like cat pussy too

          • http://twitter.com/McBeastie666 @McBeastie666

            point proven.

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